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Gamestop Offering 30% Trade-in Bonus to Preorder PS4

If you want to preorder a PS4 but you’re a little worried about the cost, GameStop wants to help you (and to have your money and stuff in exchange).

The retailer is sending ads to entice players to preorder Sony’s upcoming console, offering a 30% trade-in bonus to those that will let themselves be tempted. (GameStop, PS4)

Alexious  +   800d ago
Excellent, this should help sway more people towards the PS4. It's no surprise that Gamestop favors the PS4, anyway.
Abriael  +   800d ago
I actually wonder if something like that will appear for Xbox One as well. It should be in their interest to sell as many as possible of both new consoles, after all.
Lunarassassin  +   800d ago
Not really. With xbox ones no trade ins policy gamestop will favor the console that will still allow them to sell used games. There is no reason for them to want to sell the xbox one as much as the ps4.
Abriael  +   800d ago
@Lunarassassin: Actually, the xbox policy could end up advantaging Gaamestop instead of damaging them, with the "participating retailers" clause
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Seraphemz  +   800d ago
When I preordered my PS4 I ask the manager if they were getting a lot of Xbox1 preorders... he told me that they actually had a lot of them cancel the xbox and switch to the PS4.

Also, there were only 5 more PS4's available at the Gamestop that I went to..
Sam Fisher  +   800d ago
As a former employee from GS, gamestop only makes about 25% to 30% on new product where as 50 % to 75% more profit on used games, people forget its a pawn shop before anything else, they just sell curtain things. So yeah they would go straight for ps4, no long lifetime with m$
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LOGICWINS  +   800d ago
Time to sell my PS3!
RiPPn  +   800d ago
@Abriael: While GameStop will be a participating retailer, we don't know what portion of a used game sale they have to give to Microsoft. Also used game trades and likely pricing is probably also set by Microsoft. Imagine someone wants to trade Ryse but because it's reviewed poorly, Microsoft blocks the trade altogether. This becomes tough on GameStop or other participating retailers because they may have to turn a customer away.

Basically the old way is the best way as it's the most profitable and less convoluted way.

Microsoft basically declared war on consumers and retailers. Consumers have no reason to pick it up and retailers have no reason to push it. It's going to be a tough road o hoe for Microsoft.
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Wagz22  +   800d ago
This offer is for Xbox one as well, its for the preorder of next gen systems.
Darrius Cole  +   800d ago
Actually it is in Gamestop's best interest to offer the Xbox One and then bait and switch the customers to the PS4 when they get into the store.

That is what I expect them to do if Microsoft sticks to it DRM until launch.
Wagz22  +   800d ago
How do I get disagrees? That's 100% true, I literally work there and that is what it says. I'm not a fan of the Xbox either, but you get 30% for trade ins toward ps4 or Xbox.
Wagz22  +   800d ago
7 disagrees for a fact? That is amazing.
iliimaster  +   800d ago
this is whats weird why even sell a console that undercuts your WHOLE business? i dont get it and imagine the blow it would be to MS if they said we wont be carrying any xboxone stuff period...
Raccoon  +   800d ago
I have a feeling that even though gamestop is part of the xbox one re-selling participating stores the reward is far less when ps4 games could be bought and sold at any price they choose and from the sale forecast of the ps4 alone it seems to me like they will profit more from selling and buying ps4 games as more will be sold equalling more trade-ins in total...

With microsoft, gamestop will buy from us at a set or guideline price and resell as new to other customers because as you already know you will not own your games instead you will only own a license disc.
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Anon1974  +   800d ago
I see in Canada they're offering 50% credit if you're trading in your slim 360 or slim PS3 towards an Xbox One or PS4 preorder. 30% offer is only good if you're trading towards a PS4/XboxOne game, not the console. That sucks. It would be nice if they'd do the 50% for the original consoles as well. I've got 2 fat PS3 (I only need one if I'm getting a PS4) and an original 360.

I've spent over $1000 on my launch 360 with extra controllers, play and charge kits, extra play and charge kits when these would stop holding a charge (don't let them sit for months with the battery packs in. It kills them) and wi-fi adapter when I bought my new house and the 360 was nowhere near a wired connection.

All that will get me about $60-70 in trade in value currently, but after my 4th replacement I just never turn it on anymore as the last console they sent me was older than the one it replaced. It's just collecting dust now but even though it sickens me to think what I spent on it for the amount of play I got out of it before switching to more reliable hardware, if I could get $100 off towards a new console I think that would be worthwhile to me.
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Polysix  +   800d ago
Well don't trade it in then! sell it yourself (and your games) on amazon or ebay! you'll make far more back that way.

I never gave my games to retail stores as trade in, sell them yourself for best price THEN buy new games. the smart move cuts out the middle man.
Anon1974  +   800d ago
It's a convenience thing. Creating the listing, responding to potential buyers, boxing it up, shipping it...my time is more valuable than that considering I'd probably only get another 20 bucks or so. The whole reason why I use Gamestop or Play n Trade is it's simply convenient to do so. My time and effort is worth more to me than the money I'd save doing so. I could change the oil in mine or the wife's car as well and save a few bucks, but I've got better things I could be doing and money isn't everything. I support Gamestop because it's all about convenience and I'm fully willing to receive less money for that convenience.

Edit: Besides, who's going to pay for an old 20 GB 360 anyway when they give out slim's for free when you sign up for cable or a new cell phone. I'd get maybe 50 bucks for everything on ebay based on a quick search.
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LonDonE  +   800d ago
agreed, the so called participating retailers list for xbone games don't mean nothing for game stop, because they will still have to share a percentage of the money with the publishers and Microsoft, but with PS4 used games all the money goes to game stop, so guess which one they will promote more?
darksky  +   800d ago
It's the used market that matters to outlets like Gamestop so you will see them going all out to promote the PS4.
In fact any high street retailer that sells physical disks will probably try to sell more PS4's than the XBone.

Good news for the average consumer.
Abriael  +   800d ago
I'm not yet sure Gamestop isn't somehow in bed with microsoft with the used game policy. The Gamestop honcho went on record saying he was excited for the xbone, and their "participating retailer" thingie for used games.
Cmk0121  +   800d ago
used game market makes up 30% of their profit. And if ms has them as one of the retailers in which they can be traded in at i dont see why gamestop would care one way or the other.
RiPPn  +   800d ago
If Microsoft blocks the resell of a used game for 30 days or entirely this becomes a mess for retailers as they have to turn a customer away. Also if Microsoft sets the price of how much a used game can be sold for and they take a portion of that sale, it will limit the amount they will give you for the sale and limit GameStops or participating retailer profits.

Participating retailer really have no incentive to push the Xbox One, in fact on GAF there's a whole thread about GameStops pushing the PS4 over the Bone.

I imagine as this generation begins, PS4 will get the front of the store racks, all the posters, and all the push. While the Bone sits in the back of the store in a corner with a bargain bin sitting in front of it.
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Raccoon  +   800d ago
Like i said what if Microsoft enforces a price guideline? The whole point of DRM is for publishers to further more profit from their content which means gamestop will have to cut a slice of their pie. Which means ps4 tittles can be bought and sold at a price of their choosing.

With the online pass gamestop did not care or change their prices because in the end only the publishers would end up with the blame once you got home and had to purchase the damn thing to play online. But now every game license from xbox one has to be purchased as new and the only thing these participating resellers are doing is re-newing the license for a new user to acquire it.
azshorty2003  +   800d ago
What the hell is going on? 29, TWENTY-NINE! stories on the first 2 pages of n4g have stories about Gamestop!!
Abriael  +   800d ago
Lots of people are preordering stuff at the moment, and Gamestop is one of the main places where things are being preordered.
MooseWI  +   800d ago
Traded my 250gb 360 and 8 games for $350 at GameStop during E3. That was 30% then too.
T2  +   800d ago
Nice guess its bye bye 360 ... Wonder if the wii is worth anything
Sam Fisher  +   800d ago
Like 25$ seriously
GusBricker  +   800d ago
Like 30 bucks before the trade-in bonus.
MooseWI  +   800d ago
Yeah you get about $40 with bonuses.
DarthJay  +   800d ago
They offered me the same deal for either console.
DxTrixterz  +   800d ago
Anybody knows how much I would get if I traded in my X360 Slim with 250GB HDD with Kinect and about 220 games in UK pounds?
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   799d ago
Probably enough for a PS4, to say the least lol.

That's a ton of games man!
WeAreLegion  +   800d ago
The deal works with both the PS4 and XBO.
GusBricker  +   800d ago
I recently did this with GTA5 and got 186 bucks trading in my PS3 and an extra controller
chcolatesnw  +   800d ago
I wouldn't trade my PS3 until I see Gaikai in motion, and it better not cost an arm and a leg, and better be one time payment. I still love my yearly playtrough of Uncharted 2 and 3 as well as Last of Us and upcoming Beyond. And since I'm keeping PS3 and probably gonna trade in my 360 at a future point in time, I might as well get GTA5 on PS3. However I am still gonna wait to see a Eurogamer Faceoff between PS3 and 360 for GTA5. Seeing how GTA4 did better on 360, but LA Noire better on PS3, I don't know which one I will end up getting.
Roper316  +   800d ago
I'll be keeping my PS3 and swapping out my 360 with the PS4. and that will take up all my HDMI ports.

HDMI 1 - Cablebox

HDMI 2 - PS3

HDMI 3 - PS4 ( currently my 360 )

HDMI 4 - Gaming PC

Sorry MS you are the greedy odd man out in my rotation. The 360 will go into my collection in storage along with all my other old game consoles & games.
Death  +   800d ago
Greedy Microsoft included an HDMI input so you could connect another device through it and not lose a port. :)
Roper316  +   800d ago
Thanks Death but no thanks I don't want any MS console in my rotation anymore. I don't like where MS is trying to take the gaming industry and will have no part in them being successful in getting there.
Death  +   800d ago
I'm not seeing the greed. The ability to access all my games without having the disc and being able to have access to all my games remotely sounds very nice. What do I give up? The ability to sell my games on ebay and craigslist. I can still trade them at Gamestop if I desire. A 24 hour check in to verify I haven't traded my games is the trade off for this. I like it.

Greedy to me would be a company that includes b/c but rips it out to punish gamers and then decides to sell me the same game I own digitally on a console they claim can't do b/c. Greedy would be a company that sells a new portable without a disc drive, but offers to sell me the games I already own digitally. Greedy to me would be a company that said they wouldn't charge for online to try and take sales away from a competitor, but then decide it's a good idea.

If Microsoft is greedy because they want to evolve gaming in a way like mp3's evolved music, I'm in. If they can do this and find a way to take some of the profit used games make retailers and send it to the developers that deserve it, I like that too. If they can help eliminate piracy or atleast reduce it so some of the lost revenue goes to the creators, that's great.
DerekFlint007  +   800d ago
I'll never part with my original 60 gig fatty, the old girl has done me proud over the years and she still runs like a true champ.

My cabinet is eagerly anticipating company in the form a shiny PS4 to sit alongside the old Duchess.
cleft5  +   800d ago
Yeah it's pretty clear that Gamestop is favoring the PS4 fairly heavily now. Looks like the top execs realized that the whole participating retailer thing wasn't so hot of an idea in the long run.
A-laughing-horse  +   800d ago
They did the se thing for Xbox 1. Ordered both the same day
Linxbreth  +   800d ago
Currently the president of Gamestop is thinking about making it impossible to sell anything involving the xbox one at gamestop after reports from an anonymous Microsoft engineer confirm Microsoft plans on getting rid of stores like gamestop. If they plan on getting rid of gamestop they will be killing themselves even more. I was at a gamestop and they told me they have to wait a week before they say whether I may pre-order xbox one or not. I asked if it was sold out and he said no. When I asked why he couldn't say. So since he was being almost as misleading as the Microsoft conference I attended during E3 last Monday in Los Angeles I decided to pre-order PlayStation 4 with four games and three extra controllers. It seemed to be the more logical choice after all the silence, gasping with horror, and booing I heard during the Microsoft conference.
I would have originally gotten both consoles, but my mind is made up. I actually got up and applauded during the Sony conference last Monday. Things change so swiftly in the games industry and I know there will still be people who want the Xbox One. The saddest thing I witnessed was the computers Microsoft had to use at E3. Yes folks, there wasn't even an Xbox One to see. That made me believe the console was something Microsoft threw together at the last minute, it very much seemed last moment due to its ridiculous proportions,because I saw nothing impressive. The graphics seemed to be lagging compared to the PlayStation 4. So what I'm getting at is buy whatever system you like, I don't know whether you prefer Tv or games more. Certainly though I must add that the Xbox One seems to be an over sized Xbox that does the same things as a smart tv. Honestly I have a smart tv so if I get an Xbox One it would defeat the purpose or even clash with my tv. I feel the PlayStation 4 is a much more logical choice in my situation because what I am looking for is a game console. I can already do all the same things on my computer right now, but the thing is I like getting a new system every few years. Why is that you say? Well Exclusive games are one major thing. I wasn't impressed by the games line up for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 actually had some impressive titles.
Darkshader01  +   799d ago
I asked a Gamestop employee last friday (Daly City, California location) when i was picking up "The Last of Us" game. I asked them how many people are pre-ordering the next gen system. He told me that they only got 100 allotment and all are sold out. The break down is 15 for XBOX1 and 85 for PS4. I was suprised that SONY was able to provide more system to pre-order, it seems that they are ready to sell a lot of these units on the first day of launched compared to the PS3 history when SONY made a mistake of giving 5 units of PS3 each store (run out of bluray laser diode). I think this is good news for PS consumers who are planning to buy one right away. I asked Gamestop if they have more units coming out for the XBOX1, and he told me as now only 15 units were guaranteed, no idea if MS will add more.
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