PS4 Demo session on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon shows off live demo gameplay of Knack on Late Night

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nick3092006d ago

Now if ND please continue the jak series

Shadonic2006d ago

>.> do people not like the Jak and Dexter series ? I loved it and I would enjoy another if the sequal was even better.

b_one2006d ago

Cerny is like one man Naughty Dog ;)

MoveTheGlow2006d ago

God, with all the Microsoft blundering, including Spencer sounding like some PR megaphone when Xbone was on Kimmel, Sony shows up with Cerny and it's Classy Hour on Fallon. That guy. Develops Marble Madness back in the day, designs the PS4, develops Knack, and still manages to talk circles around the business guys. Sony made the right freaking move.

Sarobi2006d ago

Even in a small segment they still find a way to mention the used game and no drm stuff, haha.

I know this isn't anything major, but he does say we can upload to Youtube. I guess that debunks the whole "only on facebook" speculation some people brought up earlier.

mushroomwig2006d ago

I loved the fact that he mentioned YouTube, I'm not a big fan of Ustream so YT would definitely be my first choice.

Elated_Blackman2006d ago

well spotted, i was just about to comment that.

Rynocirator2006d ago

Don't forget you can live stream on youtube too.

Hadoukameha2006d ago

Why Knack? Geez, should have been something cool.

andibandit2006d ago

Im wondering the same thing, Infamous:SS looks insane, Knack...i dont know...

GentlemenRUs2006d ago

Guess your not from the PS1 era then...

Knack > COD(And all shooters apart from those coming on PS4)

Hadoukameha2006d ago

I'm 26, first memories are of gaming. My era is NES, son. Knack just looks like shit, straight up. I hate wannabe creative garbage, it's also why I hate most indie games.

Also, CoD will be on PS4, you should know that.

FTR, PS1 is among my favorite systems, easily top ten. Chrono Cross, FF 8-9 plus was RPG heaven.

Polysix2006d ago

Maybe to some gamers but not to the mass market TV viewers. KZSF should have been used to wow the audience. Knack doesn't 'wow' even if it ends up a very fun game to play!

Infamous SS would be my second choice, that space needle scene looks true next gen.

Grap2006d ago

so u hate the creative things wow. the most dumbest thing i have ever heard.

cannon88002006d ago


Knack looks like shit? You don't know Mark Cerny I presume, and how much he has helped the gaming community way back then and now.

MoveTheGlow2006d ago

And Cerny owns up to it on stage - he talks about how there will be plenty of core games out there, so this is what he's been working on. Which had precedent - Xbone didn't go on Fallon with a shooter or action game, they went on with Forza, because everyone watching that show probably drives or rides in a car, the viewers get it en masse. Ps4 just looked way better, especially because they had an industry giant on stage talking like a real person.

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AngelicIceDiamond2006d ago

Only Sony is allowed to have a semi core family style game like Knack.

I personally think it looks neat and fun.

But godforbid if this was on any other machine. Not creative, Not innovative, and certainly NOT core enough.

valet_Smerdyakov1998d ago

I'm more interested in Knack than all Killzones and Infamous together.

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GezForce2006d ago

Damn that PS4 looks sexy

alb18992006d ago

Seems like SONY doesn't have better argument to sell the PS4 against the X1.

Come on SONY everybody knows about used games......lets talk about Games and what the PS4 offers!

TimeSkipLuffy2006d ago

I do not worry about games from Sony. You get all multiplats + all the exclusive games from owned IPs or owned Studios. They will come sooner or later. There is no need to worry ^^

alb18992006d ago

I'm not worry either but seems to me that they are more focus in showing the apparently weakness of the X1 than the power and the features of the PS4.

I mean the E3 SONY's CONFERENCE was about the used games and everywhere they go just talk about it, SONY has so much to show about the powerful PS4, why focus on this? It is was ok at E3 but that's it.
I've learn that Microsoft and SONY are offering different products but Microsoft are trying to show what's new in the X1 and SONY just show what they keep from PS3.

gravv2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Sony doesnt need to talk about games PS fans already know what will come to them, sony will constantly pumping aaa exclusives from their great and proven in-house developer while m$ investing 1billions for new ip with weak and unproven developer (insomniac fuse lol, dead rising 2 meta 78 new game probably same, killer instinct double helix lol, crytek with repetitive hack&slash QTE romans that shouting and acting like US marines ryse, etc) makes me wonder why xboners hyping they so called great exclusives from that kind of developers it probably turns out to be mediocre games...and some timed exclusives

And here i am right here right now enjoying new goty 95 meta IP last of us from ND while xboners with 360 dried like desserts and having their mouth shutted with m$ balls

So yeah SONY doesnt need to talk about games they're far much credible than m$ in that departement

alb18992006d ago

So you think SONY just sell their products to the fans.....think again.
Is a new product and they have to show what it is capable of.
You guys always said is about games now you just trust, lol!

gravv2006d ago

Well sony deliver with ps3 cannot say the same about m$, i see the same pattern with xbone just like 360 bait the core gamer by flooding with exclusives which most of them are timed in early cycles of new console life then forsaken them until next generation arrives while sony will gradually keep making exclusives

Even without showing many games sony owned m$ in pre-order lol

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