Phil Spencer Confirms There Are No Xbox One Yield Problems

"No yield problems" - Phil Spencer

This being in direct contradiction to rumors started by CBOAT on NeoGAF.

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NewMonday1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Phil Spencer "No yield problems"
Phil Spencer "Xb1 = 3x 360"
Phil Spencer "Xb1 = 8x 360"
Phil Spencer "Xb1 = 10x 360"
Phil Spencer "Xb1+cloud = ∞360"
Phil Spencer "Xb1 = $499 "

only one statement is true

ThatCanadianGuy5141077d ago

What else is he supposed to say?

"Yeah.Having major problems with our console set to launch in a few months.Sucks for us! #Xboxproblems"

The fact he knew of the esram issues by the phrasing of yield alone should speak volumes.

Belking1077d ago

This news just breaks your poor little

ThatCanadianGuy5141077d ago

The real news is that xbone is only being stocked 1/3 of the amount of PS4'S, and in less then half of the countries.

There is clearly something going on.

longcat1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )


Mo DRM MO problems

you really expect retailers to care about your machine when they potentially earn less and will have much more customer complaints/returns?

dedicatedtogamers1077d ago

Why would he confirm there are yield problems? Not only would that further destroy customer confidence, but shareholders would be mighty angry.

I don't see why we should believe this either way, even if he is correct. Microsoft also spent the first few months of RRoD insisting that it was a very tiny amount of users who were experiencing it. They pulled the same stunt for every single one of the 360's hardware problems (E74, GPU meltdown, power brick failure, disc scratching/grinding, etc)

GraveLord1077d ago

He should say nothing at all. It would be much better than flat-out lying.

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FordGTGuy1077d ago

Xbox One is 8 times more powerful graphical and 10 times in memory performance so both statements are true.

Xbox One + the Cloud has access to a datacenter of power.

Xbox One is $499 I'm not even sure why you even brought that up.

NewMonday1077d ago


can you prove by the numbers the x8 graphics power?

"memory" is a conduit, the source of the "power" are strictly the CPU & GPU

"the Cloud" are dedicated servers, they wont give you anything more than what they give World of Warcraft . many games used the "Cloud" this generation.

I brought up $499 because it was Phil Spencer that announced it and the only thing he said that is confirmed to be true.

Death1077d ago

CPU and GPU provide the calculations. They are restricted by bandwidth limitations and memory speed. The entire system dictates power, not a single chip. A CPU that is 10x faster than the available bandwidth works 10x less. The same calculations get done, but the CPU doesn't work as much or as fast depending how you want to look at it.

vulcanproject1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

Xbox 360 has a GPU rated at 240 gigaflops, Xbox one at 1.23 teraflops. That isn't close to 8 times faster, more like 5 times, PS4 is about 8 times faster.

Xbox one has about 10 times more memory available for games, but only about 3 times as much system memory bandwidth to the DDR3.

Generally I would expect Xbox one is about 4-5 times faster than 360.

greenlantern28141077d ago

so if your not online and ms has just said you dont have to be you have no cloud then are your games going to play worse are at all. if the games are using the cloud to look good and play good than people with out internet are going to suffer.

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komp1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

All this tells me is that they will come out and defend against rumors.

Does that mean that anything else people are waiting for answers on, which are currently 'rumors', are in fact true?

die_fiend1077d ago

Xbox One has more than yield problems...

Whilst it's not good if the competition kills itself, try this:

Xbox 360 sales: 76m
Xbox Live members: 46m

People told to screw off by Microsoft: 30m

Oh, actually I forgot, they've got a console for you. The 360, that you already own. Forget that the PS4 exists please

dumahim1077d ago

Or 30m people who bought a new 360 to replace the broken one.

RedHawkX1077d ago

i used a lifeline and im gonna go with

B. Phil spencer "Xb1= 3x 360"

there is a ps4 it has the same games the xbox one has but its a cheaper system, you can play used games on it, you can play offline, and it has the superior version of mutliplats and way more exclusives. and will have the bigger better online community believe that. if you think all your friends are gonna get an xbox one when its 100 dollars more and that everything will be like it is this gen on your xbox 360 then you are one huge dumbasss because no way in hell you get the experience you getting now on your x360 anywhere else but on the ps4 next gen.

Septic1077d ago

Give it a rest already. Seriously, it's not hard to understand, it's just you choose not to.

NextGen24Gamer1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

On his twitter he also corrected his 3x more powerful than the 360 comment. He admitted he made a mistake and it's actually officially 10x more powerful than the xbox 360 and that's without the cloud computing.

With the added benefit of dedicated servers and cloud computing each X box one is 30x more powerful than the xbox 360.

Now obviously, we won't see that for a few years because developers need to learn how to offload data to the cloud and they need to figure out what works and doesn't work....

Some developers have already dabbled in it and the results are stunning just in the early stages. TitanFall, Dead Rising & Forza...

I'm assuming in 2014 more games will release dabbling further into the cloud computing. Halo will surely be showcasing what the cloud can do for games.

It's funny to see fanboys talk about the take and then site things that sony developers have said to combat cloud computing. LOL... And NO...Sony devs will likely not use cloud computing ...

A. Because their cloud service I much much smaller and its a game streaming service...Totally different than what MS is doing.

B. Developers wouldn't use cloud for sony because they have no idea how many are actually connected to the internet. With Xbox One they know everyone who has purchased it has a connection. BIG DIFFERENCE KIDS

greenlantern28141077d ago

A because their cloud service is much smaller... you know this how. sony bought one of the biggest cloud companies ms has just built theirs. and you nor any one else has seen what it can really do.
and B ms has just said you dont need internet. basically they changed all the stuff they said they woiuldnt

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Gimmemorebubblez1077d ago

CBOAT is reliable, wasn't he also the one that leaked Insomniac's deal with MS?

FordGTGuy1077d ago

CBOAT was wrong about a lot of things at E3.

NewMonday1077d ago

more right than wrong, I think it was like 8 out of10 things that were right.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1077d ago

Ya, I'll take the word from someone who's worked on the box over an insider on this one.

GentlemenRUs1077d ago

We will see come launch ;)

Roper3161077d ago

if the online check in doesn't kill your system & games, RROD 2013 will.

Belking1077d ago

Or naming your console Vita could kill it

NatureOfLogic1077d ago

Bubble down for being off topic. What does Vita have to do with anything related to this article? Next time try to troll on topic at least.

falviousuk1077d ago

And what does online check in have to do with it either, your the same as the rest, just another troll, like the majority of posters in here.

Sideras1077d ago

Off topic, and for the record it still beats Xbox One. I mean atleast it made sense.

Urusernamesucks1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )

@ King elixer your being hypocrytical here what does rrod have to do with this?

Roper was asking for it.

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dennett3161077d ago

That they're only launching in 21 countries suggests they are having some issues....they've targetted their main markets to release in and everyone else has to wait.
No company will ever intentionally limit a launch in that way unless there is a reason. I don't expect MS executives to admit it publicly, but their launch plans would seem to indicate a necessity to limit the numbers of consoles available.

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