PS4 appearance on Jimmy Fallon highlights Microsoft's struggle to explain Xbox One policies

TheVerge: As part of Late Night's "Video Game Week," Jimmy Fallon has had the opportunity to play with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. But while Monday night's Xbox One demo ran through the console's multimedia features and showed off Killer Instinct and Forza, Sony Tuesday night took the opportunity to highlight its competitor's complex online and used game policies.

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US8F1733d ago

On National tv, that doesn't sound good for Xbox.

Why o why1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Microsoft should hire n4g's very own x1 policy defenders .....they seem to know more than the ms execs themselves the way they speak. They could sell rice to the Chinese.

bicfitness1733d ago

No one would pay attention to a frothing lunatic on t.v. beyond laughing at them. That, and you'd have to get these people out off their basements.

MS did this to themselves, no pity from me. I heard that they muzzled Don M at least, which is a start. Every time he opened his mouth it was derogatory and insulting. What's funny is that MS bullish approach - "we're the best, our product rocks" - hasn't changed, its just that people, and the media are no longer singing their tune.

MS aren't good at spinning negative publicity when most of what they've had is positive. Hell, even when the RROD debacle was going on they did nothing but deny, deny, deny and finally capitulated a bit with a "things break, you know."

A PR disaster on this scale is well beyond their understanding or talents to mitigate. You can't just throw money at it to make it disappear.

denero11733d ago

lmaoo i wanna give u bubbles sir lol

NewMonday1733d ago

@Why o why

they are most likely MS shills in the first place.

Pixel_Enemy1733d ago

MS is in a really bad place right now. All this bad press is not good at all for a launch. Last gen, MS had a year head start and PS3 launched with a ridiculous price point which gave 360 a huge lead. This lead continued through out the life cycle because it started strong and friends would get the console that their friends had to play with them. Not only that, when you have both consoles, you get the multiplaform games that are on the system that your friends play on.

This gen, Sony is crushing MS in the press, launching $100 cheaper and without DRM restrictions. If Sony dominates the launch, it will carry over into the generation for quite some time due to the friend factor.

dcbronco1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Why maybe Sony should hire all of those fanboys that blindly support them. Though it's pretty clear they lack comprehension and listening skills.

MS policy on used games: It's up to the publishers, if blocked they will go to a participating retailers so the publisher can receive a share of the profits.

Sony policy on used games: It's up to the publishers. If publisher do choose to block games you would think that they will have specific people they want the games to go to so they can receive a cut. Otherwise why block them. Unless the plan is to block them completely on the PS4.

So if you don't believe they will be blocked completely, common sense dictates that they could be sold to someone that will give publishers a share.

So it's the exact same policy.

Also, way to go Cerny. When Fallon got the used game poklicy wrong, instead of correcting him, you let it go and reinforced the views of the uneducated. Way to keep it classy Sony.

The Verge handled it professionally in their article.

BlindGuardian1732d ago


it's amazing how hard is to get that fact through some people's skulls

Boody-Bandit1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


What you and others fail to realize is it's not just about the DRM. It's always connected. MS can spin that nonsense anyway they want with 24 hour verification. It's ALWAYS CONNECTED. Who will turn on their XBOX ONE every 23:59:59 (hrs/mins/seconds)? NOBODY. So you will need to either have your X1 connected either hard wired or in wifi range at all times or you will have to go thru the necessary steps of verification just to play games. No matter how this is spun it's an unnecessary restriction.

As is having to have a camera connected that most core gamers want no part of. MS knows this but they don't give a sh!t but they should considering most early adopters are your core audience and not from a new demographic they are trying to capture or entice to purchase their new multimedia device. They are trying to push this tech on us so just maybe we core gamers will break down and purchase some content for it. "If" it pays off it's a win win for MS but just another unnecessary hassle for gamers that don't want Kinect hooked up just to be able to play core video games (you know, ones that actually require complexity and not arm flailing). *If precision controls didn't matter MS wouldn't have invested time, money and efforts into redesigning their controller to be 15% more accurate, especially for shooters*

Another thing, people can call foul, conspiracy nonsense or what ever they want BUT always having your console online with a voice and motion activated camera isn't all too comforting to those that actually know about PRISM and MS being accused of spying over Skype. <- Take from that what ever you will but why should ANYONE have to have concerns over this at all when it's just another unnecessary restriction to play video games.

Now you say DRM, up to publishers, etc and so on. MS built it into their hardware, Sony didn't. /end statement

$499 for a console that from all indications appears to be lesser in power and restrictions their competitions $399 priced console doesn't have? Well I think it's fair to say it is a lousy position they put themselves in.

Maybe if they would've not included Kinect, a product most core users don't want, they would've been evenly priced with their competition.

A final point. MS has done an absolutely abysmal job of explaining why they implemented these restrictions and why they are beneficial to the consumer. You know why? Because they can't. This is MS doing everything they possibly can to maximize their profit.

The question I have asked the most and MS has failed to address? What happens years from now with a console that requires an every 24hr verification / check in? Seriously. Does it just become a paper weight or are we to assume MS will always be there to ensure nostalgic consumers they are safe to game on the XBOX ONE for as long as they could ever hope? When Major Nelson was asked this very question? He scoffed and said, "next gen isn't even here and you're asking about what will happen when it's over?"

^That in itself proves even MS is clueless where the X1 is headed.

loulou1732d ago

it is has gotta be said. it is not really something to proud of, when the only reason people are talking about your product, is because of the problems with your competitors.

now i know this will be met with disagrees. but just look at the article in question. even on the tv, they are more interested in pointing fingers at their rivals.

Anon19741732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

"but just look at the article in question. even on the tv, they are more interested in pointing fingers at their rivals."

I don't know what video you saw, but Microsoft wasn't even mentioned. He stated the fact that the PS4 didn't need to be connected to the internet and supported used games in response to a question Jimmy asked. It was one sentence. They talked about the share button more and then it was 3 minutes of playing Knack.

How on earth is that "more interested in pointing fingers at their rivals"?

T21732d ago

@why o why - case in point- dcbronco - its so obvious these shills are picking only one aspect of a policy and spinning it to not seem bad or they just resort to " Sony too!" and try to deflect blame ... The sad thing is there are kids around the world MS gave the finger to as well as every consumer and these people are either too selfish or too dim to see how it all effects everything .

DragonKnight1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

@bicfitness: "MS did this to themselves, no pity from me. I heard that they muzzled Don M at least, which is a start. Every time he opened his mouth it was derogatory and insulting. What's funny is that MS bullish approach - "we're the best, our product rocks" - hasn't changed, its just that people, and the media are no longer singing their tune."

Yeah, but Don was merely a representative of the attitude prevalent at Microsoft. It was first present with Adam Orth (deal with it), moved on to Don Mattrick (stick with 360), and Yusuf Mehdi (we need to educate people), and Major Nelson (you're not looking at the benefits of DRM). It's Microsoft in its entirety really.

@dcbronco: WARNING! WARNING! FANBOY SHILL ALERT! Dude, you really don't know what you're talking about, but Mark Cerny certainly does. Sony did not build any DRM into the PS4 the way MS did with the X1. When Sony says "it's up to the publishers," they are not talking about a used games block. It's not possible on the PS4 because a network connection is NOT required so it can't be enforced. Sony said they welcome all business models and if third party publishers want DRM in their games, they (3rd parties) will have to create and implement it themselves because Sony won't, and Sony can't dictate to them what to do with their games.

Sony's policy is NOWHERE NEAR the same as Microsoft's and you need to stop your fanboyism.

@loulou: You must have been blind to the countless articles talking about the PS4 that don't have anything to do with the X1. That, or you're just being a fanboy like dcbronco up there.

The bubble reset has really hurt this site lately.

**EDIT** Knack is looking awesome.

3-4-51732d ago

We the people usually do know more and together/collectively are much smarter than any one person running these companies.

silenius1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Did anyone else see the failing attempt to create a "buzz" with his shirt??? you know... just casually wearing a shirt of CRACKDOWN...
meh... i only kinda liked the 1st one either way. :/
so even if they announce the 3rd i still wouldn't be interested...

Kleptic1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Its pretty sure anyone pro-MS at this point is just completely confused as to what the situation is with the PS4...If you like MS and exclusive content for xbox products, that is fine and great...but try and avoid discussions that you simply don't understand...

the difference between the Xbox One and Ps4 is very very simple...the xbox one has BUILT IN DRM requirements and checking for ANY form of game...there is NO such thing as offline...the ps4 does NOT have any of that...thats it...simple as that...

Now without knowing publishing policies implemented by Sony for the PS4, we can't really go too far with that just yet...but it stands that there is no built in drm...there is no evidence so far that drm will be any different on the PS4 than it is on the Ps3...which is also straight forward, easy to understand, and extremely simple...

what that means is that 3rd party publishers, on ps4, can continue to do what they want as far as online passes or whatever...As big 3rd party publishers begin to push their own content sources (like EA and its Origin for example), it'll probably get a little more complex in terms of making an account for all your online passes through that specific publisher's system...

but that the same time...the console won't limit any of this...the ps4 won't block a disc from being played, at least offline...if the disc is lended, rented, or given away for example...depending on the title, it may be necessary to get a 'new' online pass for yourself as non retail buyer...this is exactly how works currently for the majority of new titles that feature online portions...

that could begin to expand into single player modes as well...but who knows, and who cares, as that is a case by case basis and if you dislike the policy you simply don't buy that game...the Xbox One takes all this and lumps it into one peice of hardware...

and lastly...i love how MS hints at 'we're looking into game rentals with our partners', and all of a sudden the xbox one can play used games the same as a't...unle ss you permanently give it away, or buy an over-priced used disc from a 'participating retailer''ll just block it...

MS's policy clearly illustrates that with an Xbox One, you'll never have complete control over any software you buy...not any portion of can't play it offline for more than 23:59 hours, you can only permanently give it time...and you can't start playing a disc that was EVER used on some one else xbox one without jumping through a confusing mass of hoops that even MS doesn't fully understand yet...

next generation isn't a debate...unless MS changes radically in the next months, its over before it starts...

dcbronco1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Kleptic I know you're smarter than that. The way MS does it's cloud storage will make game rentals easier and with fewer problems. It's as simple as the family list. Gamefly makes a App on One. The person with the Gamefly account attaches that account to that console. Just like they do with Hotmail now. The person make a request for a title and they automatically gain access to that games on the cloud for download. If their account gets cancelled, the license to play that game is rescinded. It's far better than the current system where there is often a shortage of popular games.

And Sony does allow publishers to block used games. Just because they haven't said it openly, they have made it clear that publishers are in charge of how their game is presented. And if Sony was so against DRM and blocking used games, they wouldn't have spent money developing a method when they were so strapped for cash. I promise you, Sony will block them if they are asked.

Why o why1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


You still trying to group everybody together....maybe you should use your energy on getting ms to revoke some of their policies. How can you still, after all the articles and links, say that sony are doing the same thing. Sonys stance on drm hasn't changed from this current gen whereas microsofts has changed to have it in built

You cannot lend, you cannot rent.......

"Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners."

Just accept it and move on, your staunch defence was amusing at first but now your ignorance is getting a little tedious to watch....... why do you think all those people were cheering at the sony presser ......where they all misled or are the dumb....did sony do a jedi mind

'I promise you, Sony will block them if they are asked.'...

Wow, you may as well of started that projection with 'I pray' instead of 'I promise you' PLUS it will be the developer who puts the block on NOT sony doing it for them like ms is doing....smh.... give it up please

kreate1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )


'Sony does allow publishers to block used games'

where??? o_0'

which game have been blocked?

there's a difference between the ability and the implementation.

showtimefolks1732d ago

Why o why

lol good one you made me laugh bubbles

Gamer19821732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Whats amazing is this happened then MS finally changed there DRM. Listening to gamers my a**.. They were embarrassed on national TV again and finally had enough. Though i'm glad its happened as its great news for xbox owners as they don't deserve this DRM stuff shoved down their throats they got enough problems being forced to buy Kinect whether they want it or not.

dcbronco1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Why whats annoying is people that know very little about one thing running their mouths about things that are multi-faceted. I know you have no clue what I'm talking about because...well you have no clue. But the next couple of years might wake you up. Actually, no they won't. Sony will though.


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jmc88881732d ago

No one can defend Xbox

Everything xbox does can be done without the 24 hour check-ins and Spying.

If you want to check out how to share games the right way...look at Steam.

You gain nothing from the DRM. It's completely a one way street, and MS is the one benefiting. (oh and the gov't).

Kinect 2 is the most advanced spying device ever. Watergate in a box. (actually MUCH MUCH MORE)

Plus you can't defend $100 more for a device where the graphics and CPU together don't even cost $100.

1.2 TFlops...IF they are lucky. (which is crap)

No E3 consoles, means they're going to push defective units out the door A LA RROD.

Where's the xbox one? You know one turned on and connected to an HDTV showing real gameplay because someone is playing the game on actual Xbox One hardware?

popup1732d ago

I like Mark Cerny. and he reminds me of C3PO.

donman11732d ago

Did he say the Xbox One is just 3 times more powerful than the Xbox360... Wow... PS4 here I come.

Buff10441732d ago

All Microsoft has to do is reverse course early enough and E3 2013 will become a distant memory.

showtimefolks1732d ago

i am glad PS4 is getting national attention that ps3 never got even thought it had better software exclusive content than ms or nintendo-in my personal opinion before i am called names lol

knack getting attention which is great, i will buy it at launch and niche games like these deserve support we don't just want all shooters

much better showing than xbox one, and i am glad MS has rethought about it strategy

gamers unite

deadfrag1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Not to mention that the demo for Forza 5 when Jimmy was playing was full of framerate drops an slowdowns stability issues were very noticible ,its obvious for anyone that saw it,5months for release and they show a demo on National tv running that way;i was like wtf.

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WolfOfDarkness1732d ago

It was a very smart move from Sony to show this " family " type game on the show . Even PS4 PR won this one after E3 ! LOL simply Microsoft is not lucky at all !!

Buff10441732d ago

Except Knack doesn't look so hot.

TesMgsFan1732d ago


Just wait a minute. Knack reminds me about ps1 and ps2 games and if you don't like knack just DEAL WITH IT !!

hakis861732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

So now Xbox One is 3x the power of the 360? I've now heard 3x, 8x, 10x.... lol

Saigon1732d ago

Granted that is true but After reading some of the comments on the site by some of the subscribers there, I was amazed at what I read. Based on that I am starting to believe the gamers supporting the MS initiative are misinformed. MS needs to clear up a lot of information.

For me what is confusing is the Family plan thing. Most believe that you can attach any friend at any time to your friend list and allow them to share your games. I however, trying to think logically, don't think that would happen. I have a feeling that the family plan will be applied to only one account with up to 10 different individuals applied. Again everything tied to one Credit Card. Grant it you would have an instance with, lets say you child is at school in Texas while you live in New York and they share your family plan but this won't work for any random person. They would need to be within your paid circle. Many gamers think that MS is allowing a circle of friends that all have paid accounts being family members which I highly doubt.

The reason for my conviction is because what publisher in their right mind would want to lose that much money on a game because a user decides to share it with 10 family members or their circle of friends. The pubs would be losing more money than with trade-in games.

lawgone1732d ago

Some good questions but really the Family Plan was a smart thing and would have been great. MS was taking a bit of a gamble and giving consumers something great but didn't communicate it well. Since most games now have a multiplayer component it wouldn't really effect those as much since you can't play it while your friend is also playing it. As for primarily single player games like Elder Scrolls, your friends could have tried it out almost like downloading a trial version. If they truly liked it and wanted to play it whenever they wanted, they'd most likely get their own version. But, now MS is going back to the old model so kind of a moot point.

Hadoukameha1733d ago

Bad news 24/7 for XB1. I almost feel bad, but then I remember it deserves it.

tigertom531733d ago

don't mind that feature when I can share my library and dlc content with ten people of my choice....

ZodTheRipper1733d ago

You will mind eventually. I for one wouldn make that much preorders as I do now only because I CAN resell the game if it was a mispurchase and get at least some of my money back. No used games is a game breaker for me, it helps refinance new purchases. I don't want to buy every game new and I can still share them with 10 or even 20 family members AND friends.

nypifisel1733d ago

I actually wonder how this even can be? They put in a system to restrict the sales of used games yet they promote a feature which will cut game purchases when only 1 in 10 need to buy a new game. If I were a publisher this would concern me a hell of a lot more than the ability to freely trade in games (which only makes up about 1-2% of the business). <- This makes no sense, So I wouldn't believe MS in how freely this feature can be used.

Monkeysmarts1733d ago

You are going to be very disappointed if you think you can share all your games and DLC on XB1 with ten different XB1 units. You seriously think MS is letting you share all of your purchased content with any ten people you want and it's theirs to keep? It's not even YOURS to keep!

SpinalRemains1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Which by definition, makes you a sellout and a whore, albeit an ignorant one, since what you're getting is nowhere close to what you're losing.

InSpectre1733d ago

Curious how this will work as well. It seems there will be restrictions on the shared game library that they haven't mentioned yet.

Raccoon1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Jajajajajajajajajaja youre a fool to think its as simple as that, kenict will do its part in this feature and it will make it a pain in the ass to work and and its a fact that not all 10 members can use the content at the same time and could only work depending on how many players an offline* multiplayer alows.... For example if battlefield 4 only has singleplayer offline* only ONE xbox can acess it at any given time and in order to share with the 9 other members of the plan they must all take turns and authenticate the access with a sign-in eveytime.

Now with a playstations famous gameshare you could acess true offline and online multiplayer at any given time from 2 authenticated consoles mind you it used to be up to 5 consoles until a few years back when people started abusing this feature.... I assure when it comes to microsoft no matter how sweet the deal looks with all the sugarcoated chocolate drops and sprinkles its still a giant dildo that lies underneath...

*offline is a contradiction as you still need internet acess to play xbox one offline as well as online....

Foxhound9221732d ago

Too bad only one person can use each piece of content at a time. Have fun with that.

Rivitur1732d ago

Good luck actually finding 10 people who even own the console.

tigertom531732d ago

major nelson and many other people from Microsoft said this. It can be anyone even someone 3000 miles away.

Mikeyy1732d ago

Titger just remember if something sounds too good to be true...

There will be a catch, MS has screwed you over at ever turn, you are going to let your guard down on this one?

jmc88881732d ago

So you know that for a fact? Or are you just assuming that Microsoft would bitch about used game sales, but magically allow 10 people to play your game?

That's like saying I want to get out of debt, so I'll pick up 10 credit cards to pay off my car payment? (actually it's worse than this scenario)

Meanwhile everyone talks about how...SEE THIS IS WHY MS IS MAKING YOU DO THIS OR THAT..

No...that's not necessary.

They say.

YES IT IS. (like complete unthinking moron fanboys)

Then you show them that Steam is going to let you share games, and doesn't have MS's restrictions.

That's right. Steam does it right. M$ gets another uppercut to the Jaw.

So add Steam to the list of people who've landed a blow on Microsoft's glass jaw.

Steam just said to MS...'you're doing it wrong!!!!'

Simco8761732d ago

PSN had this also..but then slowly took it away. You could "share" your purchases on 5 systems, then 2...

I see the same for the Xbone

memots1732d ago

It's 10 familly member ( sub account ) on one console ... Seriously people get some logic here

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patsrule3161733d ago

The article states "both companies are focusing heavily on non-transferrable online purchases with this generation."

I thought Microsoft was still making online purchases transferable once, as long as the person you are transfering to has been on your friends list for a month. Plus you can share your on-line purchases with the people in your 'family' share plan (still haven't clarified the exact details of that plan, so it is yet to be seen who and how people can get on that share plan).

While the DRM on disc based games is certainly more restrictive on the Xbox One, I believe that the DRM is actually more restrictive on the PS4 than it is on the XB1 for digital downloads.

badz1491733d ago

like almost on anything, be it on consoles or pc! you can buy games as a gift for other on Steam but that's about it! you can't resell them in any way.

on PS3, digitally bought contents are transferable to up to 2 consoles and 2 handhelds in which case if the content is downloaded to 2 different consoles, both consoles can play the game at the same time using different accounts without restriction. if you want to download it into the 3rd console, you have deactivate 1 of the 2 earlier consoles and it makes PSN contents literally "transferable".

on the other hands, Xbone games are transferable and can be shared with 10 people but only 1 copy is playable at any given time or the 24h/1hr check-in will kick you out of the game when it detects somebody else is playing it.

patsrule3161733d ago

I just re-read the press release, and I was wrong, the one time transfer to a friend is for disc based games, not all games. So I need to own up on that. The only benefit on XB1 digital purchases is the family share circle, not the 1 time transfer.

I still like the idea of the family share plan, if it is the way IGN, Forbes, and Reddit have said. When I first read the share plan, I thought it would litterally only apply to the people in your home family, and it would work like a circle (whoever you choose would also automatically choose you, and it would all be tied to the same gold account, like I could put my wife and son on my gold account now and share my games with them and they share with me). I did not think I would be able to add my best friend or my brother-in-law, who both have their own consoles and gold accounts and would be sharing with their wives and kids. If, and that is a big IF, I can add them, and they can add me without having to add everyone I have added, that would really be a big deal. I've also seen varying reports that one share person can play the same game you are playing, but again I am skeptical. I am waiting to see how that plays out, though. For now, I have a PS4 pre-ordered. If the family sharing plan is truly open to anyone from your friends list, and 1 person can play your game while you play as well, I may reconsider and get an XB1 instead, because that would be a HUGE value to me. But until I hear that, the PS4 is the better deal for me due to the used disc based game policy, ability to use the vita for remote play, PS+, and stronger internal hardware.

creatchee1733d ago

You are correct. Downloadable Xbox One games AND DLC fall under the Family Share and transfer umbrellas.

I don't know why Microsoft isn't trumpeting the awesomeness of that stuff instead of cloud computing, which is cool but doesn't appeal to the masses as much.

bicfitness1733d ago

Because there are surely caveats and small print that they don't want you to know amid all the other shit the X1 is being heaped under. Sony allows gamesharing too, but it was cut from 5 systems to 2 (still shareable by every account on 1 box, mind you).

If you honestly believe that MS will allow you to share with 10 people on your friend's list regardless of physical location or a SET box that all those accounts are on, I think you're in for a rude awakening.

I've read their new terms and conditions and policies are still incredibly vague.

SpinalRemains1733d ago

Because to scrutinize the family plan is to expose its false amazingness.

You cannot use any game off your family/friends library unless that person is online at that moment. You can only share the game with one other at one time.

This idea is actually subpar in comparison to ps3/ps4s game sharing, where those limitations do not exist.

jmc88881732d ago

Because Steam just showed Microsoft the way to share without alienating everyone unnecessarily.

Because unlike you, if Joe Blow in NYC wants to share a game, I don't need to be online with Steam.

But anybody from about 21 countries (because it won't work at launch elsewhere ROFL..not!) will have to sign in every 24 hours or their console is a brick.

tigertom531733d ago

It will be as easy as selecting 10 people from your friends list. I know Microsoft has said you can have unlimited friend list now as well as you can organize that list into categories... You can still bring the disk to any friend or family and install the game on their console. If they are in your family plan then they don't have to purchase the copy of the game..... Microsoft has also said that you can sell and buy used game, it up to the publisher if they or going to charge fees.

patsrule3161733d ago

I am not saying you are right or wrong, but asking how you know this? Everything I have ever seen says 'We haven't released the details yet.' If there is a place that says it is as simple as selecting 10 friends, I'd like to read it.

InSpectre1733d ago

It a "Family Plan" not a "Share With All Your Friends and Get Ten Games for the Price of One Plan."

More than likely it will be restricted much like an actual physical copy would. Only one person at a time, for a certain amount of time, no one else gets access for that time, etc.

tigertom531732d ago

Major Nelson and Many other interviews with heads of Microsoft it can me uncle friend sister how has an xbox that you give permission to your library... Only one person at a time can have access to a game at a time... They even said if their are 3 games on your library 3 different family members can play each of the titles.. am sure more info will come out soon as well...

•Give your family access to your entire games library anytime, anywhere: Xbox One will enable new forms of access for families. Up to ten members of your family can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One. Just like today, a family member can play your copy of Forza Motorsport at a friend’s house. Only now, they will see not just Forza, but all of your shared games. You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time.

BlindGuardian1732d ago

no one is talking about digital downloads, on PS4 you can do whatver you want with your game discs, just like on the 360 and the PS3


it's amazing how hard is to get that fact through some people's skulls

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swishersweets200311733d ago

he said knacks out with the hardware so does that mean we get a free game with the system on purchase?

DragonPs41733d ago

basically knack is a launch game that is what he meant.

medman1733d ago

You get drive club free. I think Sony said some features on drive club would only be accessible if you bought the full title, but I have to assume most of what the game has to offer will come free.

Polysix1733d ago

less cars less tracks in the 'free' version. Still good to have something free to showcase PS4 available to everyone who buys PS+ on day one.

medman1733d ago

Plus you get 3 free indie titles at launch as well, I believe.