Sony 'investigating' PS3 firmware 4.45 issues, update taken offline

Sony has taken PS3's 4.45 firmware update offline while it investigates the reasons why it's causing some users' consoles to brick.

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TheLyonKing1798d ago

I still haven't done the last 5 updates on my ps3 will need to have a day where I update it all when this is back online.

My friends phat bricked install it but my other mates slim is fine.

DJMarty1798d ago

Some are saying it's down to size of drives in consoles. 500Gb are the ones having so called problems.

LOGICWINS1798d ago


I have a 500GB drive, havent installed this yet though.

HarryMasonHerpderp1798d ago

I have a Slim and I updated it to a 500GB last year, PS+ automatically downloaded the new firmware when I wasn't looking >_<
luckily though I've just checked my PS3 and had no problems.

DJMarty1798d ago

I got a 750Gb hybrid/ssd and I've held off updating for now.

Firmware update has been pulled by Sony.

Bathyj1798d ago

I got a brand new 500gb yesterday and had to update to sign in with my profile. no problems so far.

b_one1798d ago

it will always update to latest firmware...

kenshiro1001798d ago

I hope Sony gets to the root of this. My PS3 is fine but I feel bad for the people who went through this.

GribbleGrunger1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I'm sat here eating humble pie. Apologise for suggesting this was wrong in the other thread.

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KrimsonKody1798d ago

Looks like at least 5 people don't think YOUR PS3 works fine.
I wonder what they think about my PS3...

brish1797d ago

I think your ps3 needs a bath. It's filthy! ;-)

sway_z1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

@the_bebop >>>So you get a disagree for having a working PS3?? ...Lol Idiots!!

**Back on Topic**

So does 'bricked' means your console is bin fodder outside of warranty?

Can a 'bricked' PS3 be fixed, can another update fix it, or are users completely screwed??

I have PS3/500GB HDD and have never suffered with this, nobody I know has either...except on forums, so excuse my ignorance on the matter.


I have PS+ and set to auto between 8-10am BST/GMT/UK, yet my Firmware still reads 4.41, so I'm lucky it didn't hit me prior to removal.

Blank1798d ago

Awesome info on the time of your auto update but put a time zone. Im kind of nervous to turn my ps3 on which I havent touched in 2 days but my autoupdate is at 4am pst I hope it didnt download and install it before sony took it down : /

sway_z1798d ago

I too hope your PS3 is okay....

boing11798d ago

Auto update just downloads the firmware. You have to manually 'install' it.

SeanScythe1798d ago

what size HDD do you have?

Octo11798d ago

Hope mine works still. I have auto update set up :S

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