Nomura on Final Fantasy XV: Online Necessary to Keep Players Playing, Won't Lag Behind Western Devs

In an interview Final Fantasy XV Director Tetsuya Nomura shared some info about the game, and his views on online gameplay. He also added that he plans to show the world that Japanese developer won't lag behind during the next generation.

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Hellsvacancy1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Versus was announced 7 years ago, is that not a kind of lag?

And I bet you my left testicle that it will land on the PC

Abriael1800d ago

I'll double that bet, especially if Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is successful on PC in Japan. I know quite a few of my Japanese friends are buying a new PC for it.

Need4Game1800d ago

Final Fantasy XV confirmed online Action-MMORPG

user55757081800d ago

online isn't necessary just make a great game with new game + options and people will keep going

TheLyonKing1800d ago

But that's the problem stop trying to imitate western devs and make that great jrpg!

I don't give two sh!ts about online functionality with this game.

Abriael1800d ago

People said that about Mass Effect 3 too, yet it turned out quite great. Can't we just wait and see how they'll implement it? What about if it's Co-op a la secret of mana?

TheLyonKing1800d ago

Ff9 had basic co-op which was pointless.

I really think what se will come up with wont be worth checking in online.

Bad gut feeling that there will be micro transactions :/

Abriael1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@TheLyonKing: yeah, but if you look at The Secret of Mana you could basically play the whole game with a friend.

Personally, I would love something like that in a next gen JRPG.

Edit @below: I'd be totally disappointed myself if the online model was based on microtransactions, even if I'm sure that we can expect a LOAD of costumes.

TheLyonKing1800d ago

@abriael while I can your point I do think that is a small niche of players that would want to complete and ff together.

My friends have completely different play styles than me and we wouldn't be able to play together. IMHO I would prefer to it be completely offline and single player. If there's online for people who want two players that's fine. If there are micro transactions I will be disappointed and if oine feature are mandatory and try to enhance the game I will be just as disappointed.

Irishguy951800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Demons/Dark souls was a J-arpg...has one of the best online this gen imo

I wouldn't mind co op missions or something for this, or just co op in general. Having the option just to have a friend or two controlling the other members of the party wouldn't be too bad. I mean I know you want to control them yourself..which you can..but the option would be nice.

TheLyonKing1800d ago

Yeah as long as it is not a nessisty to collect everything like say in lbp then I will be happy.

Hadoukameha1800d ago

Yeah, I LIKE Japanese games. If I wanted a damn Western styled game I'D BUY ONE. Westernization is literally slaughtering the games I love, just fucking raping them.

Proof FFXV sucks right here. Focus on online and immitation of the West. Focus 100% on my story, characters and single playrcampaign. Tack on optional multiplayer later.

Ugh, FF Death Match and Horde modes confirmed, killstreaks too.

Irishguy951800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

That's right...Japanese games don't have online.

izumo_lee1800d ago

I play FF for the single player experience. This talk better not be to appease these BS policies of the XBone cause that system needs to be always online & single player games are much more difficult to play on it.

Squarenix already has a multiplayer game it is called FF14. If i wanna play a multiplayer game i would play that. I do not like what Squarenix is trying to do with this game that many of us has waited over 7 years to play, now that it is finally coming out we are getting talk of unnecessary add on that i could care less for.

TheLyonKing1800d ago

If only I can bubble your comment more than once.

Abriael1800d ago

There's a large difference between a MMORPG and a single player game with some multiplayer elements, that now is basically industry standard. Nomura obviously wants to add online to add value and replayability to the game (IE: let people play longer).

I have nothing against this.

GenericNameHere1800d ago

If you need online multiplayer to make a numbered Final Fantasy (except for XI and XIV of course) longer, have more value and replayability, then you're doing everything WRONG.

Abriael1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@GenericNameHere: really?

There's no limit to "longer". Even if the single player has say 100 hours of gameplay, why exactly is it bad to add more?

"Please don't give us more Square!" doesn't seem a very sound standpoint.

Edit below: "it's a JRPG!" is a completely moot argument. I'm sure that when developers added action to JRPGs some people cried "it's a JRPG!"

No matter how much replayability it has in single player. Multiplayer adds more, and getting more value for your money is good. Being reactionary and refractary to change before even seeing it helps no one.

izumo_lee1800d ago

It's a JRPG! These games have over 30 hours at least in gameplay! I can understand adding multiplayer to shorter games like FPS, or action games that have less than 10 hours. However to unnecessarily add it to a game that really doesn't need it is pointless.

If you make a good JRPG the replay value comes from trying to find all the hidden secrets of the game. Add in side quests, mini games, secret bosses stuff that older JRPG games have had that for some reason are taken away to add as DLC!

So don't give me this BS about replayability or added value for a JRPG! Making a single player experience has worked for Squarenix for years & they made some of their best games with that mindset. This change in mindset is what is wrong with Squarenix now.

GenericNameHere1800d ago

Uhh, because some developers are forced to tack on multiplayer into their game? Not saying multiplayer is bad, just that if there's one game that is able to withstand on its own, it's RPGs. Final Fantasy games can easily take you over 100 hours to do everything.

But you know, I'm going to give FFXV the benefit of the doubt (that's the correct saying, right?). It's now an action RPG, much like KH. I could definitely see coop gameplay. You'd finally be able to experience an FF game together with your friends rather than by yourself.

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MuhammadJA1800d ago

If they're going to add online to it, they should make it simple like an item trading system or some leaderboard rankings. DON'T RUIN IT WITH DEATHMATCH!

LightofDarkness1800d ago

I imagine that this will simply allow players to fill the roles of other party members if they wish, but it better not be mandatory. Plus, I can't imagine myself or any other FF fans wanting to play the game together at once, I like being in control of my entire party.

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