A Play-Asia sale worth blogging about - 20% off just about anything

"Play-Asia is having an Easter Egg sale where every item not released in the past 30 days is discounted 20%. This is great for a few high profile items that might have been just out of your price range but even for the cheapo stuff like GBA games it helps if you buy a bunch! The sale is only for the next 3 days or so but get in on this soon because the good stuff is going fast."

Sounds like there's a lot of deals to be found. Take advantage of it while you can! There's a big list of some of the great deals after the jump. :)

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orange143681d ago

I guess nobody wants deals! :P

ianp6223681d ago

Well the shipping takes back most of the discount compared to buying it from Amazon, where shipping is free for orders over $25.

ErcsYou3681d ago

GT Force Pro.... out of stock
Logicool G25 Racing Wheel.... out of stock
FragFX Controller.... back ordered
HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3.... back ordered
Vitua stick high grade.... not avalible

i guess i could use another DS3...

grimygunz3680d ago

Now i will have 1 white DS3 and now i can get a silver DS3. cause even when DS3 is out in the US we not getting any other colors for quite some time.