You gonna finish that? Why we don't finish games anymore

RPGs can be too demanding. Relationships with action games can get tedious. Backtracking through a space you've already explored might be less than awesome. Maybe you don't feel like fighting that boss you already killed despite the fact that now he's purple and has a longer life bar. Some players even insist games have been letting themselves go, and the resulting glitches can put an ugly and unsatisfying stop to the fun.

Games are growing more complex, but are they asking too much? How can the bond be rekindled between gamer and game? Does it need to be, or are we just getting lazy?

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Genesis53678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I usually finish about 90% of my games. But if I screwed up and bought a really bad game. Sometimes I can't even force myself to finish it. I've got a couple like that.

If I like the game I will tough it out with a bit of screaming and a little yelling. Yeah Bohan I'm talking to you!

Harry1903678d ago

nariko,try countering his's
easier to beqat him than flying fox.

MikeGdaGod3678d ago

so i traded it in today at Gamestop and put that credit towards GTA4. i got $32 for it so it wasn't that bad.

i got bored with it after the game switched over to Dante. i liked playing as Nero better (probably since this was my first DMC) and going over the same areas over again didn't help much either.

i didn't finish the game but i didn't care about the story and i got the DMC experience, plus $32 towards GTA4 for it so i'm satisfied.

gambare3678d ago

Another good game.

sometimes there are games that surpass the current played game, and.... well, many of you guys must know.

ravinash3678d ago

I'm having the exact same problem with Bohan.
I'm waiting to the Rumble controller comes out in the UK, and then I'll go back to this title and play all the way through again.

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meepmoopmeep3678d ago

my reason is because i have way too many to play at one time...
i still have a backlog of over 10 games to finish still

kira9893678d ago

So true....

Im the same way... I have to sit down and commit myself to one game or else i get side tracked and never finish or sometimes even start a game.... Im so close to beating Persona 3 when im done with that im goin back to FF4

Danja3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

yups so true.....

im wondering how Im gonna juggle..GTA4 , MGS4 , GT5p and

EDIT:@ Teh-Venom

haha srry dude...been looking forward to them games for too long...

Teh-Venom3678d ago

@danja, easy let me borrow MGS4, GT5:P,and Haze.:P

qohelet3678d ago

i have a "pile of shame" for each and every one of my consoles...
something like
20 games to beat on ps2 with some heavy rpgs
4 on xbox360(mass effect among them)
5 on wii(especially metroid prime 3)
7 on ps3 (oblivion and the orange box are on the top but i seem to always come back to cod4...)

oh and the best part is 2008 is a huge year...

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name3678d ago

1 word. Online gaming. The end.

Danja3678d ago

I think you meant 2 words....:)

harv0523678d ago

The only latest game I haven't finished yet is Resistance: Fall of Man. I just never got really that interested in it....

IntelligentAj3678d ago

I normally make it a point to finish a game first then move on to another one but it's never due to difficulty. The only game I stopped playing was Devil May Cry 3 cause it was 1)too hard and 2)I just wasn't interested.

Danja3678d ago

DMC3 wasn't that hard could have just played it on easy if normal was too..hard....

I like a challenge in games ne ways

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