Hidden screens in GTA 4 trailer 4

Rockstar did pretty cool job, hiding screenshots in trailer, first time see it. The Pictures are hidden in Trailer 4.

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CrazyMystical3641d ago

i'm hype about GTA4 as the next guy but come on was this video even necessary

kingOVsticks3641d ago

that was uhhh how should i put it pointless!

ATLRoAcH3641d ago

I noticed the speed up at the end and did frame by frame and there is a bunch of screens.Each frame a screen.This trailer is awesome I downloaded it in HD on my PS3 as soon as it was released.The update waited for the trailer I guess.Only with GTA.

castags3641d ago

wow......... I haven't called out of work in months so i could take the day off when this finally gets here.

Timesplitter143641d ago

those pics aren't exactly interresting

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