(PS3) Jak and Daxter Collection is only $13 on Amazon

The PS3 version of Jak & Daxter Collection is currently available on Amazon for just $12.99. The collection includes all three Jak & Daxter games remastered in HD.

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Relientk772008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

This is a great deal, and would totally get it, if I already didn't have it

toxic-inferno2007d ago

Agreed. That is an incredible deal! I also own the game (and still own all of the original PS2 copies... for reasons I'm not quite sure of...), and if I lived in America, I'd be very tempted to buy a second copy of this game for that price, just for lending to people, or in case my copy stopped working.

Basically, if anybody reading this is a fan of platforming games, but hasn't played this trilogy yet... purchase this.

Xaphy2007d ago

buying this for vita but waiting for price to go down. Being a first party title the price usually go down fast.

jony_dols2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Vita version all the way!

GentlemenRUs2007d ago

But the physical copy does not contain the cross-buy for the vita version, That's why its cheap now ;)

E2S2007d ago

On gamestop and with a $5 coupon, I got it for 5 bucks. too good to pass up.

Axecution2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Guys its 9.99 at Gamestop/EB Games today. Online only but still!

E2S2007d ago

if you do store pickup, it's still 9.99. Awesome find. Never played J+D but this may be too good to pass up.

TheDarpaChief2007d ago

Never played it (got it today) any opinions on it? Like is it awesome, crap, long, or short? Just honest curiosity

AusRogo2007d ago

All 3 are awesome. Though some missions in Jak 2 are incredibly frustrating! If you love action/adventure platformers you'll love the Jak and Daxter trilogy..

toxic-inferno2007d ago

Agreed. Two missions from Jak II spring to mind as being particularly frustrating...

The first game is relatively short compared to the other two. When I got the HD trilogy last year, I managed to complete the first game (and platinum it) in a single day. But I would say that both II and 3 are longer than your average game.

If it's anything to go by, both Jak II and Jak 3 have held world records for the largest number of cutscenes in a game.

Also, just a tip: the first game plays a lot more like a standard platformer, whereas the second and third are based in a grungey, open-world city, and play quite differently.

E2S2007d ago

More cutscenes than MGS4? Inconceivable.

toxic-inferno2007d ago

I did say they "held" the world records. MGS4 has probably overtaken them now!

Although MGS4 doesn't have lots of cutscenes... it just has several VERY long ones.

TheDarpaChief2007d ago

Well thats wonderful then. I couldnt pass up the ten dollar gamestop deal and i have something to look forward to once this goddamned last of us high goes down. Any of you guys beat it yet?

AusRogo2007d ago

@Darpa yes :) couldn't keep off em back on ps2, , same with the collection years later.

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HarvesterOSarow2007d ago

Purchased...along with a second PS3 controller for the wife, and Farcry 3. I'm a sucker.