Kinect Kiosk at Gamestop Showcases PS4 Killzone: Shadow Fall

Well that's not supposed to happen, right?

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dedicatedtogamers1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I'm sorry, but how can they tell that is KZ: Shadow Fall? It looks like a city scene from Mirror's Edge (or Mirror's Edge 2, which was just announced).

EDIT @ below

I'm not trying to be contrary, but how do you know? Would you mind linking me to a screenshot from Shadow Fall that matches the picture? It's kinda tough to determine what the game is based on one single picture.

Edit #2

Thank you, good sir! I appreciate it. Yep, looks like false advertising to me.

Smurf11615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

That is clearly Killzone Shadow Fall.



showtimefolks1615d ago

My best friend is the manager of his store for past 10 years, i was just there today to pick up last of us when he said why am i not pre ordering ps4 and i said what the heck and pre ordered it lol

they are getting 65 PS4 units to 8 xbox one

he said GS is doing free advertisement for ps4, there was a shheet right by check out counter with ps4 listed $399 and xbox listed $499 with all the confirmed games. He said every time someone walks in, they are informing them which console to buy

sony is getting so much free advertisement from gamestop,bestbuy,gamefly and redbox.

and now even the US navy magazine is bashing xbox one lol

Kidmyst1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

@ Showtimefolks, a complete 180 of the early PS3 and 360 days. Walk into a GS and if you said PS3 they laughed at you and said it's crop, buy a 360. I wonder how many of those employees who supported MSFT heavily now say the opposite.

LOL_WUT1614d ago

Wow first that facebook incident and now this? Someone's definitely going to get slapped over this. ;)

pixelsword1614d ago

This is similar to when that game video site was caught using PS3 footage to try to say that the 360's gameplay was moother and had more effects going on.

Such a incidents do not happen to benefit the PS3, though.

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Muerte24941615d ago

because Xbox One didn't even have devkits at E3. They were powering their games using Nvidia 700 series cards (GTX780) and windows 7 OS. The GTX 780 has alot power than what is suppose to be in Xbox One. Not only was it false advertising at E3 and Facebook, but now you're advertising a PS4 exclusive. If you can't beat them, then join then i guess.

ScubbaSteve1615d ago

It's not false advertising they said they were using comparable hardware at e3. For instance here is a comparison.

The GTX 780 makes the xbox one looks like shit.

GamePeace1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Well, that's what you're thinking. A gtx 780 is not even as good as a GTX 690 and a GTX Titan.
You must consider that the Ps4 chip is maybe PC architekture, but it has been modified.
Even the directx11.1 of Ps4 has been modified, and you PC player are forced to Play the original directx11 from years ago.

"The PS4 sees Sony move to a 64-bit x86 chip architecture, which will be music to the ears of developers, especially those used to working on PC games. The good news doesn’t stop there, though. Developers will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest industry standard DirectX API — DirectX 11.1, but Sony has taken the time to improve upon it, pushing the feature set beyond what is available for PC games development.

Those improvements include better shader pipeline access, improved debugging support features out the box, and much lower level access to the system hardware enabling developers to do “more cool things.” That’s achieved not only through an modified DirectX 11.1 API, but also a secondary low-level API specifically for the PS4 hardware."

The last line is my favorite.

Muerte24941614d ago

Seeing as how EA is using AMD as the lead architecture for all Frostbite engine games (all their next gen offerings except sports), there is only one conclusion I can draw from this. Developers didn't have the time to optimize nvidia drivers for an AMD coded game, so the GTX780 was just there to brute force the damn thing. The GTX780 is 32% more powerful than the GTX690, but with the right overclock, slightly under Titan.

SITH1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"The GTX780 is 32% more powerful than the GTX690, but with the right overclock, slightly under Titan."

LMAO, and here is why.

Never mind a GTX 690 is two 680s on one card. Where you people come up with these absurd claims with no proof is beyond me.

Even overclocking the 780 can not touch the GTX 690.

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AngelicIceDiamond1615d ago

Who did this again? So its false?

1615d ago
JetP06191615d ago

he just went full retard. before making comments make sure you have sources to back it up. lmfao because that is clearly killzone shadowfall.

Foliage1615d ago

I'm all for pointing our the many anti-consumer tactics by Microsoft (take your pick); but there isn't much of a story here. The local store messed up; Microsoft would not be behind this at all. The 360 has gone stagnant; so they could have just wanted to use the screen; but have a deal in place to run the Kinect ads for a certain amount of time. If anything, Microsoft should be pissed off (not showing their product) and Sony (showing a product their competitor can't compete with; but displayed as on the competitor platform).

oof461615d ago

@Showtimefolks: Ouch. Just...ouch.

Kohven1615d ago

Yeah...might be BF4 too...

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Lovable1615d ago

False advertising huh. Gotta show them grpx to sell kinects

Godmars2901615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Gamestop, or a GS employee, messing with MS.

Its now a full on revolt.

quenomamen1614d ago

Full Revolt brah, what was MS thinking ? Gamestop would stand there and get horse [email protected] ? While they took money out they pockets. I suspect BestBuy to push PS4 much more than X1 since they also trade and sell used games.

Godmars2901614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Except you can "play" used games on the XBO. Just have to jump through hoops. Can only trade them in at certain stores.

BootHammer1615d ago

A little late for April Fools...LOL.

Cam9771615d ago

It seems like the "power of the cloud" helped turn an XBONE into a PS4!

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