Microsoft forces Xbox Live Ambassador to change his Gamertag

Microsoft today forcibly changed a popular Xbox Ambassador's "Cow Moolester" Gamertag because it was deemed offensive by anonymous complaints.

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vitz33705d ago

I wonder what happened to his friends list after the third Reich smacked down that hammer.

Delt43705d ago

nothing. You keep your friends list and gamerscore. Its just a way microsoft can say that they are moderating XBL. I have had 2 names that i have had to change because they were offensive. Which is kinda crap but after that one kid got a picture of female breasts ( not to be confused with the male ones) sent as a message on XBL, the mother tryed to take MS to court for not moderating there services. I can see why but still crap

Counter_ACT3705d ago

Thats pathetic, but whats even more pathetic are the douchebags that complained about it.

Jon Cage3705d ago

Or maybe some cows (not talking about heavy women) started signing up for XBL. It's my god given right to moolest or fantasize about moolesting cows. Now that I think about it I might be talking about heavy women cause heavy women and PETA seem to go hand in hand.

Capt CHAOS3705d ago

If MY gamer tag was Cow Moolester and I'd been using it online since 1990's (as I have with Capt CHAOS), AND I was forced to change it.. I know what I'd do.. I'd throw my 360 out of the window..

toughNAME3705d ago

I'm honestly surprised you lasted this long, but it was a good run right?

Just think of a similar taboo like gamertag and keep giving Microsoft a hard time :)

Enigma_20993705d ago

... and yet they can't seem to keep obnoxious gamers off XBOX Live...

... just how many cows had to complain before this was done? I wasn't aware they could play video games!


ambientFLIER3705d ago

Think about it for a second...

Enigma_20993705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Oh noes... is he a known pedophile, that baits in kids with free milk? No? Then what's the problem?

YOU complained about it, didn't you?

And I still say the idiots with the potty mouths playing the FPS games over LIVE are more offensive!!!! I don't care how many of you disagree with me!!!

Capt CHAOS3705d ago

others should be allowed to vote to the person keep it..

actas1233705d ago

I can see why some ppl found that offensive. Good thing Microsoft forced that idiot to change that name. I think moderation is necessary as long as there are still idiots out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.