PS3 System 4.45 Update Causing Issues with 1TB Hard Drives: 4.45 Pulled Offline by Sony

It appears that PS3 owners with an upgraded 1TB hard drive are having issues with the recently released System Update 4.45.

Possible fixes available.

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Chupa-Chupa1636d ago

The new firmware turned my PS3 into a PS4 pre-order.

Rhythmattic1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

New firmware turned my PS3 into a machine that only beeps and displays a blue wavy cloud thing..

Guess I'll wait and see if there will be any easier option than to reformat and restore from my backup...

A pain, yes...... But for all those poor souls that dont have a backup , I truly feel for you.

PS. PS3 slim with 1 Tb WD HD.
Waiting for a firmware fix.. Probably good... It means Ill do some work...:)

NewMonday1636d ago

so with 500gb I should be safe?

Rhythmattic1636d ago

I suggest you wait

Most are generally PS3's with upgraded HD, but, there are some PS3 with Factory fitted 500gb with the same problem.

Read through this.

Transporter471636d ago

You don't need to reformat or restore just wait for the update and you can update your system through safe mode via and your ps3 will work again.

b_one1636d ago

Recovery mode will fix all issues... they will need to update firmware from pendrives.

steve30x1636d ago

@ b_one : Some of the new PS3 Slims and the newest PS3 Slim dont have a recovery mode option. Sony removed it. I have one of those PS3 Slims that dont have recovery mode.

steve30x1635d ago

The person who disagreed with me should do their research. The newer PS3 slim models dont have a recovery mode.

kreate1635d ago

Change out the HDD and start new.

GameSpawn1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I'm running 4.45 right now, PS3 Slim (first one, not the SuperSlim). Although I changed my stock drive for a 256GB Crucial M4 SSD.

The only issue I had was when my PS3 turned on to sync for PS+ it didn't power the drive up in time for some reason and thought there was no drive installed. Powered off and back on with no issue. The drive powered up and all my stuff was there fine and dandy. Just a minor hiccup in my case.

Guess we'll see a 4.46 update soon.

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ftwrthtx1636d ago

500GB HD and I updated without a problem. Quite a few issues over at the official Sony forums though.

Reformatting the HD might be the quick fix.

ziggurcat1636d ago

no, that would be the worst thing you could do.

steve30x1636d ago

How do you reformat High Definition?

KwietStorm1636d ago

I wouldn't consider that a fix at all.

wishingW3L1636d ago

my HDD is the original 320GB and I have never even touched it but after the update I'm having issues too.

2pacalypsenow1636d ago

I still have 4.41 and now i cant connect to the PSN anyone else having issues with online?

nominal2661636d ago

Online issue is universal. I called support and the network is down. But, my vita connects... that is interesting.

2pacalypsenow1636d ago

I see good to know its not just me

T21635d ago

Im away but have auto updates on.. Will that be a problem?

thatruth861636d ago

Psn is posing me off I just want to play online already!!

Rikuson11636d ago

This right here is the reason why they are charging for online next gen so crap like this wouldn't happen because they'll have the revenue and resources to make sure they put out a quality firmware update to better psn not make it brick your consoles. Right now other than Ps+ revenue I think they are running on fumes when it comes to putting money into psn because this is ridiculous all this update was suppose to do apparently was hide the trophy pop up when you earn a trophy? and this happens..

thatruth861636d ago

I understand the ps plus concept for next gen so they can have a better online but I never had option to even update my system I was fine playing the last of us this morning then I turn it off back on and I get an error nonstop pisses me off

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