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These 3 Games Will Put the Wii U in a Good Position This Year

TQ author writes: During a recent E3 Nintendo meeting/interview, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America mentioned that he isn’t worried about the PS4 or Xbox One, he has seen this same situation in the past with the Wii Vs. the Xbox 360 and PS3, and ultimately Nintendo came out on top. Reggie believes that 3 titles will put the Wii U in a great spot this holiday season. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Chupa-Chupa  +   891d ago
Super Mario 3D looks cool, DK Country maybe a rental, Zelda HD remake looks nice, but Gamecube, bra.
bullymangLer  +   891d ago
Super Mario 3D underwhelmed the MASSES < cool huh

DK Country wiiU you rent it your souL will want to KEEP it not return it < fact

Zelda windWaker HD 1080p REMAKE for wiiU not just an HD port . that game looks so good that supposedly the sun in that game is rumored to mimic that of the real sun of planet earth introducing to gaming the brightness and Intensity effect like never before. is nuts as things seem to glow up with the sun in WindWaker 1080p HD Remake. Even the shades of trees in the game look inviting and freshly cool .. .

and so much more is nuts!
leahcim  +   891d ago
talking a bout ZELDA WW HD.. yeah you´ve got a point there, I really loved the gamecube game I played 2 times, but I really dont have the need to play it over again just for a graphic leap.

these are my thoughs....

About Mario 3d: really really bad desicion from nintendo´s part, I need, and I think the 90% of nintendo fan base needs, a really new AAA Mario Game, I really was hoping for "MARIO UNIVERSE" or something like that, something that surpass the Awesomeness of Galaxy saga, this new Mario game looks so "New Super Mario Bross Wii HD" to me and thats a bad thing :(
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mcstorm  +   891d ago
@bullymangLer I have to agree. I was all up for pre ordering a Xbox one after MS E3 but I decided to hold fire on that as Mario, Zelda, DK, Mario Kart, Super smash bros and X all got me excited for my Wiiu again and ill have pilmin in a few weeks to keep me going.
Abdou23  +   891d ago
They won't make all that difference, Only people who will buy these games are Nintendo fans AKA people who ALREADY own the console and maybe 1 a million more, There isn't anything to gamers whor aren't already Nintendo fans.
yalltrippin  +   890d ago
wii shall see!
MontyQ  +   891d ago
Mario dk Zelda same old for 25 years sweet when was nintendos last blockbuster IP ? two decades ago.....
Sincere0121  +   891d ago
with that said, name a console with a better iP? there ain't one
MontyQ  +   891d ago
any one lol look at naughty dog each gen they have a new block buster IP,,,,,crash bandicoot on ps1,jak series on ps2 and uncharted on ps3 and now rest of us....thing is companys can make new huge ip each gen if they put a lil effort in and not just cut and paste for 25 years

plus it takes Nintendo like 5-6 years to pump out one they top games like Mariokart a simple kart game yet other studios can make a huge game like skyrim in 4-5 years the same time frame as a tiny 2d side scroller, sure I like Nintendo a lot I own tons of their stuff but Nintendo of today is nothing like the huge world dominating new idea Nintendo of yesteryear. Even the wiiU which I own is just a rehash of the wii is like 99% of the way except HD and no wiggle waggle stick.
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LoveOfTheGame  +   890d ago
Name: Sale: Score:
UC1 / 4.58 / 88
UC2 / 6.19 / 96
UC3 / 5.9 / 92
Mario Galaxy / 10.84 / 97
Galaxy 2 / 7.04 / 97
SMB wii / 26.94 /87
Zelda TP / 6.79 / 96

Yah still waiting for you to name one better than these 25 year old games.
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juaburg  +   891d ago
Im looking forward to all 3 of those games. I think those 3 will surely be able to shift consoles. Nintendo just needs to be more on the ball with their marketing. Maybe have a longer partnership with gamestop and other alike retailers in other countries to get the games in the hands of the consumers. Im supporting Nintendo by getting a Wii U.
gedden7  +   891d ago
I'm now looking forward to Dk, still on debating Mario 3d....

Zelda LOOKS awesome and its a must buy because I never bought wind waker... But what about Pikmin 3 and W101 Those ARE MUST OWN TITLES in my book!
MisfitsInc  +   891d ago
i think i give up on Nintendo. their first HD console, and one of their main titles is a 2d sidescroller smh.
Moonman  +   891d ago
I will get all 3 eventually. DK and Zelda first, but something tells me that this Mario will be awesome if underwhelming so far. ;p

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