Grand Theft Auto IV To Feature Soundtrack Music Downloads Via In-Game Phone

Rockstar is taking a stab at the music download business, using Grand Theft Auto IV as the weapon. Yahoo writes today that Rockstar Games and Amazon have partnered to bring digital downloads of the game's radio tracks to the GTA playing masses, using protagonist Niko's cell phone and the newly announced Rockstar Social Club as part of the delivery method.

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eagle213647d ago

(clears throat) THE D-PAD! (ermmmf!) D+pad. The d-pad is used often in this mega hit. :)


Awsome, it just gets better and better !

so now i can download all the old GTA soundtracks and listen to them while playing this....

how much more can they put in this game !

Diabloz3647d ago

When you could hear your music in game when that update comes this will be use less.