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GribbleGrunger1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I'm one of 78 million. I'll take me chance. Updating now so that I can continue playing TLOU on New Game Plus. I hear that some guy sneezed and his PS3 failed the following day ... Must have been the sneeze.

Finished updating. Now back to playing the best game ever created. I see all the trolls are in full force today. What's the matter? No good news?

Ares84HU1524d ago

TLOU is the best game ever created??? It's an awesome game but it's far from the best game ever created, especially because that topic is so subjective.

I like the game, it's pretty nice. Spent 2 hours with it last night but I'm in no hurry to play it again like I was with every Uncharted for example.

xPhearR3dx1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )


Ehh, personally I think Uncharted is crap. Never cared for it, but The Last of Us is amazing. I checked out the MP for a bit last night too, pretty damn awesome. Can't wait to see how the story continues.

EDIT: Just a side note, never played Uncharted 3, but I do have PS+ so I have it downloaded. Personally, it looks much more interesting than U2 which I hated. Looking forward to checking U3 out though.

Loki861524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Best game ever created, I haven't played it, but from what I have heard and read it wouldn't hold a candle to SotN, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, MGS, and several other memorable classics.

That sucks for the PS3, good thing I am waiting till the PS4 when they will have breach, crashing, and development problems dealt with.

aquamala1524d ago

The thread on playstation forum is now 50 pages, just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it's not happening to many

Mine is bricked

aquamala1524d ago

That forum now has 55 pages, at least the update is pulled now

Tiqila1524d ago

actually TLoU easily matches classics like SotN, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, MGS.

Maybe we will have to wait some years until it will get considered a classic too...

GameCents1524d ago

Say a bunch of nice things about a playstation exclusive, take a jab at "trolls" and create some misdirection: recieve massive agrees.

GDDR6_20141524d ago

It's only affecting the most hardcore ps3 owners that would put a 1TB in their ps3's, the casuals are not affected

andibandit1524d ago


I'm amazed how you took a topic about faulty firmware, and made it all about TLOU

Conzul1524d ago


I have a Momentus XT in MY PS3.
I am hardly a casual.

Also, yes, The Last of Us is the best thing ever. I wouldn't say it's the best **game** ever made, but I'd say it's the best **gaming experience** I've ever had, and I've had them all.

King_Slayer1524d ago


I think you might want to reread GDDR6's comment.

Goodfella781524d ago

dont encourage the trolls,youre just making yourself look like one of them matey by baiting them, but yeah the tlou is the ps3 s swan song peace out brother......

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Thisisjuju1524d ago

Just been looking on PSLifestyle and a lot of people are reporting this issue in the comments.

Seems to be quite widespread. From what I gather on the Sony forums it is affecting people who have upgraded hardrives, haven't seen anyone have an issue who is using the stock HDD, but I may be wrong.

Ares84HU1524d ago

I have a 750GB HDD in one of my PS3's and a 500GB HDD in the other. No problems here after the update and they were both a 120GB PS3 slim....

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Mikeyy1524d ago


Phew good catch! I stuck a 500GB HDD in my ps3, I'll wait till tomorrow night to even attempt to update it. Acually my PS+ Might do it for me, Uh oh..

Ilovetheps41524d ago

My PS+ did it for me. I have a 60GB with a 500GB HDD in it. It did not brick and still works perfectly today.

clonerz1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

i was hit with it damn damn im hoping i can do a memory stick firmware update because sytem file restore came up corrupt at 36 percent wants me to format harddrive and ive got 1tb Mikeyy damn wish me luck when firmware is on ps website im try to do a fresh install with it on memory stick

sensor211524d ago

Exactly why I dont mind getting an xbox and play by their rules at least I will be gaming.

Veni Vidi Vici1524d ago

Unless you had the RROD or had your console bricked by one of MS's past updates.

They both have their issues with updates.

porkChop1524d ago

I remember back when LA Noire came out Sony released an update that bricked my phat PS3. They refused to cover the damage even though there were tons of people online with bricked consoles from that update. They tried to charge me for a repair even though it was their fault.

Ray1861524d ago

I think that this is real as of 6/19 1:15am there is a thread on the support forum that is 58 pages long.

I'm so glad I looked here first.

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Larry L1524d ago

Actually Sony pulled an update before just because Xbox fanboys were spamming the playstation forum with mass reports of bricked consoles and 2 days later they put the update back up when they realised there was nothing wrong with it and they got duped. This wouldn't be the first time, so your argument that since Sony pulled it, the reports MUST be baseless.

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OCEANGROWNKUSH1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

OK well they got me... Ive always heard the stories but always thought it was BS...

I can confirm after updating (obviously before i knew about this) i get the background but no XMB. Drive was swapped to a WD 320gb drive. I have tried restoring multiple times with no results. All of my saves & downloads are on this console and do not want to reformat.

takohma1524d ago

Ok so you thought every person you heard the stories about were lying? Lol wow nothing is true unless it happens to you personally huh? I bet your pretty bad at taking warnings. Also by your logic it wouldn't matter to you if you knew about this or not since you don't believe the "stories" you heard.

ziggurcat1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

it's not the FW update.

people often fall into the trap of the post hoc fallacy anytime a FW update comes out.

I also just checked for a FW update, and none exists. So either they took it offline or people are really trolling...

Corpser1524d ago

You are the one trolling, Sony pulled it after people complained, the thread on this on community forum is now 70+ pages, and 500+ posts in the neogaf thread. Still in denial?

andibandit1524d ago


I think you're on to something...

trancefreak1524d ago

Well 3 ps3s 1 made it threw and I will not attempt to do the 2 others.

I heard Sony pulled the Firmware update. Maybe they will replace the bricked ones with a Ps4 :)

Anyways that suks to those who were effected.

nosferatuzodd1524d ago

i dont know if this is truei just try to download it and they only show me 4.40 has the latest soft ware

fermcr1524d ago

I always get scared when Sony launches a update for their consoles. There is always a chance of brick. When will Sony learn to make a proper update.