CC Impact Presents The Last of Us

Join Capsule Computers editor Joe Morgan as he introduces you to the world of The Last of Us. We’ll experience the harrowing backstory of Joel as the breakout occurs, see the combat and inventory mechanics, and witness Joel and his early teammate, Tess, as they sneak around to take care of some business.

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ZacE1804d ago

Love Tess; she's a bad-ass!

masterabbott1804d ago

this is such a cool game!

maoleis1804d ago

I actually got a shooting pain in my chest when I was told this is unlikely to hit the PC.

duplissi1804d ago

unlikely is optimistic. lol. its a sony 1st party game sooo console only.

militissanctus1803d ago

Yep. That would be awesome, but the Uncharted series hasn't made it there, so I wouldn't expect this to.

creatchee1803d ago

I do hope that it comes to the PS4 though, maybe down the line as an upgraded rerelease.


When I first started playing this game I couldn't see what all the hype was about. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Then once I meet up with ellie and got the hang of the game I started to see what was so special about the game. I'm at the part where you fall down the elevator shaft and need to make your way back up in pitch black. The way the game let's you creep around in that water just waiting for something to jump out at you but it doesn't come...til you pick up that card then BAM!!!! Lol I was so scared, and that's what makes TLOU my GOTY...