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Why Nintendo Failed at E3

BNR: E3 may only last three days, but a lot of news and previews come out of those few days. So many new games are revealed that it can be quite the overload for gamers. And with the introduction of two new gaming consoles hitting the market this fall, there was a lot to be excited for.

Every year the Big 3 (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) have high priced, over the top conferences to present their new software and plans for the coming year. This year was the same with the exception of Nintendo. Rather than spend a large amount of money for a two hour conference on stage, the company decided to stream their conference online in the same way they have been doing the Nintendo Direct videos. This was a smart move on their part, since both Microsoft and Sony would be showcasing the many games that would be coming to their next gen consoles. And since Nintendo had already released the Wii U, this allowed them to show us great software in development for the system that would tap into the functionality of the system’s gamepad. This was Nintendo’s moment to go big and wow us with games that would look great, play well, and pull in more sales for the console. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

bullymangLer  +   841d ago
Nintendo failed because all they showed at this years E3 was a bunch of trailers with not much gameplay of their games

. also Nintendo failed E3 2013 because most of the things they showcased were typical 1st person shooters and a bunch of War Games, you know the stuff big boys are into, not one UNIQUE game at nintendos booth like sony or microsoft brought (: . .

ha haa Nintendo showed nothing but trailers, kiddy game trailers that cater 0nly to families . not like sony or microsoft where they showcased truly Adult rated and gory content with crazy < gamePlay like bayonetta 2 at sony and microsofts booth hua haaa

freaking nintendo, is time to grow up!!
BosSSyndrome  +   841d ago
You're... not that funny.
dedicatedtogamers  +   841d ago
I think Nintendo failed E3 for the same reason Microsoft failed E3: they both failed to address their fans' concerns.

Microsoft...well, this should be obvious.

Nintendo needed to prove to people why the Wii-U was a viable, vibrant, exciting system. Instead, they basically confessed "we squandered our one-hear launch headstart". The games announced were not surprising in the least, though it was a pleasure to see more footage of Project X.

And worse, they failed to showcase the tablet as a "must have" control scheme.
Hadoukameha  +   841d ago
kirbyu  +   841d ago
"also Nintendo failed E3 2013 because most of the things they showcased were typical 1st person shooters and a bunch of War Games"


The thing about Bayonetta 2.

Ok, are you joking, because, that isn't funny.
bullymangLer  +   841d ago
viewer discretion is advised for bayonetta 2.

pervy game = sin = nintendo exclusive = peculiar dominance .. . :)
3-4-5  +   841d ago
They showed more gameplay than Sony or Microsoft so not sure what E3 you were watching.

How many PS4 & XB1 games could you play last week at Best Buy ?

Only 4 Wii U games and nothing else.

How is that not gameplay ?

Your trying too hard.
n4f  +   841d ago
i get what you are saying but you failed at being funny
Mr_Nuts  +   841d ago
They are too traditional, thats why. They are stuck in their ways and seem torn over going back to where they were and wanting to recapture the success of the Wii.

Iwata needs to go though, it's time to change things up
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cyguration  +   841d ago
Monolith Soft's 'X' tells me they didn't fail. I want that game and I will get a Wii U for it.
Hadoukameha  +   841d ago
X. That's one game. Thy need to multiply that by 100.
The only thing that fails is the site that put out this "opinion piece" (of course that's a given with the name of the site).
BosSSyndrome  +   841d ago
I don't know what this guy expected. Did he NOT want a new mario game? Would he rather they DIDN'T show smash bros.? Why is it that Nintendo loses points for things they didn't show like "Earthbound" and "Chrono Trigger" (wtf), yet they gain no points for what they DID show?
He doesn't mention how cool the X trailer was. He doesn't mention how EVERY trailer had gameplay in it. He doesn't seem to care at all that these games ARE what Wii U needs and he acts like they should've shown something different?
Honestly this is more of a criticism of the Wii U rather than a criticism of Nintendo's E3...
Hadoukameha  +   841d ago
Earthbound, Metroid, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Star Fox, and Wii U Zelda were absent, among other titles. Sorry but showing a few decent things is not okay when you ignore twice as much.
TheDivine  +   841d ago
Sony skipped uncharted, resistance, Socom, mag, war hawk, syphon filter, god of war, twisted metal, the last guardian, LBP, ratchet, sly, jak and daxter, legend of dragoon (people have begged for a decade), and whatever other console games they have (that's all I can think of).

They also didnt show a single vita game other than announcing it will receive ports of FFX, GOW 1/2, flower, and the walking dead. They announced ZERO new vita games, NOT ONE!

Sony mainly gets points for a 400 dollar console and not blocking used games, instead they will leave it up to the publishers. They also added a fee to play mp. That was the only advantage they had over ms until ms went off the deep end and hitlered up their new console. Ms did show killer titles though. Titian fall, quantum break, killer instinct, insomniacs new game, forza, and others. Ms also stole exclusivity from vs13, mgs, and kingdom hearts which is huge. I bought a ps3 for mgs4 and ffvs13 which ironically I have to buy a newer console to play. Jokes on me I guess.
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ape007  +   841d ago

100% the truth
oof46  +   841d ago
Nintendo showed great games. Their only failure? Many other games coming on other platforms showed great supplementary use for tablets. But the company who's system comes with a tablet? Not so great.
chadboban  +   841d ago
Wow, now that you mention it, I actually agree with that. Ubisoft using tablets for both Watch Dogs and The Division was really cool and while I most likely won't use those features if I play those games, it's nice to have them. Hell Ubisoft is schooling Nintendo in ways to use the gamepad for games like Rayman Legends and ZombiU. Nintendo needs to start showing people what the tablet can do for games themselves, Nintendoland is pretty much the only game they made that has extensive use of the gamepad and it's capabilities.
exfatal  +   841d ago
Go look at the new warioware game and then tell me they dont no how to use the gamepad..
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oof46  +   841d ago
@exfatal: I would counter argue that Wario games have had the same implementations in handheld versions. What I'm getting at is all these other developers are coming up with cool ways to use a tablet, but Nintendo doesn't seem to have many new ideas.

Battlefield 4 = Mobile Commander

Watch Dogs = Upload the schematics of a place you're going to infiltrate and info about people. You can monitor your friends and what they're dong in the game.

The Division = Control an aerial drone and tag enemies your coop partners can see and also rain fire on them.

The Crew = Use the tablet to scroll around America. Pinch and zoom to see the various races going on and drop your car into.

Then you have Nintendo:

Mario Kart 8 = Use the tablet to honk your horn.
LonDonE  +   841d ago
WII U does not allow pinching, it is single touch, not multi touch, and so pinching wont work, it works on smart phones due to them being multi finger touch lol but everything else i agree with, those uses for the game pad you mentioned would be awesome, shame we hav not seen any of these ideas implemented yet! we still don't have a wii u game pad proof of concept game! and its six months after launch, yikes no wonder wii u is struggling!
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DivineAssault  +   841d ago
Because the wii u isnt being used to show its true power.. All of their E3 games look like wii games in HD.. Some even lacking onlline coop & NONE of them make good use of the gamepad! Thats ridiculous!

I agree with this article 100%.. I also think nintendo needs to have some fresh blood in their ranks with fresh & modern ideals... We will see how this all plays out but im really tired of their BS
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chadboban  +   841d ago
Mario Kart 8, X, Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 look like Wii games in HD? I agree with you more or less on Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Also you can really tell that development of Pikmin 3 started on the Wii, I still think that it's aesthetically gorgeous but it's Wii roots definitely show in it's ground textures and some geometry as well . Wind Waker shouldn't exactly count because it's just an HD remake, and Nintendo isn't really pretending it's anything else.
Kos-Mos  +   841d ago
You`re not tired of the crap that comes to sony and ms`s consoles; gears, gow, me, unchartered, fifa, halo, killzone, skyrim, gta?
These games have fresh ideas, yeah...
Hadoukameha  +   841d ago
GoW, UC, Skyrim are great. You some casual scum or something?
ape007  +   841d ago
@Hadoukameha , ninteno games are legendary and stood the test of time, a lot of games went stale like CoD, Assassin's creed, god of war etc...but nintendo games remained among the most wanted and most respected, they keep refreshing and add new ideas, nintendo games are all SUBSTANCE
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DivineAssault  +   841d ago
Yes sony & M$ do have many sequels too but sony is always getting new IPs, features, apps, etc.. Nintendo doesnt.. I love nintendos exclusives so dont get me wrong but they need some newer content & their older content needs to evolve beyond a shiner coat of paint
dark-hollow  +   841d ago
Typical h4rdc0r3 gamer: "am tired of all the same Nintendo games. They need fresh experiences! Like cinematic grey and brown shooter 13 and QTE: the game!"

Am not saying you aren't right, but let's admit that Nintendo competitors have an overwhelming amount of these kind of games. Sure some are new IPs but they basically follow the same formula.
Brucis  +   841d ago
Seriously? Another 'pull out of hardware and do a Sega' article? I was understanding, not necessarily agreeing but understanding, with what he was saying up til then. If you're going to complain about the games and say they weren't that mindblowing then why would you want them on another system? If I was disappointed with a game I simply wouldn't get it, not ask for it to go on another system. There were/are games I would like to come out on a system that isn't its home console, but they aren't games that disappointed me and I don't want Sony/Nintendo/MS/[Insert Third Party Exclusive] to simply pack it up and work for someone else. I simply want that game on another console as well as its home console.

Its fine to be disappointed with things, but grow up a little and be realistic. Nintendo's not going anywhere and if they did royally fuck up and have to pull out then that would simply be the end of Nintendo's franchises. When Nintendo is finally done, whenever that is, they are completely done. They have said this.

Again, disappointment is fine, but keep it within reason.
PopRocks359  +   841d ago
EDIT: My bad, 'twas actually Molyneux who said Nintendo should go third party. Either way, I still find it ludicrous (and having it come from Molyneux doesn't really help the case either).
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AznGaara  +   841d ago
Well they may have failed but since WiiU is the only system to get Beyonetta 2... I gotta get one lol
BATRA  +   841d ago
if nintendo failed then what's xbox one then o i no its no console with use games and a cable box
ps4 looks really good but you might need a really big fan to cool it down and wind you see your ps4 games running on it your eyes might be blind from playing to many shooting games on it
wind we take a time ship to the year of 2025 nintendo as not changed at all and is the best console gaming system
greatcrusader44  +   841d ago
Well for one, they announced most of the games before E3 with tweets, and the new Mario doesn't look as revolutionary as every other 3d Mario game thats on their consoles. Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy were all amazing premiere Mario games for their respective consoles. 3D World is just a sequel to 3D land with cat costumes.
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Theyellowflash30  +   841d ago
Yup, announcing the most exclusive games at E3 is definitely failing.
BATRA  +   841d ago
o i just saw this xbox one wants you too be a slave for it that why it can see you all the time and say i love you player lol
kirbyu  +   841d ago
100% said Nintendo succeeded, 0% say they failed.

It's likely there hasn't been many voters, but that's awesome.
Hadoukameha  +   841d ago
Nintendo just barely did okay. Not even a Wii price cut, damn. I expected a fight but they were passive.
akaihana86plus  +   841d ago
I like what i saw, a lot of people like what they saw, i was never expecting a huge movie cinematic violent drama game from Nintendo, i was expecting my Smash Bros, my Mario Kart, they showed great games and a few other surprises, true fans and gamers will buy their games, complaining and bashing on Nintendo every f*ing single day is getting old to be honest, just let them be and let them make the games they want to make, you enjoy your f*ing system of choice and period, no need to come to a Nintendo article just to spew crap out of your arrss that at the end of the day won't change nobody's mind
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Sarobi  +   841d ago
I attended E3 and my favorite part was the Nintendo stuff. I got hands on with PS4 but as soon as that was done I made it a mission to play Mario Kart 8 and the other games.. and let me tell you it was well worth it.
tweet75  +   841d ago
nintendo got right to the point of games ...plus now with nintendo directs its nice having major announcements spread through out the year instead of being crammed mostly into the 3 days of E3 ....Id rather have it this way
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GABRIEL1030  +   841d ago
The same games of every year, Nintendo is focused in exploiting the nostalgic feelings of the people. Mario, Donkey Kong, Smash Brothers and Viewfull Joe are a very old entries, the company lacks of innovation, Nintendo's E3 was very disapointing.
Jirachi  +   840d ago
Because nintendo didn't make enough grim dark shooters.
Am i right?

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