Chopin and Choppin' in this new Killer is Dead trailer

Rely on Horror: The day that Suda 51 creates a game that doesn't make me tilt my head like a perplexed dog is the day that I cry. The fourth English trailer for Killer is Dead has escaped E3, and as expected, I'm lost but awestruck at the pretty moving images of violence.

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deadfrag1801d ago

This could very well be the best game from Suda after K7!

ratsrock1801d ago

This is it! This is really it! The final piece of the assassin trilogy (No More Heroes, Killers 7 and Killer is Dead)

creatchee1801d ago

Suda's games aren't for everyone, but by god, you can't say he doesn't have one of the most unique minds for game design. Can't wait!

SolidGear31801d ago

This looks Awesome. Lollipop Chainsaw is my favorite Suda game.