Pixelitis E3 Preview: Dark Souls II promises to be even more unforgiving

"Spoilers: Dark Souls II is going to be freaking hard.

Although I wasn’t able to get my hands on the game at this past E3 thanks to tight schedules, I did see Namco Bandai’s CQC Analyst Matt Warner share a half-hour taste of the game to a bunch of us in its press-only room.

The segment I witnessed left me feeling super pumped over its improvements. And equally terrified."

- Patrick Kulikowski

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Cam9771767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Dark Souls 2 is sounding good! However, I can only truly appreciate when it fulfills each and every aspect listed in this list:

- Make it hard, painfully hard. I want to cry myself away from my PS3, need friends to complete it for me and smash
things in rage at the game's soul-crushing difficulty.

- Make farming less autonomously dull. I platinumed Dark Souls his week and the last few weapons I needed required a mid-numbing farm in order to get them. Channeler's Trident anybody? I did find a way to get that easily though".

- Don't include a one-off "cheap" boss such as the Bed Of Chaos. This boss required no skill and in order to beat him (?) I had to don my heaviest armour and hope for the best.

- Fix the PVP for heavens sake! I don't even need to cover how problematic this is! Just fix it for goodness sake! It's impossible to connect with friends, backstabs are ridiculous, especially when up against one or more foe and lightning weapons are the most ridiculous, nooby weapon in the game! Give us balance! There's also nothing more annoying than relentlessly slashing at an indicted player to have them instantly recover their health to full with an Estus Flask.

I'm SL:147 right now on PS3 and have my newfound platinum so if you need any help just PM me. I'm also on the DaS wiki under the same name.

KingMe421767d ago

"There's also nothing more annoying than relentlessly slashing at an indicted player to have them instantly recover their health to full with an Estus Flask."

Use a Loyd's talisman, it causes flaks to not work and malfunction. If anything remove those stupid divine blessings and mushrooms. Full HP and all status effect cure is to good for this type of game no matter how rare. And mushrooms HP regen speed is just ridiculous.

OcelotRigz1767d ago

I wouldn't mind PvP as much if it wasn't as laggy, which results in guys being in front of you one second then stabbing you in the back the next, or if guys just had a good old fashion duel opposed to walking in circles for ages because the guy is so determined to just backstab you.
That being said, i didn't PvP much.

I hope they dont just make it hard for the sake of making it hard. The only reason the two previous games were so hard was because every other game this gen practically held your hand. So these games were a shock to the system, but a breath of "old-school" fresh air basically.

Also, the Souls' games aren't unfairly hard, you had the tools and ability to beat any enemy or boss in the game but it just requires patience and planning. Every time i died in these games i never said something like "ah come on that's bullshit" rather i would find myself saying "damn i shouldn't of done that". It was always my own fault opposed to the game cheating me or being unfair.

God damn it, this game isn't even out til march, i should be avoiding posts like this, just forget about this game just so time would go a bit faster.