Hands-on Impressions of the Xbox One’s Killer Instinct

Microsoft may be taking a beating over their odd DRM and online requirements for the Xbox One, but something that’s being overlooked is all of the great exclusive titles they’ve managed to lock down for their next game console. One of these games in particular stood out for its nostalgia factor, which is Killer Instinct, the combo crazy fighting game franchise that popped up during the 90′s.

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AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago

I'm not goin for that F2P stuff i'm buying the full version with all the characters.

Urusernamesucks1636d ago

Wait, you actualy.have the option to buy the full ver?

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )


I hope MS reveals the rest of the roster already. I'm super eager to see the new characters as well as the old ones.

Urusernamesucks1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Good to know,

what the hell was everyone complaining about?. If they dont want to pay individualy for each character and play for free,why not buy the retail?

CrossingEden1636d ago

yes you do -_- mitch dyer is the idiot who made the false report

Kurt Russell1636d ago


I think what people are complaining about is the fact that by making it free to play a great deal of people will be playing it with either only Jago (free character) unlocked and possibly pay for the usual "proven to be overpowered" character. Which means most of your online battles against strangers will involve playing against the same character again and again, even more so than how it is with games with fully unlocked character rosters.

At least that's why I think it's bull.

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WeAreLegion1636d ago

You realize you have to buy an Xbox One to buy this game, correct?

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago

And no one cares.

I can't help but be super attracted to MS game line up. I've been waiting for a Killer Instinct for far too long. At one point I thought it was never coming.

And now here it is.

UNGR1636d ago

It may have restrictions but if none of them affect him it's not a problem. Besides, good games are good games. I pick up every console, and all of the exclusives. When you look back on things you find it's the things you didn't do you regret the most. If the restrictions don't affect you, all the power to you.

dedicatedtogamers1636d ago

It is being made by the same developers who did Battleship: The Game (based on the movie).

Considering the fact that fighting games need to have some of the most precise and finely-tuned controls and balances, I wouldn't hold my breath for this game to be anything more than a nostalgia cameo...

theWB271636d ago

and that's bad why? There's few things more satisfying than being on the brink of defeat. Only to execute the perfect CCCCombo BREAKER! Retaliate with a few 12 hit combos then intiiate the 70hitter, lay the controller down and bask in the glorious victory while he yells ULTRAAAA COMBOOOO! Whew...tingles.

maniacmayhem1636d ago


You should check the fighting community. They are already praising the game and saying how it is.

Go to youtube and a lot of the most recognizable fighting icons are playing the game and have good comments about it. And the game isn't even finished yet.

Triforce0791636d ago

720p is weak when Beyonetta2 a much more demanding title and better looking supports 1080p.

No_Limit1636d ago

Nice try. It was already confirmed to be running at 1080P.

"Software running on genuine, visible Xbox One hardware falls in with a small first-party club, including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct and Ryse. Each plays at a promised 1080p native resolution, with the former two targeting 60fps as well, both of which show huge promise as launch titles, covering off the racing and fighting genres quite nicely. "

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RiPPn1636d ago

I'll buy it when it's on PS4.

Urusernamesucks1636d ago

Thats very unlikely, Ms owns the full rights.

RiPPn1636d ago

Which was my point. :)

GutZ311636d ago

Would tempt me, if it was made by people that actually worked on the original at some point at RARE.
Would also tempt me if it wasn't made with the Street Fighter engine.
And the final temptation getter would it being on PS4.

theWB271636d ago

Having Rare's name on it doesn't guarantee those same people are working on it.

Even if true, is the street fighter engine bad? What engine would make it better?

Even if it were coming to the PS4 you still shouldn't buy it since Rare definitely wouldn't be making it, which renders this pointless.
(2 min mark)

Looks like good ol Killer Instinct to me...

tucky1636d ago

A Microsoft studio developing for the ps4 !!?!??

AngelicIceDiamond1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@Tucky Yeah, this sites full of loons.

Alright, Its obvious people here are far more attracted to what MS showed off at E3 because the same people like RiPPn are just hoping and itill end up on PS4.

Titanfall (can't wait for PS4 version) (DeadRising)(can't wait for PS4)

I thought PS4 line up was waaay better. You guys tired of Killzone, Infamous, GT6? Not interested in Knack? Is Driverclub not interesting?

Why is that journalist are previewing X1's games more than Sony's line up. Ryse, Titanfall, Quantum Break, Killer Instinct. Project Spark.

Its clear Sony fan's aren't interested in what they have coming out. They're always in a X1 related exclusive articles hoping for a PS4 release.

I guess the PS4's line up at E3 wasn't all that interesting to afterall.

RiPPn1636d ago

Sorry I think you missed that it was a joke. I'm fully aware it's a Microsoft first party title. My point was I have no interest in the game, so saying I'll buy it when it hits the PS4 meant I have no intention of buying it. :)

No_Limit1636d ago

@RiPPn, so you are admitting that you are a troll. K, gotcha.

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Axonometri1636d ago

Yesterday's demo 's have returned as gimped versions of full games with pay models. Or... Buy the full version and only pay for the DLC that has replaced yesterday's free add-on packs.

Thomper1636d ago

looks awesome! memory lane, here i come

Neoninja1636d ago

Game is looking good! Can't wait for them to show off more characters. I think they said Glacius was next to be showcased.

MikeyDucati11636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

That name is so cool. When are they revealing the chick?

Yep! Orchid is her name!!

Neoninja1636d ago

I'm assuming you mean Orchid? They haven't said yet. I wouldn't be surprised if they showed her after Glacius.

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