The Last of Us Review | Game-Over (Spoilers)

By Stephen Riach

I felt privileged playing this game, and it’s something you should do as soon as possible. If you can’t afford a full purchase, at least rent it for a few days and experience gaming’s most engrossing story yet. A lot was made of Spec Ops: The Line’s story last year and while it was incredible and did raise the bar for storytelling in gaming, this does so in more ways and feels like it will have an impact on more than just one genre. To be fair to The Line, this is a much more high-profile release. The Last of Us has been called gaming’s Citizen Kane, but it isn’t – The Last of Us is being appreciated in its own time and will stand as a benchmark in gaming storytelling. It effectively closes out this generation on a high note while simultaneously raising expectations for gaming storylines and their presentation in the next console generation. Hopefully that generation brings us more with this franchise, as any would be greatly benefitted by its presence.

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DerekFlint0071733d ago

ATTENTION - If you have not played the game yet - Do not read this review as it is full of major plot spoilers.

Here is my spoiler free review - I finished the game on hard difficulty in approx 21 hours.

This is the best game i have ever played.

ltachiUchiha1733d ago

I definitely agree. This is definitely a game worth buying a ps3 for. I really think its a system seller. Naughty Dog are the best devs in the business right now.

DerekFlint0071733d ago

I agree Naughty Dog are incredible developers at the top of their game. I managed to get a platinum trophy on all 3 Uncharted games, then my PS3 trophies somehow went awry through an update or something similar and i lost them all.

However the games are so much fun to play through, i was more than happy to platinum them all for a second time. Not many, if any, games could get me to do that but Naughty Dog did.

I'm a huge fan of single player action adventure type games, MGS 3 Snake Eater, Resident Evil 4 and Uncharted 2 being among my very favourites but for me this game tops them all.

Bring on survivor mode for my next platinum.

ltachiUchiha1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Dude your a trophy beast. Im playing survivor mode now & getting my azz handed to me & im enjoying it lol. =]

nikoado1733d ago

For the platinum, are there like 6 playthroughs?

I heard completing on hard does not get you easy and medium trophies, is that true?

I'll still enjoy playing just like I liked my 8 playthroughs of mgs4 including that big boss emblem run...

DerekFlint0071733d ago

Itachi to be fair, those were the only games i ever managed to get a platinum, took me forever as i'm pretty average. Curiously Drake's Fortune i found the hardest to platinum and number 3 the easiest. I've never even got close to a platinum trophy on my other games.

Trying to even attempt a platinum on survivor mode, for me, seems a daunting prospect. It will take me forever. Best of luck Itachi getting it, you can do it.

ltachiUchiha1733d ago

Hey to me no matter how we achieve a platinum. Achieving it rather u are a pro gamer or an average gamer, it takes dedication to get it & thats what real gamers do. Of course were not going to platinum every game because not every gamer has that much time to do so but aslong as u platinum games that u really love then thats good enough for me. Also thanx mate im going to need all the luck in the world but ill definitely do it just because i love this game. Goodluck to u aswell sir, may we both enjoy the death counts lol.

jc485731733d ago

Last of Us takes number 1 spot at amazon.

ltachiUchiha1733d ago

It deserves it, its such an epic game from single player to multiplayer. You wont find a better all around package then the last of us.

ThatCanadianGuy5141733d ago

Naughty Dog team 2 surpasses the greatness that ND team 1 did.Know whats amazing about this?

Naughty Dog are competing with themselves at this point.Which is nothing but greatness for us!

ltachiUchiha1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Exactly, ppl tend to forget that like after e3, ppl act like sony isnt going to have any games but fact is, "The Order" is going to be awesome, I bet when gameplay is revealed, its going to floor ppl. Also ppl are forgetting The Last Guardian which is also going to blow ppl away & then you have Naughty Dog who we already know is going to show up next e3 & just kill it with whatever game they are working on. I still cant believe how amazing & underrated the multiplayer for the last of us is. I really believe its one of the best multiplayer experiences out there, ppl just need to give it more time. Only thing really lacking in it is more modes & more ppl. I think a 5 on 5 or 6 on 6 wouldve worked easily but naughty dog just didnt want to delay the game any longer but for what it has to offer the potential is huge with what they can add in. A horde mode would rock.