Watch Dogs Hacks Everything | The Escapist

The Escapist: "Complexity in gameplay is something that we don't see every day. There are so many twitch shooters and button mashing adventures, there's just not much room for games with involved and thoughtful mechanics. Watch Dogs is looking to change this, and the hype is doing justice to the fact that gamers occasionally want to do something more with their experience."

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Voyevoda1584d ago

That game looks very cool. Saw it during E3.

jmc88881584d ago

C'mon Ubisoft, it wouldn't be complete if you didn't include a hackable Xbox One so we could watch someone!

ab5olut10n1584d ago

Sounds awesome, developing a reputation among the public.

CaptainYesterday1584d ago

I will hack everything I see! Looking forward to playing the multiplayer and messing with people ;P