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Who Is The Better Character? Ellie (The Last of Us) or Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)?

Omnigamer writes "There is only one real comparison you can draw from both The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite and that is the two main characters. In The Last of Us you have Joel and Ellie and in Bioshock Infinite you have Booker and Elizabeth. There is no real comparison you can do between Joel and Booker, a large part being you never even see Booker (although both characters are voiced by Troy Baker). However, Elizabeth and Ellie are two characters you can compare, because you always see them and they are important to the plot of the games that they are in." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

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jc48573  +   806d ago
Ellie. I think she deserves an award.
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HammadTheBeast  +   806d ago
Ellie-zabeth is the best.

End of discussion.

Fun fact: Joel and Booker are voice acted by the same person. Pretty cool right?


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Ducky  +   806d ago
Not much of a fun fact when it is mentioned in the article summary. D:
FATAL1TY  +   806d ago
★ Ellie ★
dedicatedtogamers  +   806d ago
I'd say Ellie was better. Ellie (and Joel, and several other TLoU cast members) is the most "real" videogame character I've seen, ever. I'm not simply talking about facial animations, her voice-acting, or her subtle shifts in body language. The way she talks and the things she says makes her feel like she really could be a real person.

Elizabeth struck me as Ken Levine's interpretation of a super-powered anime heroine. It is absolutely no coincidence that B:Infinite spawed endless "muh waifu!" confessions for Elizabeth. She was an entertaining partner with big boobs but little more.

Edit @ below

How am I a Sony fanboy when Infinite also came out on PS3? I guess I'm a fanboy because I enjoyed a PS3 exclusive? Erm...okay.
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UNGR  +   806d ago
Well you sure played down one of the best characters this year, and this generation. I swear, the scent of Sony fanboy is so strong when I read your shenanigans. It's comical, yet entertaining.
Loki86  +   806d ago
The fact that this has 14 agrees is an embarrassment, Elizabeth had a multi-directional personality with alot of substance for her backstory. She conveyed every emotion and took you to hell and back with her performance. She was alot more then "an entertaining partner with big boobs." Just wow.
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kreate  +   806d ago
I don't think these ppl played TLoU yet.

Just making one sided arguement.
hulk_bash1987  +   806d ago
They are both great characters and as you progress in the game you will care for both of them. Two great games from very talented studios, and they both came out this year. In the end, us as gamers win.
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Utalkin2me  +   806d ago
Ellie, clearly hands down.
WitWolfy  +   806d ago
Ellie just has that X factor.. I dunno , maybe becuause she's more believable than Elizabeth...
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Skips  +   806d ago
Not HANDS down...

I like both, but DEFINITELY Ellie a bit more. She felt like a person I would actually know. lol
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Utalkin2me  +   805d ago
Maybe not clearly hands down to you. But clearly hands down to me and it's not even close.
Thisisjuju  +   806d ago
I think both are equal. Drastically different themes and settings in the game makes a comparison seem almost irrelevant?
dale_denton  +   806d ago
i played both and i had a better connection with ellie.. i really wanted to protect her as if she were my daughter.
grailly  +   806d ago
yeah, quite often I after climbing over something that seemed a bit high, I would turn around to see if ellie was able to manage it, and not because I was afraid of losing my AI partner.
rainslacker  +   806d ago
Bioshock's game design never gave a reason to feel you needed to protect her, maybe just rescue her. No one in B:I ever went after her. She could handle herself. She actually helped you a lot along the way. Despite her being confined all her life, she tried to be independent. In many ways she was actually stronger than Booker.

I can't really speak to Ellie yet. I just got to Pittsburgh in TLOU, but so far she seems like a stronger character. But I haven't really felt the need to protect her either. I like how her character is portrayed though. Kinda like a typical tomboyish teen girl. I still haven't really seen the relationship between Joel and Ellie go far enough to make a fair assessment on her character.
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dale_denton  +   805d ago
@rainslacker let me know your opinion again sir after you beat it.
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Lisica  +   805d ago
You finished the game already?
Blankolf  +   806d ago
I think both of them are quite different and quite well characterised, one comes from a post apocaliptic world come to life with a more real life psychology of a girl born in war/post-apocalipse and the other is from a fantasy world with a psychology of a woman from the (EDIT) from the 10s/20s.
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Burrito26a  +   806d ago
60's/70's??? When were you born that you think thats what the 60's and 70's looked like? Try the 10's/20's.
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Blankolf  +   806d ago
You are quite right sir.
wenaldy  +   806d ago
What burrito said, in fact it's victorian style (dated in the late 20th century).
CaptainYesterday  +   806d ago
Oh man Ellie there's something about that character I love, when I'm playing the game and she starts to hum it puts a smile on my face.
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Is that some kind of perversion? >_< LOL jk JOKING just a jest lol.

On topic. I loved both Ellie & Elizabeth. Great characters, great partners, never a dull moment with either of them, but i gotta give it to Ellie. She seemed so real, with every movement, every line, how she reacted to my every move ("Holy sh*t Joel!"). Every small subtle movement, every joke paid off.
ltachiUchiha  +   806d ago
Ellie hands down. I think elizabeth is awesome but playing the last of us just made u care so much for Ellie. I was more worried about her then I was about myself but I was playing the game as if I was really joel & protecting Ellie as if she was my daughter, it just made the tension feel so real. Something I really didnt feel while escorting Elizabeth.
mirroredge  +   806d ago
MisfitsInc  +   806d ago
a better comparison would be Ellie/Clementine
Maninja  +   806d ago
Oh my god yes
Loki86  +   806d ago
I still need to play TLoU but Elizabeth is one of my favorite supporting characters ever, such a deep connection to the player in such a naive whimsical package. Her ability to carry the story almost by herself was just a joy to watch progress.
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andjudunno  +   806d ago
Ellie, shes character of the year
Imalwaysright  +   806d ago
I'd say the whole generation with Marston being a close second.
CrossingEden  +   806d ago
definitely elizabeth, she's overall a more mature character
Maninja  +   806d ago
Not necessarily, while Ellie attempts to give some comic relief throughout the journey, she has been through hell. She is in fact the exact opposite of Elizabeth in that she has been out in the harsh real world, while Elizabeth has been sheltered her whole life. Ellie is undoubtedly more mature just because of the situations she's placed in, most notably the whole thing with David.
CrossingEden  +   806d ago
ellie is definitely not more mature considering the amount of f bombs she drops during the game, she's cool and can be emotional but she's definitely not as mature as elizabeth who basically becomes a god
grailly  +   806d ago
I don't think droping f bombs is particularly immature.

during infinite you follow elizabeth going from a child to an adult (figuratively), so she does start out as immature as it gets(dreaming about going to paris, dancing, singing...), and while by the end she's a fully mature adult, she just takes on the status of an all-knowing god, which I don't really consider as "mature". It transcends maturity, but I would argue that at that point elizabeth stops being elizabeth.

overall I would say ellie is more mature ( haven't finished TLOU yet, though).

other than that, maturity doesn't necessarily make for a good character, and there, ellie is just a better written character.
Skips  +   806d ago
More mature? lol

Elizabeth is naive is hell. She acts more like a giddy child more than anything. Don't get how that makes you more mature... -_- Someone living in a tower her whole like a fairy tale, being more mature than someone who pretty much fends her herself in a post apocalyptic world??? Really?

Ellie's writing, interactions, (ie the subtle things are also more well done than Elizabeth) which makes for more believable character...

Ellie actually feels like a REAL person you would actually know in real life.

Not saying Elizabeth isn't good, she's in fact ONE of the best characters IMO. But her being more mature and believable than Ellie? Don't think so...
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CrossingEden  +   806d ago
i get the feeling that you didn't play or see the final third of bioshock infinite -_-
Skips  +   806d ago

Uhhm. I have -__- And becoming practically, all knowing, all seeing, almost God-like in a matter MINUTES doesn't really make for good character development...

Everything before hand was well done though...
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Valkyre  +   806d ago
you are bringing a power argument as to which character is the best? What are they going to have a fight?

The comparison is wrong imho. Elizabeth is a great character but she is grounded in the realm of the supernatural, while Ellie is more down to earth and realistic as a character that was born in a post apocalyptic world.

And Ellie's progression through the entire game, from a little kid that had it rough, to a survivor and then a person that feels obligation and regret for both her actions and her gift (immunity) is far far FAR better realised and accomplished (with ending being the climax) than Elizabeth realising she has unlimited power.

Dont get me wrong, Elizabeth is great but Ellie progresses in this game amazingly not only story wise, but also gameplay wise.
NioRide  +   806d ago
How is this news?
UNGR  +   806d ago
I'd say Elizabeth. Something about the way she grew up, and the way she progresses just makes her relatable from her passive nature. And at the same time we see the side where she knows something bad needs to be done. Truly a magnificent character, and the voice acting was phenomenal. That being said Ellie truly is a fantastic supporting character. Even if she is my third favorite female support character of all time that's a high watermark to hit out of all the games with a female support. Props to both studios for the truly unique, engaging, and well written characters.
aaron5829  +   806d ago
didnt play B:I ... but Ellie is so adorable...
Imalwaysright  +   806d ago
Ellie. One of my favorite characters in videogames.
Typical-Guy  +   806d ago
Ellie has more personality, but Elizabeth is the most useful ever.

Btw, Ellie reminds me of Rory Gilmore ( Alexis Bledel ) for some reason...
grailly  +   806d ago
Elli isn't as useful, but I feel like her help is way more organic that Elizabeth's. Elizabeth basically pauses the game to throw you what you need, while Ellie helps how a character in that situation would.
MonChiChi  +   806d ago
I enjoyed Ellie more. Liked em both though but Ellie is my pick.
Elizabeth, easily. Ellie was annoying the entire game. I would rather just walk around solo. She felt useless.
Riderz1337  +   806d ago
But your mission the entire game is to transport her to the Firefly's...so how would the game work if you just walked around solo?

Bro, did you even play the Last of Us?
HammadTheBeast  +   806d ago
He doesn't even have a PS3 he's an Xbot.
first1NFANTRY  +   806d ago
Dude he's a troll. His father greenpowerz hasn't come back from the woods so he wondered out into the open looking for a meal. Don't feed the little devil.
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Loki86  +   806d ago
Can you please not post spoilers in the comments section, thanks.
Maninja  +   806d ago
@Loki86 it's not a spoiler if its on the back of the box.
hulk_bash1987  +   806d ago
When you are in trouble she would help you by giving you medpacks when she had them and attack enemies when they bull rush you. So I don't understand your argument, unless of course you didn't play the game.
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JetP0619  +   806d ago
she was annoying the entire game? you clearly are an idiot who doesnt have a ps3 and i feel sorry for you because you've missed out on such a GREAT game. Ellie and Joel alike had this very-human feel to them despite being video game characters. I, like tons of other people that have played and beaten the game actually cared for and relate to these characters very well. you'd rather walk around solo? go back and play the garbage that Cod turn into now.People like you dont even deserve to play the last of us. keep telling yourself that you've played it troll.

Also ellie isnt useless, especially in survival and survival+ she is very vital.
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JackVagina  +   806d ago
ellie is better, actually the last of us is just a better game in general
Neo-Axl  +   806d ago
Ellie, those who have played TLOU will know why, that relationship is certainly a strange one, by the end of the game.. jeez she goes through some rough crap.
MikeyDucati1  +   806d ago
I take the girl with the potty mouth
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PFFT  +   806d ago
Elli Hands down is the best character!
jamz4  +   806d ago
jdaboss  +   806d ago
Two awesome characters in 2 completely different worlds.. You might as well through Alyx Vance in there for shits and giggles.. smh.. silly comparison.
ginsunuva  +   806d ago
TLoU makes Bioshock Infinite look like complete cliche and artificial.
assdan  +   806d ago
Ellie. She's firetrucking awesome.
belac09  +   806d ago
ellie by a long shot, i never felt worried or anything when playing bioshock, but i genuinely worried and cared for ellie.
psyxon  +   806d ago
Ellie. simple.
ONESHOTV2  +   806d ago
as soon as a game made by Naughty Dog comes out every one say it the best thing this generation.. im not saying the games made by Naughty Dog are not good but people just have there favorite.. its best not to argue with these guys ur just going to to get disliked.. i own a ps3 and a vita and also a pc gamer im no fan boy just saying....
Imalwaysright  +   806d ago
Not me. Imo the Uncharted series are overrated and I never understood why other people think that Uncharted's Story and characters are great because they're cliche as hell. On the other hand , imo, TloU deserves all the praise and Ellie is one of the best characters in videogames.
poppatron  +   806d ago
whilst playing tlou I've found Ellie's character to be even inspirational, a believable 14 year old girl. Im only half way through but the story and voice acting for me is easily some of the best ever. I enjoyed Bioshock but I think I believed the hype a little too much and in the end was let down by almost every element of it. A very good game by any standards, with its story being its strongest point, its just unfortunate that until that last hour your still asking yourself "wtf is going on?"
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