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Submitted by Feldman9000 970d ago | preview

#DRIVECLUB shows off impressive visuals and tight controls at E3 (Examiner)

It was announced at E3 that #DRIVECLUB will be free at launch for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Obviously, this will be an important title to own at launch as Evolution Studios (Motorstorm franchise) is developing the title that will rival GRiD 2 and Forza Horizon. (Driveclub, PS4)

M-M  +   970d ago
Aren't these pictures kind of old? Looks fantastic though
demo was running 30fps not 60. evolution said they were aiming for 60 though so hopefully itll get there. regardless it is the most graphically impressive driving game to date.
to the disagrees. evolution said it themselves that the e3 demo was running 30. Or if you disagree with it being the best looking driving game name one that looks better.
elhebbo16  +   970d ago
my bet is they would probably aim at 30 or 45 since driveclub isnt really focus on simulation but more on car details and beutiful vistas. but if they could make it run at 60fps then thats even better.
theWB27  +   970d ago

Call me crazy...but that looks better. Forza has hundreds of cars compared to the few dozen Driveclub is releasing with. Compared to the arcade engine in Driveclub to Forza trying to simulate their cars as closely to real world as possible. Most journalists at E3 who played the games remarked how Driveclub wasn't quite on par with Forza.
Loki86  +   970d ago
Project Cars and Forza 5 both look better at this point. However Driveclub is only 35% complete so who knows what it will look like when its finished, but at this stage in development you can not honestly say it is the better looking game.
Destrania  +   970d ago
DriveClub will be amazing. I do hope that they can hit that 60fps mark, that would make it incredible.
Pintheshadows  +   970d ago
To be honest theWB27, Forza may have flash lighting but the car models don't look on a par with Drive Club. T

he lighting gives it a weird serene/unrealistic vibe which is passed onto the cars. Sun does not shine off a car like that. If it did we would all be blind by now. For a supposed 'sim' (which Forza isn't, it is a hybrid of sim and arcade) i'm not sure how I feel about that. And after Horizon I don't know if I entirely trust Turn 10 anymore.
FlameBaitGod  +   970d ago
Save that first link for when it comes out and see if the gameplay actually looks like that.
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ebreda  +   969d ago
Really? "Most graphically impressive driving game to date"?

"Unfortunately, this higher resolution only amplifies the low quality, blurry, flat-looking textures used across this level, which would easily look at home on current-gen hardware. It's also a shame that, while the scenery draw distance is broad, there's an incredible amount of pop-in for trees and waving NPCs as we approach at high speeds."
Source: eurogamer.
Games only 35% done friend.
HammadTheBeast  +   970d ago
Its only 35% complete as well
danny818  +   970d ago
35%? I thought it was gonna be a launch title ?
portal_2  +   970d ago
Probably an old build. They may show a newer build at Gamescon to WOW the press maybe.
TheFallenAngel  +   970d ago
Hopefully it comes out good. This needs to rival Forza 5.
sl0w-m0  +   970d ago
Hahaha the sound and "tight" handling look terribad
ebreda  +   970d ago
Man, does that look average indeed.

Am I the only one who would've prefered a new Motorstorm? I mean, It's the game that defined the first generation of PS3 games, and I'd love to have it doing the same thing to the PS4 as well.

At least Motorstorm has a distinct character and it's balls out fun. Driveclub seems like an average Test Drive/Forza Horizon clone with no truly innovative or redeeming qualities/features so far.
Destrania  +   970d ago
Motorstorm could come after DriveClub. I would love to see a PS4 Motorstorm, but DriveClub still looks fantastic. I can't wait to play it.
ebreda  +   969d ago
"When questioned, Evolution Studios confirms that it's pushed for a full-fat 1080p presentation, falling in line with all Sony's other leading PS4 titles. Unfortunately, this higher resolution only amplifies the low quality, blurry, flat-looking textures used across this level, which would easily look at home on current-gen hardware. It's also a shame that, while the scenery draw distance is broad, there's an incredible amount of pop-in for trees and waving NPCs as we approach at high speeds."


As I said, it looks average to me. That's what I got from watching those videos.

Digital Foundry seems to agree.
Destrania  +   969d ago
It's a work in progress and it's Evolution Studios. I have complete faith that the final product will be of the highest quality standards.
KentBlake  +   970d ago
Does anyone know if there'll be an option to play in 3rd person? I'm just incapable of driving a virtual car without actually seeing it...I know, I suck at driving games.
torchic  +   970d ago
I'm very good at driving games and I completely agree with you.

I just can't play without a 3rd person view. in fact I chose the "far" camera, as far away as possible to the car.
portal_2  +   970d ago
Yeah the game has "chase cam" view ;) I prefer playing this way, not jjust because it's easier IMO, but also because I LOVE looking at the car models and environments when racing.
KentBlake  +   970d ago
Great! Thanks for answering. I'm not a fan of first-person perspective in general. I usually like to see my character.

Guess I'll play Drive Club, least the PS+ edition.
KentBlake  +   970d ago
EDIT: I meant to reply.
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Feldman9000  +   969d ago
I actually played both Forza and DriveClub at E3. Forza was much better, and I'm a Sony guy. DriveClub is trying to be Grid, but still has the feel of something like need for speed shift.

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