KEMCO Announces JRPG Alphadia Genesis, Shows Trailer

KEMCO has released the first screens and videos of its new JRPG game, Alphadia Genesis, set to release this summer in Japan and other territories this winter. It seems that every other week KEMCO releases a new JRPG onto the Google Play Marketplace, so what makes this announcement newsworthy? It is because Alphadia Genesis seems to be a major departure from the norm for KEMCO.

While most JRPGs released by the veteran company are clones of the 16-bit adventures of yesteryear, Alphadia Genesis seems to be an interesting hybrid between the 16-bit classics and more modern RPGs. Alphadia Genesis represents the third in the Alphadia RPG series, but while the other two were basic 16-bit RPG fare, this new game utilizes full 3D graphics during battles, something that could have never been accomplished during the genre’s golden age.

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Chrono2002d ago

It's nice that they finally decided to make a 3D game.