PS3 System Update 4.45 Coming Soon

PS3 system software update 4.45 coming soon, Trophy notification options and improved system stability are on the way

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JoGam1315d ago

Add PS4 style trophy support.

Cam9771314d ago


Sniperwithacause1315d ago

That's cool. About time to be honest.

Lockon1315d ago

Would be cool if they updated the XMB a bit.

Ju1315d ago

I'd hope Sony would update the interface to match the PS4 (without the fancy PS4 features). Same interface on both consoles would be nice - eventually.

Clover9041315d ago

Wha--?! You're not planning on upgrading? The new interface does look nice.

Ju1315d ago

I'll sure do. But I won't throw my PS3 away, now, would I.

Liefx1315d ago

I like the XMB. Clean, shows your content. The new interface looks kind of confusing to me.

j-blaze1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

getting sick of these stupid unnecessary updates :(

@ JoGam

so this update about trophy notification options and improved system stability is necessary? no

JoGam1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Um, there's no such thing of unnecessary updates. I think every update is needed. If not Sony wouldn't release it.

LOL_WUT1315d ago

I don't even think he has a PS3 lol ;)

infamousinfolite1315d ago

I don't think he does. Everyone of these articles has that one guy who says "I hate these'meaningless update'" followed by "security updates is security updates".

On-topic: I probably won't use this feature, maybe, gotta see in the long run.

HammadTheBeast1315d ago

Well, for my $50 a year I get automatic updates, and never see them anymore.


Corpser1315d ago

Congrats to ... Having to pay for automatic updates

JoGam1315d ago

, games, and discounts. Have a Vita? No problem. Get those same things for Vita

wenaldy1315d ago

You sick about your imaginary PS3?

j-blaze1315d ago

whatever...believe it or not, i have not one, but 3 ps3s at my home :)

LKHGFDSA1315d ago

Well better late never with the trophy muting.

I'm guessing "system stability" means anti-piracy measures.

coolasj1315d ago

Nah. If I recall, that usually just goes under System Security. Straight up.

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The story is too old to be commented.