Why that Umbrella Guy is Everything you Need to Know about Final Fantasy XV

The trailer Tetsuya Nomura showed to introduce Final Fantasy XV left longtime fans of the series, including us, speechless. Will this time be different?

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kalkano1798d ago

The opinions on turn-based combat, in this article, make me want to kick puppies.


Need4Game1798d ago

Final Fantasy XV will be an Action-MMORPG

there'll be more Puppies that'll kick you.

iamtehpwn1798d ago

The FF fan base confuses the hell out of me tbh. People begged and pleaded for versus XIII/XV--And most of you even went as far as to say it would be true Final Fantasy compared to the Lighnting Saga..and now that they're getting it, and they're giving it terrible treatment for what it is supposed to be the entire time. I am still excited for FFXV.

We've have a lot of Turn Based/ATB FF's in the past. FF is more than it's battle system. In fact, I'd say what makes an FF game what it is, the battle system is one of the most irrelevant things to it. It's really about the world, the characters, the chocobos, the summons, the build up, the feelings you get inside from an epic journey and XV's battle system seems to capture the FF spirit in a brand new way.

greyhaven331798d ago

I agree with you 100%, I'm loving what's been presented of this game so far.
FF is not about the ATB to me personally, like the writer said, it's about the story, settings, getting lost in this grand world with epic characters. They seem to be attempting to recapture this, and I for one will give it a chance

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1798d ago

@iamtehpwn. Thank you. Finally someone who understands. Final Fantasy is much more than a damn battle system. For me it's all about the world,music,character,that special FF art,and the story and everything else is secondary. I couldnt be more excited for FF XV. It looks absolutely stunning. I am totally digging the modern/medieval art style. It looks like a cross between FF7 and FF8 yet something completely new and unique which would be that special Versus flavor.

Hicken1798d ago

It's the same damn thing they did to XIII: praise and love it, knowing all the while what it is, and then being devastated it wasn't something else, anyway.

In any case, I'm looking forward to both titles, and KHIII, to boot.

RPG12011798d ago

This game will finally de-throne FFVII, period.

-Gespenst-1798d ago

Errrrr, definitely wouldn't go THAT far, but it'll definitely be awesome.

NihonjinChick1798d ago

Yeah, that's taking it too far.

Irishguy951798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Why is it taking it too far? Real time combat >>>> Turn based combat.

Seriously, Dark souls/Demons souls ran on their real time combat alone. It is the main attraction. The main attraction to FF has always been it's story and style. It's combat was a passable system that was only done due to hardware limitations, you're simply living on Nostalgia if you think turn based holds a candle to real time. KH's battle system when done right(not KH2/Button masher) strategic in an Action RPG way. So is the souls series, so is the Witcher. It's strategic in a different way. S-RPG's are the only real strategic RPGs out there. And even then they aren't that strategic.(compared to say...strategy games)

Really. Remember what is good about FF. Versus will have all of it, or at least it is supposed to have all of it.

World map, airships/vehicles, Story, characters, music, side **** and minigames and ****, 'GF battles' etc. It's literally like S-E packed everything good they have ever done into this one game. Kh's combat system has been a bit button mashy in some of the games. But lately? Not at all(BBS and 3d). Just remember, this will be a true and true Jrpg Action system from S-E. You will have a **** ton combat mechanics.

NihonjinChick1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

The combat isn't the only thing in FF7 that made it good.

NihonjinChick1798d ago

I never said anything about turn based combat. You must be very young if you don't know why people loved FF7. It was more than the turn based combat that made it go on to sell Millions of copies.

Irishguy951798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me IncredibleGamerChick? FF7 is tied with MGS3 for my favorite game. Don't try and tell me what's good about it. Imo the mood of it is the best thing about it. It's what makes me like it more than the other FF's. Along with the story and characters side stories, and music. And the way it had minigames and different gameplay mechanics for every situation instead of a cutscene like todays FF's, such as the S-RPG on the Mako reactor with the Phoenix, the bike game when escaping from Shinra etc.

Versus is supposed to be like this too. There is no reason to believe it being better than FF7 is a stretch or taking it too far, that is what the game is aiming for. Also, the graphics are what sold this game so much. Nothing more nothing less. The cutscenes of Midgar etc...showing off the 'next gen' at the time.

Loki861798d ago

Gotta dethrone VI or IV depending on who you ask, I loved VII but it doesn't compare with these two.

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-Gespenst-1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

There's only one thing that bothers me about the trailer, and that's how much sympathy it tries to evoke for the real upper-class monarchical characters.

It's almost saying "oh care for the rich powerful people! Caaare!".

Just the shot of Noctis looking grumpy in his chaffeured car, and the tender family moment at the dinner table that one of the dudes in this article says is "a quick and very sad reflection on positions of power and the 'unseen responsibilities' that accompany them". Bullsh!t! Such a non-issue! And it's not trying to make it seem like a really deep issue in the trailer. Nomura says Noctis is a bit of a jerk so that could be good. I just hope this game doesn't come off glorifying what has been officially described as a royal family akin to the mafia.

Irishguy951798d ago

This game will delve into the effects of war on everything. Rich and poor. It is actually one of the main themes of the game, Noctis and his friends will visit the war torn parts of the world after he retreats from his own city. The trailer didn't show this of course, it just showed a big set piece of Stella's homeland being occupied/attacked by Leviathan, Nifilheim and Lucis/Noctis

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1798d ago

Are you sure about that being Stella's homeland being destroyed. I think your wrong about that. The man with the unbrella and the older man with white hair takes an army and invades Noctis' homeland and take over his home and stealing the crystal. I am pretty sure they are the ones who unleashed Leviathan to destroy Lucis which is Noctis' home.

Irishguy951798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Yes @ above. If you watch the trailer, Nifelheim's ships are attacking Leviathan. And Leviathan's water spell is attacking Nifelheims troops as well as Noctis and co. It's unknown why Leviathan is there at the moment. Lucis is a modern looking city as well, it looks like Shinjuku/tokyo not...venice or something. Tenebrea is supposed to look much more middle ages/renaissance. Which the city Leviathan attacks happens to look.

Noctis is supposed to leave his homeland and go out into the world. If it's not Tenebrea, it's certainly not Lucis either. Here is lucis

New city

Dabigsiebowski1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I wouldn't rule it out as it being completely for the upper class. It seems as if there is a serious tone with with obvious tension upon noctis who is a prince. he has a lot to live up to / worry about with one crystal remaining..

izumo_lee1798d ago

Past FF games although do not out right & show it but they also deal with classes in society. In FFVII remember a whole block of poor were ignored when Shinra dropped a part of Midgar on top of them. Cecil in FFIV questions his kingdom on whether they are doing what is right. In FFIX a princess falls for a commoner. Heck the majority of FFXII deals with the politics of a goverment. So Squarenix does use that premise quite often in their games.

I don't think there will be any glorifying of this 'royal family' aka mafia cause if i remember the story a neighboring kingdom is going to attack trying to steal the crystal from Noctis's dad. In the end it's just a normal family i guess.

For FFXV it will be interesting. The Noctis is a jerk kinda reminds me of Squall in FF8. In the beginning Squall was an uncaring @$$ but during his journey after meeting Rinoa he starts to open up & ends up being one of the better character developments in the series. I wonder if Stella will be Noctis's Rinoa in this game.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1798d ago

Not sure if you remember or not but the first couple trailers from 2 years ago and the 2006 trailer had quotes from Shakespeare so I wonder if there will be a Romeo and Juliet influence in this story? I mean she is from an opposing family after all so It could be possible right? Im not saying they are going to make the story turn out the same but have a star crossed lovers theme would be nice.

trenso11797d ago

@theonewhoistornapart the quotes were from the play hamlet which deals with betrayal within a kingdom and other themes, which ties into this game seeing is how noctis is a prince

Loki861798d ago

Such disappointing villains recently, need a very memorable role from Mr. Umbrella. If it can nail the story home without going to melodramatic based on what I have seen, this is going to be a monster success.

rextraordinaire1798d ago

But the real question is: What the hell is Ezio Auditore doing in that game?

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1798d ago

He kind of looks like Prompto with a hood on. Prompto being the blonde haired guy that is one of Noctis' party members who uses the gun. Kind of looks like Cloud with a hood on.

rextraordinaire1798d ago

How can you tell that with only half a jaw line visible?

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1798d ago

Compare Prompto and the hooded guy. Look at him in the trailer is something I should have told you to do. The art render of him you cannot really see him at all but in the trailer you get a great shot of him.