PlayStation Network: You're Doin' It Wrong

Many have criticized Microsoft's decision to charge gamers for the use of their online gaming suite. Most of the question marks arise due to Sony providing an absolutely free service just across the pond. Why pay for what you can get free? If only it were that simple.

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masterg3619d ago

It's been a while since I read suck a peace of garbage.

"Developers are responsible for building their own online functionality from the ground up."

This is pointed out as a negative argument against PSN. This is exactly where the PSN excels over LIVE. The fact that the developers are responsible for their own servers is what makes games lag free.
The fact a couple of developers can't master this task is a bit of a joke when this was mastered by others on launch.

dannyhinote_133619d ago

It's also what makes them broken.

mighty_douche3619d ago

exactly, so hate should be pointed at them not the PSN.

kevoncox3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

No, you're wrong.
The article had it correct. Slowing down developers to do the time consuming coding when they don't have to is stupid. Why do you think PSN is missing out of key betas all of the time. Why every wensday 3 Acade games come out on 360 vs 1 or none on PSN. If you( Sony) want content you have to give developers a reason to provide it to you.

Your issue is with PVP vs Dedicated servers.
360 has games with both, so that's not the issue.
sony needs to creat a tool set. Not having quick match as a standard is idiotic. Some things about Psn are great but the lack of standard mics, quick match options and on time demos/games/DLC is what is killing PSN for me.

Here comes the disagrees. Mart, you an I don't agree much but I have to tell you that you are correct. Dedicated servers are fantastic for gamers but the biggest issue is developers will close down servers eventually. So if FF13 has some really amazing online PVP component. That ca be closed down at anytime. However, PVP means your game will always work as long as you have somoneone to play against. Both have their weaknesses. I'll take PVP and suffer a bitt of lag everyone now and again vs neve rbeing able to play my favorite game

Skerj3619d ago

I hope Sony also lets devs put high res Mame roms on the PSN for all of us to look at and leave there, instead of the original titles they have now and will be putting up. Who the hell wants that stuff? Not me, I wanna play Cyberball 2072 dammit.

TheMART3619d ago

And if the game developer decides to pull the plug on the server, you're online multiplayer game has become pretty useless on the PS3...

It's a shame, I can still play old XBOX 1 games on my 360 multiplayer without the fact I have to be scared someone pulls the plug.

meepmoopmeep3619d ago

no Mart.

you just have to worry that your console maker is going to pull the plug on your console to make you buy their next one since no more games will be developed for your current one.

tweaker3619d ago

Mart most PS2 games with online functionality to still works online. I'm sure PS3 games with Dev controlled servers will live as long or longer than the system itself.

spandexxking3619d ago

hahaha meep just owned mart!

Clinton5143619d ago

Your 30 mins is up. Take a rest with the weak piggy back off of other weak comments, jazz.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

lol, P2P vs. Dedicated servers, lol. It's P2P vs. Client servers.

It's actually better to have P2P servers than Client servers like the XBOX 360. Yes the online is already there but Insomniac is doing 60 players online lag free. That would be done faster than client servers because everyone is calculated as a whole with Client servers.

The biggest advantage is if one game's servers go down with P2P (PlayStation 3) no one feels anything. If one game's servers go down everyone feels the pain with client servers (XBOX 360). Doesn't everyone remember the christmas outage with XBOX Live? You're paying for a service that will effect everyone if a server goes down with one game.

P2P vs. Client Servers Blog HTML:

The only thing Sony will control is PlayStation Home and the stores everything else on on the developers. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare servers went down the second day of release on the PlayStation 3. I didn't even see anyone complain about it on forums or in news articles.

As I do remember presistant online games (MMORPGs) have to be created by developers themselves.

tordavis3619d ago

"The fact that the developers are responsible for their own servers is what makes games lag free. "


Dedicated dev servers have nothing to do with games being lag free.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3619d ago

True it's the networking that makes it lag free but P2P servers almost eliminate lag. Resistance: Fall of Man is a perfect example of a good P2P network. Counter Strike is another good P2P service that relies heavily on accuracy.

LJWooly3618d ago

Um, doesn't Resistance use dedicated servers?

Tetsuryu3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

You are correct. Resistance does in fact utilize dedicated servers.

LJWooly3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I thought so. So what the hell was the guy above me on about?

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Milkman5413619d ago

Yea there not charging people, that must be doing it wrong...

dannyhinote_133619d ago

So if I crapped in a box and handed it to you, that'd be acceptable?
PSN is a far cry from that, of course, but I'm shooting down your theory. Free doesn't mean good.

Milkman5413619d ago

Well seeing X-Box Live is nothing great and they are getting $50 a person from millions of people I think it could be a lot better...and PSN is getting reworked and Home for FREEEE...and their online play runs a lot smoother and allows for developers to do more stuff *cough UT III cough*

Spinner3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Crapping in a box and handing it to me as opposed to what? Crapping in a better looking box and charging me $50 for it?

Both XBL and PSN do the same basic function of online play - one does it for free and the other charges $50.

Delive3619d ago

Your point is taken. Free does not always mean good. Very true. But in this case, I'm playing Hot Shots Golf online with other people, right now, free and it's great. Yes, chat could be added, but it could be worse. It could be the Wii Online.

Same note, just because you pay for a service does not make it the best of the best. Even Live had it's bad moments.

All that matters is I'm having fun. Right? Pay or free, it's the fun that counts.

DwightOwen3618d ago

"Free doesn't mean good."

Neither does paying for a service.

Groo3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

LOL, bubble for you bro

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Harry1903619d ago

has it come to a point where everyday
you get controversial articles based solely upon personal taste
and preferences in order to get more hits.i expected a balanced article,i read a uni lateral rant.sad,sad.


its like the people thats in here arguing which letter is better letter a or letter b......People writing these article have to go cutting edge or else they wont have a job so they have to say something outrageous.......idiots i tell you

DJ3619d ago

of what's wrong with PSN, when the Xbox 360 version has the exact same issues. What they obviously don't realize (since they didn't do any basic research) is that Playstation 3 developers have the choice of either setting up their own online system that is directly linked to PSN, or to have Sony set up the system for them and run off of Sony's servers instead of their own.

Microsoft forces developers to use their servers (which for the most part aren't even used for multiplayer gaming).

InYourMom3619d ago

is an un-unified mess like PSN currently is. Hopefully HOME or whatever PSN 2.0 will add some uniformity across the games.

And people wonder why the 360 always get's the multiplayer beta's..

gambare3619d ago

I think people wonder even more why do you post crap.

GETPONED3619d ago

Yeah, cuz PSN is actually better than Live. Why didn't you tell us! STFU.

poos33619d ago

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