Surviving Multiplayer in The Last of Us

A list of some quick tips to get you started in The Last of Us' multiplayer mode, Factions. It's all based on the writer's experience playing until the wee hours of the morning, wherein he went from frustrated and confused to becoming an actual asset to his team in a matter of hours. Enjoy!

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thirtyandnerdy1347d ago

Y'all playing Factions? Anyone else absolutely loving it?!

Jackhass1347d ago

I am, but I'm terrible!

thirtyandnerdy1347d ago

I started out that way too. I'm pretty bad at multiplayer games. Give this one some time, it all sinks in. I found that the more I attempted to play it like the single-player campaign, the better I got. If you haven't tried it yet, try the default Stealth build you can choose to go with. When I started out I chose to custom build a rifle build with some crafting perks and I sucked. The second I decided I was going to sneak around and take people out as silently as possible I noticed a change in how well I was doing.

vishmarx1347d ago

just lost all my clan on week 9...
lovin it lol

Fil1011347d ago

I can't get enough best tps since confrontation

RandomDude6551347d ago

I wonder if Zipper folk found their way to Naughty Dog.

*I know they didn't make that one.

creatchee1347d ago


Yes and loving it! My favorite tactical game since SOCOM 2.

My tip is make sugar bombs instead of the explosive bombs. They are extremely handy for a kill or a getaway.

thirtyandnerdy1347d ago

Awesome tip, I'll have to try it. I haven't tried them too often-- is it true that if you throw them directly at opponents you can run in and shiv them for an insta-kill?

creatchee1346d ago

Yes. And you don't have to get them from behind. Also, they are stunned in the blast and smoke for a short period.

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CaEsAr-1347d ago

Loving the MP so far. My only complaint is there are only two modes, seriously?! They could have made a co op mode with infected or a mode where you fight over supplies/territories.

Inception1347d ago

Yeah i love the MP and i think they will add new mode & map with DLC. Can't wait fighting clickers with my friends (hopefully).

madara0sama1347d ago

Oh yeah fighting clickers would be awesome. Boss wave with those fat guys would also be awesome.

ArchangelMike1347d ago

yeah whats with having only two modes? where's the co-op horde mode? Where's the last man standing infected mode? (any one remember vampire mode from time splitters - good times ;)

Merrill1347d ago

The MP is good , but certainly not "great". The over the shoulder view is terrible and I hope it doesn't come back next gen. It's the same view that ruined Socom 4(along with other things) a run button, the fact that you can't shoot unless you hold L1, which makes your looking around to aim at anything close almost impossible at the speed it works. Oh yes and the bullet sponge enemies, takes about 5-10 shots to kill with a 9mm.

It could use a lot of reworking.

jagstatboy1347d ago

Great tips! I need to get this game soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.