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With the number of games out there that have focused on killing everything in sight, the notion for a developer to design a game that focuses on doing the exact opposite would seem unlikely. Luckily, Eidos Montreal has decided to bring back a franchise that not only focuses on staying in the shadows, but also one that very few console gamers have ever heard of. Thief, last seen in 2004 on the PC and Xbox, was finally shown getting a next-gen reboot at E3 2013 – here is what we thought.

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doctorstrange1766d ago

Shame. Helped create the genre, now too Dishonoredy

dbjj120881766d ago

Yeah, Dishonored probably stole a lot of steam from this title.

lastdual1766d ago

Sadly, Thief looks to have gone from mandatory stealth to stealth as an option, and thus lost the tension and suspense that made the original games so memorable.

This new gothic Deus Ex looks interesting, but pretty forgettable compared to the classic Thief titles.

Wedge191766d ago

This genre was sadly overdone. First person stealth is hard to do well, and after Dishonored and other titles like it, Thief just seems dated.

Foolsjoker1766d ago

Yeah, so sad. Luckily, they have some time to show something new.

dbjj120881766d ago

It certainly doesn't have the same brand recognition it did like 10 years ago.

jdaboss1766d ago

it really didnt look that good at E3.

Dr Pepper1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

They can't even spell the character's name correctly in the article. It isn't difficult to look up the proper spelling. Kind of destroys the credibility from the get go.

"Thief may have helped create the genre, but it now seems far too much like Dishonored."

It knocks Thief for being too much like Dishonored because Dishonored borrowed mechanics created by Thief...

So Thief is too much like Thief? What?