iPhone Predicted 40 Years Ago Along With Flying Cars

Daniel Eran Dilger:
Blogs have been buzzing about an article in Mechanix Illustrated from 1969 that made a series of predictions for life in 2008: flying cars that whisked commuters to work on autopilot at the speed of bullet trains, supersonic rocket planes, homes automated by a central computer, a society fed seaweed that tastes like steak, intelligence pills, and other science fiction ideas. Nobody has pointed out that the main prediction that has become a reality is represented by the iPhone.

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fenderputty3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

and seaweed that tastes like steak would be awesome. Nobody would be fat or stupid.

A flying car would be cool too. I hate traffic.

Brian52473645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Hugo Gernsback predicted all of todays modern day gadgetry in the book Ralph124C 41+. Any nerd knows this. This is why today's best sci-fi films/TV shows are awarded with the "Hugo".

Read up and learn something ya nitwits =)

Harry1903645d ago

about this,just reaed it today peabrain

spandexxking3645d ago

haha goodfella bubbles man!

Harry1903645d ago

i'm sorry man.i missed the nitwit part.
do you have a phd in vulgarity and hook along with
sycophants all the time?
anyway forget what i were right for the book.
ken,read it.but you have to be a pretty big sf fan to
know about this one.kudos to you.

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IzKyD13313645d ago

wow, that comparison is so vague

Adamalicious3645d ago

It's more like the Kindle than the iPhone - If the kindle were a dashboard-mounted, flat-screen TV.

MrPink3645d ago

They predicted the laptop, all modern cellphones, the palm and the god damn internet. That really takes some skill. Great article

RecSpec3645d ago

Look up Nostradamus. THAT takes skill.

MrPink3644d ago

you really didn't see the sarcasm? Guess I'll have to explain fom now on

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