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PlayStation 4 boss Jim Ryan interview – ‘these are our policies and we intend to stick by them’

GameCentral interviews the CEO of PlayStation Europe, about Sony’s commitment to used games and the PS4’s future games (including The Last Guardian). (PS3, PS4)

Omran  +   772d ago
Good to hear

Greatness Awaits . .
US8F  +   772d ago
Yea, don't try to fix what's not broken.

Question, how many bosses do sony have? lol

So jack Trenton CEO
Kaz president
Andy house?
Jim Ryan?
Maseida (I don't know if its the right name)

I know there is more but yea, Haha.
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izumo_lee  +   772d ago
Jacky T is CEO of the US division SCEA

Jim Ryan is CEO of the europe division SCEE

Andy House is the overall CEO of the Playstation brand. Boss of Jack & Jim.

Kaz is the boss of all of them...he runs Sony.
dcbronco  +   772d ago
Sony is going to do what publishers tell them to do. This is going to come back to bite them in the a--. They keep muddying the waters and naive people buy into it. But once they add that first piece of DRM people will be shocked. Activision will most likely be the first. And then the floodgates will open.
desertpunk86  +   772d ago
of course you are because is not up to you to apply drm is up to the publisher,yea we get it there is no first party drm but what about third party o yea you guys have no control over that.
RiPPn  +   772d ago
What mystical DRM do you think third party publishers are going to apply that they wouldn't have already done on the 360 and PS3?

You Boner fanboys need to quit grasping at straws and accept Microsoft is shafting you and keep a close eye on them and not worry about what Sony is doing. Or you can come on over to the Sony side where it's business as usual and not worry about all this nonsense.
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desertpunk86  +   772d ago
im not a fanboy and a online pass for sp is possible,if games can block sp content like arkham city or difficulty mode like metro then its only a matter of time when the sp of a game can be blocked if bought used,and by the way just finished the last of us today.

just pray the xbo1 doesnt become a hit!
HammadTheBeast  +   772d ago
Did you just say "online pass for SP"?
Polysix  +   772d ago
Exactly! Why do these xbots not see that? If publishers had wanted to do that they would have been doing it already! especially on Cartridges which is easier (to tag).

Straw grasping is what this is, nothing will be different on PS4. Only XBone users will get boned with Used games policy. Sorry to break it to you.
Virtual_Reality  +   772d ago
3rd party games may have online passes. Which is already implemented in the current gen.
RiPPn  +   772d ago
Except Sony said it wont let publishers use online passes. So I'm sure they will just rename it, except EA has already come out and said the online passes hurt them more than they gained in returns, so not likely.
josephayal  +   772d ago
Sony did the right thing, Playstation has learned from its previous mistakes
lgn15  +   772d ago
Sorry, but complaints from sony fans about the DRM policies are obvious attempts at revenge rooted from the deep frustration of being an underdog for a generation. It's clear by how they don't think with logic but only continue to follow the band wagon while calling any Xbox fans "sheeple" (note the obvious irony). I'm tired of this outcry from people who only see the surface of things and can't see the strategic outcome of Microsoft's descision. Sure, Gamestop won't be able to sell used Xbox One games, but I'll be damned if it causes them to go out of busniess like many say. They have survived without selling them so far, havn't they (because they haven't even existed, so it's no loss of sales, it's not really screwing anyone, but the average sony fan doesn't want you to know this, it's glossed over in their facade of "objectivity"). By doing this Microsoft has pleased the game developers, thus creating a better gaming experience for it's gamers. This is evident in who has more exclusives :).

Not only that but many of the sony fans that started this wave of Xbox hate hate to admit that the loss of trading games with your friends is so unimportant that it's not even worth mentioning.... I'm just waiting this out until November (alot can change in 5 months) when people start to see the truth and stop swallowing all the further-propelled bullshit that is published because it runs a popular article. For know I applaud the laughable attempt at Sony fans to get an edge against a multi billion dollar corporation, yah, keep trying guys. Interesting how they latch on to anything that they can twist to be remotely negative while completely ignoring the that they now have to pay to play online, something they used to have us believe was such a big edge over the 360.
BlackTar187  +   772d ago
wow ign15,

They survive without them..... wait is this a point?....

"By doing this Microsoft has pleased the game developers, thus creating a better gaming experience for it's gamers" Please elobarote..... wait this is a joke i bet.

so after wasting everyones time reading your post your final point boils down to PSn being a paid service now?

Wow wow and wow. I can barely add on to the laughter that you provided. I'll just end this hear with You have a great day sir. Please don't be in any type of important teaching role you will have doomed our children.
lgn15  +   772d ago
Sure, I'll elaborate for you. Could you please tell me why Xbox One has more exclusives even though it seems to be losing the console wars? Oh yah, it's because developers are happy with the extra millions of dollars they will pocket with the DRM policies. I know it's impossible for fanboys to see past what they want to see (evident as how you didn't present any counter arguments, just childish pseudo-insults), but Microsoft is gearing up for the future, and in the long run it will be better for the consumers too.

But lets get back to what I first said. A convenient little point that people like to forget is that GameStop and the such won't go out of business because Microsoft doesn't let people trade used games. It is literally in the most real sense physically impossible. How could they loose money when they weren't gaining any from Xbox One games in the first place. It's like saying your taking juice out of a glass that didn't have any in it in the first place.

In conclusion I'm not sure if you read my comment or can't read. Your spelling hints you may be illiterate.
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BlackTar187  +   772d ago

Wow you are so far out there i couldn't reach your stupid with a 10 trillion dollar budget. I have no need to answer you if you don't understand how absurd your no Xbox one game sales line is.

I mean i would think a 6th grader could understand what you obviously fail at.

So the Devs are giving exclusives away? They arn't paid for by M$? Link please.

So because gamestop doesn't sell xbox one games now they arn't losing money? Man its so sad i have to break this down for you.

They are selling xbox 360 games something that will go the way of the ps1 games and ps2 games and not be bought or sold enough to make profit...... WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING you are beyond reach. have fun with your console and be sure to not give anyone any advice our species children are in danger if you do.

Utalkin2me  +   772d ago
Lol, he joined 2 hours ago and has only 3 bubbles already....Wow, Thats quicker losing bubbles then Neverending.
die_fiend  +   772d ago
GameStop are surviving without Xbox One those sales now so it's no loss? Do you think before you splutter?! When everyone has upgraded to next gen, there will be a void where 360 used games were sold before. By your logic they must still be making loads on mega drive used games yeah?

People don't like having things shoved down their throat before they can even play the damn thing...

At some point when you're on your Xbox One, you won't be able to play your games whether its moving house, changing broadband or their servers going down. Do you think that's an acceptable scenario for a games console. Out of the 76m 360 owners, there are 30m who aren't on Live in any form. To those people, Microsoft says screw you
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lgn15  +   772d ago
I'm not one of them, so I'll still be buying a One.
die_fiend  +   772d ago
I'm not either. But 40% of the console install base is gone. So how do you think that's going to help? You failed to address the issue of you saying GameStop dont lose out by losing all their used game sales for the new Xbox.

I'll try and guess why. Troll
GamePeace  +   772d ago
Shut up, I've pre-ordered mine today! I will make your portmoney happier than you your wife.
Polysix  +   772d ago
Xbox One has more exclusives?? LOL - don't base everything on what you saw at E3. Tip of the iceberg my friend.

Yes just like 360 had more/the best exclusives this gen? PMSL. You need to wake up fast. Sony has MORE studios than MS working on amazing exclusives, they just didn't NEED to blow their load at E3 cos they already had it in the bag with MS's stupid presentation and policies!

Wait and see at gamescon and by xmas, Sony will be bringing out their big guns while MS will be frantically trying to bribe publishers for 'timed' exclusives or exclusive DLC.

BTW "The Last of us" want's a word with you. Nothing on Xbox 360 touches that, and that's on a system much closer (and sometimes less powerful) than 360, on PS4 which is far more powerful than XBone there's gonna be quite a few xbot tears flowing.

The only games I liked on my 360 were Dead Rising 1, PGR3 (dev now gone!) Gears of War, Viva Pinata (don't ask). The exclusives I've since enjoyed on PS3 are too numerous to list and are head and shoulders above those games (except dead rising's gameplay which I have a soft spot for - but 3 looks crap). Forza was terrible, GT5 wasn't even finished properly and STILL run rings around Forza. GT7 on PS4 is going to be mind blowing for sure.
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die_fiend  +   772d ago
Yes nothing touches last of us graphically. But Forza was terrible? No
Polysix  +   772d ago
The first one on XBox 360 was IMO - BAD frame rates, JAGGY as all hell. Yes it was bad next to GT5. I remember the uproar when it came out and looked nothing like the Bullshots.

The physics were cool the rest was sub par. I never played another forza after that cos my 360 died and I moved back to PS3.
die_fiend  +   772d ago
Oh you're talking about Forza 1? That's not really comparable as that game out so long before gt5. Forza 3 and 4 made gt5 look poor as hell. They were fun

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