Top 5 Games of E3

GamersBliss Writes: "With the dust settling down from E3, we here at Gamersbliss have been thinking, if you could get any FIVE games out of E3, what would they be? It was a pretty impressive showing this year, two new consoles, both touting pretty fantastic looking exclusive titles, as well as 3rd party developers rolling out the big guns, literally and figuratively, to show off their latest and greatest. There were so many fantastic games this year, compiling a list of just five was hard to whittle down, but these are the top Five games, we are most excited about, as well as some runner-ups."

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Decaf_PIxel_Kat1801d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 was definitely number one for me. I have waited so long!

TheSuperior 1801d ago

The crew looks like the most amazing game ever