Women Taking to PSP More Than Men?

File this under "eye-raiser":

A study by Solutions Research Group found that among men and women that describe themselves as "gamers", 14 percent of women owned a PSP, while only 11 percent of men did.

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dannyhinote_133761d ago

I wonder what about the PSP attracts more than men? It's not like there are too many games that would appeal to women on the system. Well, LocoRoco and Lumines, I suppose, off the top of my head...

Shigeru Miyamoto3761d ago

99% of women own a Ds Rite,we win wans moa

name3761d ago

And 70% of women own a wii.

Danja3761d ago

with 35% being grandmas...

Mr_Kuwabara3761d ago

I wonder how many women have a PS3/360.

shine13963761d ago

erm in the past year and a bit or so...two console launched..we've had the most testostorone filled run up to and over chrismas ever. console's or handheld? console.
but with GOW and Crisis, i reckon that stats gonna change...