PlayStation's Gateways to Greatness Exclusive Knack Video

PlayStation's Greatness Awaits unveils yet another hidden video. Here comes Knack for the PS4.

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ftwrthtx1734d ago

This is a fun looking game

die_fiend1734d ago

The word lame = offence. Sorry

PositiveEmotions1734d ago

Theres nothing amazing in this video imo

hulk_bash19871734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Knack looks like an interesting game and I will definitely be picking it up at launch, along with Shadow Fall. But I agree with Positive, that video was pretty lame.

PositiveEmotions1734d ago

Yea ima get the game myself it looks like a fun game to play but this video had nothing interesting imo.

remanutd551734d ago

The memories, THE MEMORIES!!!!!!

breakpad1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

why is he breathing? does he have lungs?? ...particles which unite to create a body ? not so easy to like it ..cmon Sony you need a better mascot/launch character a more solid one (an animal perhaps) ..i dont say the game will not be good but seems very rushed without giving much attention to the main character during the development..

Chaostar1734d ago

Yeah and the goblins don't look anything like real goblins, what were Sony thinking?