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What is the sexiest console ever made?

Fresh off E3 2013: All the next generation consoles are now finally revealed — physically, Sony being the last remaining (PS4) as gamers anxiously waited to see what the console that will grace their living rooms looked like. But after all the jokes about the “ugliness” and size of the Xbox One, revealed just 3 weeks earlier inspired me to write this article, What is the sexiest video game console ever made?

Here’s a collage showcasing the history of consoles to jog your memory visually, note that all consoles ever made are not present, I focused on the popular or consoles that had their place in history good or bad. I also did not include the “slim” versions either, something to consider: (GameCube, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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ChozenWoan  +   586d ago
My vote does to....
PS3 "Fatty" BC editions
she had the curves, the brains, and that ohh so sexy chrome on black ebony shine that made you just want to pick up a DS3 and push her buttons all day long.
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US8F  +   586d ago
Dreamcast <3 , ps1, and Sega Saturn

Sorry I liked them thin, but now I'm married, I don't know anymore. Yea other consoles are thin but I don't believe in makeovers, original is my thing.....

What are we talking about again?
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HammadTheBeast  +   586d ago
PlayStation One Japan/Global hands down.

MizTv  +   586d ago
N64 just looked so high teck when it came out
I was like 15 and it was awesome
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AliTheSnake1  +   586d ago
The original Playstation 2. Definitely .
dale_denton  +   586d ago
ps2 thin for me.. so dang sexy
pixelsword  +   586d ago
I don't equivocate "console" with "sexy"; but the best looking console is probably the "fat" PS3, then the Neo-Geo to me.
wastedcells  +   586d ago
But you can stick your.... In a NES
ScubbaSteve  +   586d ago
You'd have to blow the NES first, before sticking your erm, games in.
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JoGam  +   586d ago
The Vita is the sexist console ever made.
tracyllrkn  +   586d ago
eclectified  +   586d ago
@tracyllrkn: Handheld what? I'm not gonna click disagree, but IMO, a handheld console is still a console.

As for the OT, the sexiest console ever made was the original NES. The cartridges fit inside the console behind a nice door, as opposed to sticking out of the top like the SNES, Genesis and N64 that followed.

The shape wasn't perfectly rectangle, so it was interesting to look at, but not so interesting that it looked like it didn't belong(I'm looking at you Game Cube!)

Of course, it wasn't all sex appeal. The NES had the least sexy controller of all time. See: Nintendo thumb
SonyPS4  +   586d ago
I personally like the PS4 design. Hated it at first but really grew on me. At first I thought the original PS3 looked like a refrigerator when standing up.
Boody-Bandit  +   586d ago
I agree with one exception.
I liked the PS4 design the second the camera panned around it.

My runner up would be the N64.
I loved the way that looked the first time I saw it. Very sleek and ahead of it's time.

3rd would be the original PS3 fatty. Simply schmexy.

We have come a long way since Atari.
Anyone remember what those looked like?

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SonyPS4  +   586d ago
I sure do and own a 2600, a 5200 and a 7800. I am a young gamer that admires history of my favorite hobby.
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komp  +   586d ago
Have you ever noticed when the Wii has edges the ps3 & xbox360 has curves and when wiiU has curves ps4 and xbox one have edges?
US8F  +   586d ago
Yea haha, so true
elhebbo16  +   586d ago
saw that on reddit.
GreenRanger  +   586d ago
PS3 Slim, Xbox 360 Slim, 3DS XL and PS Vita.
RiPPn  +   586d ago
I second the Vita. Beautiful piece of hardware!
LOL_WUT  +   586d ago
The ps3 slim looked really bad IMO ;)

The 60 GB ps3 holds the top spot
SpideySpeakz  +   586d ago
I'm sorry, but the RetroN 5 sexy there is - still haven't come out yet.

EDIT: Look at her, she's beautiful. http://operationrainfall.co...
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ChozenWoan  +   586d ago
that does look sexy, and it's got the best of 80's & 90's gaming all in one... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
tristanwerbe  +   586d ago
Probably the Halo 4 Xbox 360 those are really really cool looking and sleek
Starbucks_Fan  +   586d ago
My Star Wars 360> yours.

R2D2 sound FTW
NegativeCreepWA  +   586d ago
I was actually hoping my 360 would break to have an excuse too buy one.
nukeitall  +   586d ago
my gears of war xbox s way cooler. also my gunmetal ps3 rocks.

still my geow console is da best!!!
tristanwerbe  +   586d ago
hollabox  +   586d ago
My top 10 best looking consoles:
1. Xbox 360 slim
2. Sega Genesis
3. N64
5. PS3 Fat
6. Panasonic 3DO F-10
7. Nintendo Wii
8. Sega Dreamcast
9. Nintendo Wii U
10. Xbox One

Honorable Mention: PS2, Sega Saturn, Gamecube, Sony PSX, Sega 32X

Ugliest consoles
1. All Atari consoles
2. Apple's Pippin
3. NEC PC Engine Duo
4. Commodore 64
5. NES
6. Xbox
7. Sega Master system
8. Phillips CDI
9. SNES-Super famicom
10. Virtual Boy

Unhonorable Mention: Sega CD, Turbo Graphics 16, Goldstar 3DO, PS4, PS1, PS3 Slim,
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tristanwerbe  +   586d ago
That is pretty much how I feel
hollabox  +   586d ago
Ah the disagrees, well I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think my ugliest consoles are spot on with Atari consoles taking the top spot followed by Apple Pippin and the Commodore 64.

NES and Xbox are just one giant box, Sega Masters system looks like a ugly slim DVD player. Phillips CDI is plain,the SNES-Super Famicom, and Virtual Boy both look like robot heads from the movie Short Circuit.

Unhonorable mentions, the first Sega CD addon looked bad, Turbo Graphics 16 = Slim generic DVD player, Goldstar 3DO is much like the Xbox and NES, just an giant box. The PS4 looks similar to the Wii console with two tone blacks and a split down the middle breaking up the design. I like the side view, but the front view is hideous with the split and two tone black.

PS1 looked too cheap and 80's Japanese for my taste. PS3 Slim looks pretty dam ugly on my TV stand, sticks out like an sore thumb. The PS3 Slim probably belongs in my top 10 ugliest but I don't know which console to take out.
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gamerben  +   585d ago
The PC Engine and Turbo Duo actually looked really good.

The original Turbo Grafx 16 on the other hand looked like a mess.
hollabox  +   585d ago
My bad, 3. should be PC Engine and PCFX. The PC Engine Duo is not bad looking after checking my links. Here's the one I meant to be number 3: http://www.pcenginefx.com/P...
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GamersRulz  +   586d ago
PS4, the thing is piece of art, you need to see it first hand to appreciate it!
GribbleGrunger  +   586d ago
I agree. I've never used the word 'sexy' to describe any console, but the PS4 changed that. It's clear that Sony put more R&D into this console and it's controller than they ever have before. It's going to catch the eye when on display with that strip of electric blue across it. Best console I've ever seen.
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GamePeace  +   586d ago
My ps4, your Ps4 will be full of dust. You will play games like your avatar.
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josephayal  +   586d ago
The Fat PS2
Blastoise  +   586d ago
I quite like the Wii in Black actually, Vita is pretty great, PS4 looks awesome, Game boy advance SP was pretty slick too
Geezus  +   586d ago
The r2d2 xbox 360 slim with the c3po controller...
I loved the look of the console especially the controller and the sounds man
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MikeyDucati1  +   586d ago
I'm stuck between Genesis, TurboGrafx 16 (loved that system-some great games on it) and Neo Geo. I would say I'm leaning towards Genesis. For some reason I thought the headphone output jack with volume slider was so cool to have. Especially when I was sneaking out of bed to play some games late at night.
TheMutator  +   586d ago
Sega Dreamcast
blackbirdi  +   586d ago
black edition
edonus  +   586d ago
Star War R2d2 console with the C3po gold controller and the white kinect.

I choose you.
izumo_lee  +   586d ago
The PS2 slim will always be my choice for best looking console. All that greatness in such a skinny frame.

maniacmayhem  +   586d ago
The Jaguar with the CD add on!
GamePeace  +   586d ago
None, but Ps4 is the best ever made.
M-M  +   586d ago
PS2 slim, PS3 80GB fat, PS3 slim, PS4, Xbox 360 slim. It's between those for me.
mayberry  +   586d ago
The 60G "fat" PS3 is BOSS! Very sleek and not to sophisticated to be a gaming device. Goes with any decor, imho.
ArtificiallyYours  +   586d ago
I think the Saturn was a good example of beefy + sexy design. While most of its capabilities had been left in the dark, it LOOKED like a powerful monster.
jjb1981  +   586d ago
elda  +   586d ago
First edition PS2 & first edition PS3 (fatty)but the PS4 looks sleek & sophisticated also.
ShaunCameron  +   586d ago
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
Tito08  +   586d ago
As llong as you mean the Japanese Super Famicon, I agree.
Polysix  +   586d ago
PS4! Wait till it's in your homes, you'll see.

Other than that, would be PS3 slim (for white lighting and finish) PS3 fat for trim and touch buttons/gloss, PS2 was quite cool too (but I always thought it wasn't as sleek as it could be) PS4 has a very sexy front facing edge with hidden slot and power/eject buttons angled into the face too.

I know the answer is not and never will be any type of Xbox though.

Consoles really didn't get 'decent looking' until the PS2 and now with PS4 it's even better and a sexy bit of kit.

They are not fine art but for what's inside it's well designed, it's not meant to compete with iPads etc as cost is important. For the price they did very well.
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Benchm4rk  +   585d ago
lol your not a fanboy at all are you...only thing in your comment is Sony Sony Sony.
Polysix  +   585d ago
maybe because if you think about it, the playstations were the only consoles (aside from the first) that even come close to looking 'designed to be sexy'

No I'm not a fanboy you idiot. I've had gamecube, 360, DS, Snes, atari... among others and if MS hadn't made such a shit system with Xbox One (yes even now DRM is lifted) I may well have bought one of those too.

"fanboy" is used too quickly and too often these days, kinda losing it's effect.
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Benchm4rk  +   584d ago
Pretty quick to jump to the name calling. If I was to hazard a guess I would say your probably about 15 and your mummy and daddy buy your consoles. At least you sound like one. When you look at designs of consoles and say that the play stations were the only ones designed to be sexy you couldn't be further from the truth. The PS2 looked like shit. PS3 looks like my George Foreman grill. Yeah I'll give the ps4 some credit. It does look pretty slick but not sexy. 360 slim with its gloss finish looks sexier than ps2 or 3. I still think Nintendo make the best looking consoles. But hey it all comes down to opinion. But at least I can admit that various console makers all have some good designs. Instead you rattle off how you own all these consoles but the only thing you can mention is Sony.
Vip3r  +   586d ago
Phat PS3 without a doubt.
SpinalRemains  +   586d ago
Super Nintendo and PS4

Sega's Gamegear was pretty cool looking too.

So was the Turbo Graffix handheld. I forget what it was called tho. The one where the screen kept breaking.
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MadMen  +   586d ago
PS1 by a landslide.
Tito08  +   586d ago
Console wise I say the Dreamcast, very well built console and one of my favorites. Handheld wise, I say thw Vita, followed bythe Neo-Geo Pocket.
Dogswithguns  +   586d ago
Sega Genesis... still my fave but I don't play it.
airshiraz  +   586d ago
white ps4 end of story
SpinalRemains  +   586d ago
Hell yeah.

That thing was so sexy
MNGamer-N  +   586d ago
Sexy? Like make love to it sexy?
PerryCaravello  +   586d ago

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