Commander Shepard Was Originally Going to Be an Alien in Disguise - Bioware Interview

Commander Shepard’s story in Mass Effect could have seen our stalwart hero disguised as an alien….who just didn’t know it yet……I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

That’s the reality that we might have had to deal with in the Mass Effect series, that and many other possible futures were left on the cutting room floor so says former Bioware writer Drew Karypshyn.

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Saints941500d ago

I'm really glad that didn't happen.

MizTv1500d ago

Yeah sounds kind of stupid...

MikeyDucati11500d ago

Haha, nice way to dodge a massive revolt with the start of a petition.

1500d ago
GamePeace1500d ago

He still is a shaved man, that makes the game worse. I prefer an alien over a character that seems a lot like a gym guy.

crazysammy1500d ago

Have you played ME? You choose what he looks like.

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