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How Sony Failed The PS Vita at E3 Again

Total Revue:

"This year's E3 was all eyes on the next-generation consoles as getting the right message worldwide and the execution were as important as ever. The conversation around them will span further than after the event has finished, right up to when the new consoles launch.

However on Sony's side, for how the PS Vita is also a part of the whole ecosystem with the PS4, they sure failed miserably for Vita owners - here's why." (E3, PS Vita, Sony)

rawshack  +   800d ago
The vita is good just wish there was more games on it .more rpgs .
minimur12  +   800d ago
agreed. I havenn't touched my Vita in a while, just wish there was a game out- a must play game :(
Transporter47  +   800d ago
really i have a lot of games to play on there, a must play game is Soul Sacrifice, and after that just look at how many indie games are on there, research how many games are out at the moment.

@soul sac demo, that demo doesn't do the game justice you literally have enough content to keep you busy for months.

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minimur12  +   800d ago

I agree that there's a lot of indies, but none of which I have found I need to play.

And I played a Soul Sac. demo, I didn't enjoy it enough to spend £25+ on
TongkatAli  +   800d ago
You're missing out on Soul Sacrifice, having mad fun with that multiplayer. Did 2 hours on it yesterday would have done more, but i had work in the mourning.

The whistling command is so funny, killed a boss with the team we are whistling like crack heads look up my sister is staring daggers at me, LOL!
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Dir_en_grey  +   800d ago
They should've hyped Dragon's Crown way more, but seems like Sony is mostly about showing un-announced new IPs that is more geared towards mainstream.

People forget Sony already announced tons of exclusives for PS3 and Vita even before E3.
E3 is just to grab attention of mainstream market of the west. You can bet tons will come when Tokyo Game Show comes around.
born2live  +   800d ago
Quite a few RPGs are coming up:
Muramasa Rebirth (action/RPG)
Dragon's Crown
Valhalla Knights 3
Ys: Memories of Celceta

All before the end of September... Maybe not killer apps, but still...
TongkatAli  +   800d ago
morn2live a killer app can be any game you really want to play. I think they're to cheap to spend the money, money is the issue with these folks.

The "no games" point is a scapegoat.
jon1234  +   800d ago
thats funny, i play with my vita everyday... i guess you dont know how to use it
born2live  +   800d ago

A killer app is a game that sells consoles (usually an exclusive) - everyone wants to play it so bad that they will buy the console just for that game. There aren't that many games at the moment that fit that description on the Vita. I'm not saying that there aren't any good games on it (that's preposterous!), just not one game that would make everyone rush at the counter to get a Vita. And that's a damn shame. It's the greatest handheld on the market right now. So much untapped potential... Hopefully, the remote play feature will bring in more buyers once the PS4 is out... Killzone is coming too...
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garos82  +   800d ago
i dont inderstand how people CANT get excited about vita.
the freakin thing will play everything coming from the ps4!! next gen gaming in your pocket!

i havent bought the vita but you can bet your ass ill be interested in getting one after i get my ps4

edit : also im hoping the price of memory cards/unit will drop by then
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minimur12  +   800d ago
Yeah, theo nly way I could afford the 32 was straight after christmas xD

it is amazing havingone though, its like

'ALL THE GAMES&MOVIES&APPS' [Insert Meme here]
jcnba28  +   800d ago
Sony proved that they don't care about the Vita by spending only 5 minutes of their press conference on it.
imt558  +   800d ago
Wrong, jcnba28, just wrong.


Yes, most of them is on PS3. Soon Forgotten Memories available on PSV.
born2live  +   800d ago
Double post - sorry!
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Mounce  +   800d ago
Well, even Kotaku laughed at such headlines...


No?.... Sony Failed?
Yodagamer  +   800d ago
I was slightly disappointed tbh, they said they were bring ps vita games at e3 and the only one they said can be played elsewhere except for killzone. Hopefully they include crossbuy via patch or something on those ps3 ports.
izumo_lee  +   800d ago
Didn't anyone see that Kotaku video? Sure the Vita didn't get any screen time in the conference, but there were a lot of games playable on the showroom floor.

Making games for the Vita do not happen overnight like a lot of people think, this is not the 3DS where the specs are far less capable thus games are made quicker. The console like architecture of the Vita takes more time & most importantly a higher budget.

I am not worried about all this 'no games' talk about the Vita. People & most importantly journalists just aren't looking hard enough at the big library the Vita already has. The problem is there is just no so called 'system seller'.
Ol_G  +   800d ago
With system sellers you mean games people actually want to play
minimur12  +   800d ago
If I could have any game on my vita, it would be watch_dogs (not through remote play)
any GTA
and.... thats it

and a Devil May Cry.
an original Final Fantasy
Yodagamer  +   800d ago
From what i've heard the vita is actually easier to develop for when compared to the 3ds because of it's similar architecture to most mobile devices. The 3ds is alot like the gamecube in some ways, when it comes to getting special effects going. Fogging is an example where the vita can do it through simple methods, the 3ds is using something a bit more complex to use it. The same applies to bump mapping, refractions, lighting, etc. Which is why more indies are on vita when compared to the 3ds.
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sherimae2413  +   800d ago
yes its easy but do you think killzone mercenary budget is the same as mario 3d land?

and ofcourse you need to consider that these vita games take alot of time to work..
killzone mercenary has been in development for almost 2 years same as tearaway, dragons crown and even ffx hd...
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Yodagamer  +   800d ago
@Sherimae i don't think that's the case, but it's not because of the specs as izumo has said, In fact the budget according to sony on average is only a bit more than the psp. I'm sure the 3d mario games have also taken a couple years as does most vita titles. There have been plenty of 3ds games that took a couple years to come out.
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TongkatAli  +   800d ago
Yeah dude, but our shit looks so much hotter, the ignoring thing that seems to be going on isn't working.

Compare anything to Killzone Mercenary to anything pushing 3DS hardware. Now compare total units sales, each team has one point.

I say its a tie = )
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Yodagamer  +   800d ago
No denying it looks better, I'm just giving examples of how it is actually simpler to Dev for the vita
Hadoukameha  +   800d ago
Uncharted and Gravity Rush are the only two I care about. Love Vita, but shovelware like Germinator and Nun Attack don't count, and ports do not excite me.

Eventually, if Vita survives, it will be worth it. Early adopters got screwed though.
GentlemenRUs  +   800d ago
Don't blame the handheld, Blame the Devs/Publishers.
PSNintyGamer  +   800d ago
The devs and publishers don't want to develop for a hand-held that won't make them money. They are businesses not charities .
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sherimae2413  +   800d ago
lol just lol
then why are you the same guys who always says in order the wii u to sell developers need to make games for it?

hypocrisy at its finest, isnt it?
PSNintyGamer  +   800d ago
@sherimae2413 When did I say that? Are you trying to put words in my mouth now?
Th4Freak  +   800d ago
@sherimae2413 Hes totally right, if Sony doesn't care about their console why should devs? I mean take a look at Borderlands and Bioshock, devs said that they would love to bring these games to the PSV but its in Sony's hands, what have Sony done until now? Nothing

I love my Vita and i've spent enough money on it to buy a high end pc but seriously im not that blind, Sony is doing a terrible job with the PSV especially out of Japan, %95 of my games are imported... There are no PSV games in the west and that's a fact.
Starbucks_Fan  +   800d ago
I'm selling mine :(

I don't want to but I'd rather sell it for something I'd get more use out of. I will buy it again probably in a couple years once it's cheaper. Really excellent device, but it needs more games. Hope it does well in the future.
Hicken  +   800d ago
I've never understood that. If you're strapped for cash, that's one thing.

But selling something just to buy it back a few years later? Why?

As to the article, it's the same wrongness as last year: plenty of games on display, not so many in the presser. There weren't many games in last year's presser, yet many have retailed, most of which were on the floor at E3. Naturally, it doesn't count to those who want to say "It's got no games," but it's not like much of the conference was spent on the PS3, either; yet we know they've got plenty of stuff in store for that system, don't we?
Hadoukameha  +   800d ago
Then just put it away. You slow?
xxPillsxx  +   800d ago
I ask you one last time, are you sure?
Make your decision wisely, so you don't feel regret as hell when Killzone, Tearaway, Batman, TWD, Terraria and another 70 games with a lot of "amazing" teased come out, but if you need to sell yours to buy another thing you want, then why you want to buy it at a later time again? If you do so it seems like you're pretty rich, and if you're pretty rich you don't need to sell the Vita for money to buy another thing, just buy it without selling anything. And by the way, are you sure you bought the entire Vita's libary to find it no use for you anymore? Don't forget Remote Play.
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Starbucks_Fan  +   800d ago
Ok I should have explained more details. What I meant by something more useful was that I'm thinking about upgrading my phone to a Samsung Note II, which I think is pretty damn cool( or maybe I'll get a S4, idk ). I know, Seems weird to sell such a neat gaming device such as the VIta for a smartphone, but I already have a 3DSXL with 6 games, and many more in the future, so that'll keep me covered gaming wise.
tubers  +   800d ago
Wait for Gamescom/PAX/TGS.

There. I said it.

To give you a hair of hope: KZM and Tearaway were announced at least years Gamescom.

Whatever your decision may be, just have fun :)
PerryCaravello  +   800d ago
I can't figure out why I would want to own one.

I'm not into handheld gaming though.

Is there a baby boar simulator on it?
sherimae2413  +   800d ago
if you dont want and dont care..
then why care posting here.... right?
you could just ignore....plain and simple ^_^
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PerryCaravello  +   800d ago
Would you stop... I'm asking why I would want one.

I love how "the fans" freak out when someone asks questions.

I'm a FAN of the vita, I just don't see a reason for me to purchase one.
imXify  +   800d ago
Now say that to Shahid :P
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   800d ago
I think sony is trying to use the ps4 to justify a vita purchase until the software starts pouring in.

Also gaikai will be a strong advertising strategy for vita aswell, streaming your ps4 games on the go and the like.

I bet if their cloud services were up at launch vita would've gotten major airtime during sonys conference.
takohma  +   800d ago
Theres some good games coming out for Vita. I have about 15 retail released games for min. Have about 10 digital games. Just recently discovered about this game called Knytt. I usually play mine when I don't feel like brightening up my whole room to play ps3 while I'm in bed. Or dr offices lunch breaks at work. And anywhere I really don't want to be lol.
sherimae2413  +   800d ago
hey im downloading knytt underground right now
have you played it? ^_^
takohma  +   800d ago
Yeah its interesting. Havnt really got too much into yet though. I'm currently backing up my vita right now so when I'm finish I'll get back at it.
Hadoukameha  +   800d ago
Knytt is garbage indie junk.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   800d ago
Well they failed to convince me to buy one this year.
TongkatAli  +   800d ago
That is okay, maybe later, it isn't going anywhere, you will see more of it : )
xxPillsxx  +   800d ago
Don't say "this year", Gamescom 2013 is coming, 70 more titles coming along with it, they can't convice you in E3, then they might in Gamescom, just wait man!
mirroredge  +   800d ago
Because 3ds is much better then vita
Hadoukameha  +   800d ago
More games, that's all.3DS is weak.
InTheLab  +   800d ago
at this point, I'm only keeping mine for remote play with PS4. Playing Soul sacrifice and will buy Dragon's Crown but there is nothing else coming up that's worth my time.

The proof that Sony doesn't care about Vita will come as soon as they start claiming they don't need 3rd party support...
raymond_zero_G  +   800d ago
It's obvious that E3 was going to be all about the next generation of home consoles, but now with the confirmation from someone from Sony that Gamescom is going to be about the PS Vita I can sleep well at night.

Related video
CaptCalvin  +   800d ago
I don't like this uneasy feeling that the Vita might be pushed as a piggy-back device for the PS4...
chestnut1122  +   800d ago
Same Old News. I am Kinda Used to these kind of articles anyway, But One thing I know is, Sony is the one who is in charge for the future of Vita. Not Some Silly Ass People who are trolling,hating and getting ahead of themselves thinking that the Vita has no Games when as a matter of fact it has a great library. Just Because You didn't like some of it games, It means Your Point of View is the same us ours. Don't belittle the games Indies has been offering. These Indies has the potential to be an AAA Devs. Simple logic and People Don't get it. tch.
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Edward75  +   800d ago
Angry Chestnuts?
Belking  +   800d ago
Things aren't looking too well for the Vita at the moment. I don't see a bright future for it. All this connectivity with ps4 is great but Vita is a good enough device that should be standing on it's own.
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phantomexe  +   800d ago
I kind of agree here. i don't care about cross play because if i can play it on the consule then i'll do that. Uncharted sold me to the vita and since AC i haven't had a reason to turn it on. I do love youtube and browser on it......well did love the browser before it started going trow these long pauses before it jump to the web site. Some good jrpgs would help. It just needs a big runaway hit.
tubers  +   800d ago
It's just a fact that this recent E3 was worse than last year's.

Good thing Sony has the "excuse" of focusing on the PS4.

Hopefully there's some bigger and better announcements at Gamescom and TGS.
TwilightSparkle  +   800d ago
I sold my vita and got a ps3 I just got tired of sony not releasing games besides ps3 has some of the same games at better quality.
rhap  +   800d ago
I love my Vita. Had lots of fun with Ragnarok Odyssey and Gravity Rush and I'm still playing Dokuro since I bought it (around 7 or 8 months ago). Recently I got New Little Kings Story and been trying some indies as well. Not really sure why people say it's a dead system. I understand it's not got a huge list like 3DS, but still, there are many decent games. I really wish Gravity Rush was longer or had a bonus chapter as DLC, it was awesome when I was playing it.

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