"Stunning" New PS3 Exculsive Game Revealed, Gears 2's Multiplayer Details and More - EGM May 08

In this Issue:
- SOCOM cover story.
- Feature on downloadable games.
- Small feature on recycled game ideas.
- Previews: 50 Cent II, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, GTA IV multiplayer, Fallout 3, Motorstorm 2.

- Insomniac is building a downloadable expansion sequel to Tools of Destruction.
- Tecmo Bowl coming to both the Wii and DS.
- Disney asked Warren Spector to create a Mickey Mouse Mario-killer.
- Sony Liverpool is making a "stunning" action game called The Protector.
- Gears 2's multiplayer will feature 5-on-5 and a new camera angle.
- Traveler's Tales to make games (plural) based on live-action Akira movie.
- Home beta coming in the spring.

Review Scores - Wii
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: A, A-, A- [Game of the Month]
Okami: A, B+, A
Opoona: C, C+, C+

Review Scores - Xbox 360/PS3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: C+, B-, B-
Dark Sector: B, B, B-
Army of Two: B-, B, B

Review Scores - Playstation 3
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds: B, B, B-

Review Scores - Xbox 360
Universe at War: Earth Assault: B+, C+, B
Frontlines: Fuel of War: C+, B-, B-

Review Scores - Nintendo DS
Lost in Blue 3: B-, C, D+
The World Ends With You: A-, B, A-
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer: B+, A, B

Review Scores - Playstation Portable
Wild Arms XF: C-, B-, B

Coming in the June 2008 Issue
- Feature on the "sweetest" games you haven't heard of yet, including Capcom's Dark Void.
- Why haven't console MMO's taken off? EGM talks with developers about it.
- Previews: Infamous, Metal Gear Solid 4, Project Origin, Battle Fantasia.
- Reviews: Grand Theft Auto IV, Boom Blox, Midnight Club: Los Angles, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, NBA Ballers: Chosen One.


Sonic RPG details:

- Random battles, turn-based (think Super Mario RPG on the SNES).
- Allocatable skill points.
- Branching dialog paths.
- Dialog choice is very much like Mas Effect where you select a mood (in this case, an emoticon) instead of straight text.
- Core story has a single outcome.
- Visuals: Looks like "Sonic 3D Blast done right."

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sonarus3737d ago

the protector? Probably the new name for eight days. I am really not interested in any NEW sony games until they actually start releasing the one's already promised. If the protector is eight days though then i am excited assuming it retains some of the gameplay from the old trailer.

As for gears they upgraded multiplayer from 4v4 to 5v5. Really didn't enjoy gears multiplayer that much so really don't care. However from what i played in the mp i would say large numbers don't matter.

Home beta in spring just like that sony pr guy said expect to hear more in spring. When does spring officially end by the way? I am excited for home on the front that it will help make the psn more of a community. Plus it is free which is really what matters to me.

Breakfast3737d ago

Im not a big fan of Gears' multiplayer, i LOVE its single player though... its gonna be an interesting fight on who wins multiplayer of the year. My bets are on gta4, if its as good as it is on paper.

AlterEgo3737d ago

Last day of spring is June 20th

Bonsai12143737d ago

i'm guessing the protector is the one the BBC reporters saw. Liverpool = England based. BBC = BRITISH broadcasting Channel... but yeah, i want to see them release some titles instead of just announcing new ones.

kevoncox3737d ago

How could you not like Gears multiplayer. I played thru the game 2 times. The Multiplayer is the best part of the game. 4 vs 4 on gridlock the best. My favorite map was escalation. I would run my team like a swat squad and some of the best tatical moments in any game was on that map.

callahan093737d ago

I was a fan of Gears. I hated its multiplayer at first, then I got a new roommate and he played it online despite my warnings and he became very addicted to it. Watching him play it all the time, I decided I'd try it again and had a blast. We'd switch off round after round for hours each night for like a month. Had a blast with it. Before we got into it online we had a blast with it in 2-player co-op. The single-player non-co-op experience is the most lacking aspect of the game, but even that was fun the first time through.

I really have reservations for Gears 2 though. It'll be toughto live up to the original for me. At the moment, I'm definitely most hyped up for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue & Metal Gear Solid 4. On the 360 end, I'm curious to see how Too Human turns out, and I'm pretty excited for Ninja Gaiden 2.

I'm intrigued to learn more about Sony Liverpool's game. If nobody here is aware (I'm sure you are, though), that studio is formerly Psygnosis. I loved them when they were Psygnosis, and they haven't let me down since Sony acquired them either.

P.S. - Who here thinks that after Wipeout HD they should focus on an HD Rollcage for PSN? That'd be sweet.

sonarus3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

@kevoncox. I prefer gears sp to the mp. online coop was the best. brings back good memories:)
@bonsai, the bbc game was already confirmed to be called tears of blood.

Maddens Raiders3737d ago

Bring us HOME.

The wait is really getting close to epic proportions at this point.

Bring us HOME!

Rick Astley3737d ago

Tears of Blood is nothing more than a rumor started by Gamesblow in one of his blogs. BBC did see a game that hasn't been announced yet but it was never confirmed to be "Tears of Blood".

Breakfast3737d ago

I think its little things like not being able to have a party. I hated when i wanted to play with a friend id have to wait till one of us joined and invite before it closed up. Shotgun annoyed the hell out of me. I think one of the reasons i dont like it is because i suck at it, thats most likely the major reason :( ...Multiplayer co-op was fun as hell though, it was fun playn through it on insane with a friend.

No host advantage probably be better without it

BrianC62343737d ago

What I don't get is it says they preview 50 Cent II. If 50 Cent was so horrible why is there a sequel? Please don't tell me it sold good enough to get a sequel.

Timesplitter143737d ago

The Protector? Like in Tony Jaa's 2nd movie? WHICH WAS SO AWESOME MY HEART EXPLODED A COUPLE OF TIMES?

I hope it's that

Blankman3737d ago

@rick astley, PS3 informer also confirmed it was tears of blood. But i think they might have stolen the info from games blow. So i am thinking either games blow is one hell of a credible guy or ps3 informer is made up of noobs

Rick Astley3737d ago

Sorry dude but PS3 Informer is full of crap.

DRUDOG3737d ago

No offense, but we're getting gaming advice from a dude named Rick Astley. I mean, it's f'ing hilarious in a really silly way. Thanks, Rick! :P

pwnsause3737d ago

there are just some games that are not good for multiplayer like gears for example.

Ballistic Jay3736d ago

haha if wii doesn't have any good games why are its reviews better than both the 360 and PS3 game reviews? hmm... ya fanboys

Grown Folks Talk3736d ago

Rick Astley's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna turn around & desert you. He's never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie, & hurt you.

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scheme_a3737d ago

I'm happy they are releasing new info.
I've been dying to know about that game.

fenderputty3737d ago

next months previews of MGS4 and Infamous should be good. I'm curious to see what they said about Motorstorm 2.

I'm also curious to see what this new game might be. A new downloadable pack for R&C would rock as well. The GF would love that. She's a little upset about Clank.

Sev3737d ago

I dont usually post in the open zone, but I am going to post here right now to avoid looking too fanboyish.

Gears 2 Multiplayer 5 on 5? Are they serious? How is this supposed to compete with Resistance 2 60 player?

Dark_Vendetta3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I also don't reply here but just to give you the answer:
If you would have every played GoW MP you would have noticed that 60 players would completly destroy the game (I used "would" 3 times :S). I beleive that 60 mp in r2 will be great but it's a diffrent genre (dispite both beeing a FPS). So pls let this time the rumour actually become true

wulan3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

EPIC showed a demo featuring 100s of players on screen

then why do we have a mere 5 on 5

why not admit the fact that x360 isnt capable of that many people on screen.

PS3 on the other hand support 60 player online not just in AN ULTRAREALISTIC environment but also with ULTRAREALISTIC characters

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33737d ago

Another!!! "Stunning" New PS3 Exculsive Game! coming ;-P
Man my Baby;)Ps3'iz'da'bomb!!! (thats how you youth speak in'it!) ;)
Happy Days;) for us PS3 owners in 2008/9&BEYOND!!!;)

See xBot Lemmings i didn't mention RRoD...Oooops!!! ;-D

InYourMom3737d ago

I don't think anyone has played this game except Vendetta because he is totally on the mark.

@1.2 - Pure ignorance. The 360 is more than capable of having thousands of enemies on screen. Kameo was a launch title that had thousands of enemies on screen at once. People are playing Frontlines on the 360 right now with 50 vs 50 so the system is capable.

Let's put it simply, more does not mean better.

wulan3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

The 360 is capable of running 100s of low poly liliput charcaters

even a ps2 could do that.

However it cant handle 1000 DETAILED enemies on screen as we seen in Heavenly Sword.

Kameo didnt even have a hundred enemy per screen . Not to even mention 1000. a JAPANESE ps2 game had 1000s on screen too but they were cartoon like just like KAMEO's characters

I am talking about LIFELIKE charcters like the ones we saw in HEAVENLY SWORD

maybe x720 can but there wont be any x720 unfortunately

Frontlines had cartoon characters . a single charcter in Resistance 2 has more poly than an entire scene in FRONTLINES. I am talking about 60 PLAYER MP with players being ULTRAREALISTIC not cartoon crap



it is 50 player 25 vs 25

However when you have such low poly chars as in FRONTLINES a ps3 could easily have 100 vs 100.

However 30 vs 30 for ULTRAREALISTIC R2 is something which only x720 could handle. BUT there will be no x720. it is over for MS and XBOX camp

gambare3737d ago

50vs50? (100 online?) I only saw 25vs25 (50 online) and that with a dedicated server and the models are low poly count

GETPONED3736d ago

Jesus Christ, u droids are f*cking braindead. 5 on 5 is what you called tuned to perfection. Don't pretend you didn't see 100 guys running around on-screen in real-time on 360. so stfu. and 60 droid battles in Resistance is what ign and 1up call "orgy chat rooms." u morons. seriously, to the OP, you're a f*cking pathetic loser if you really need someone to explain this to you. Go back to the n00b-zone.

Gaara_7243736d ago

i was readin an artic on here 2 weeks back and it said resistance 2 will be 64 player or 62 player? dont know if its the truth but maybe they changed it

Sev3736d ago

Im a pathetic loser? I am not the one who has gone through 7 or 8 accounts in the past 3 months. Try taking a look in the mirror, and ask yourself who the real pathetic loser is...
Whats the point of making new accounts? Why do you keep coming back? Isnt it obvious that noone likes you or wants you here?
Talk about pathetic.

I actually did need it explained to me, as I never have played Gears of War. I wasn't bad mouthing it... I was simply asking, how it was supposed to compare to Resistance 2 in terms of mulitplayer, seeing that both are each respective consoles "big gun" as far as shooters go this holiday season.

Go eat a banana...

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