Project CARS - 53 new screenshots released

BehindGames writes:Slightly Mad Studios has released 100 new screenshots for its upcoming racing video game "Project Cars", And As always the new screenshots looks so real and all shots show purely in-game footage without any filter.

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Redrever1832d ago

its great to see pictures of this game but who would rather see VIDEOS of this in action once they update us with pictures.

aliengmr1832d ago

Then google the videos. There's quite a few.

Redrever1831d ago

i'v looked for videos but i fear its alpha PC builds but the picture's oh they bring a tear to my eyes XD

Utalkin2me1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

What i find odd is the thumbnail in the title pic. The textures in the background in that pic are pretty bad.

And BTW, when you google videos make sure you're not getting PC project cars.

aliengmr1832d ago

Far as I know there are no videos for the consoles. They're on PC because those who participated in the crowd funding have the alpha.

Utalkin2me1832d ago

Oh ok, thanks for the info.