Warhawk is now $29.99 in the PS Store

US PlayStation Store update 3/17/08

Warhawk is now $29.99 in the PS store… UPDATE: For a limited time only.

flOw is now being sold as a bundle, game + expansion…

Finally Rock band tracks are organized under "New Rock Band Releases"

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EZCheez3764d ago

Of course, I thought it was a steal at $39.99.

Anyone who doesn't have it yet should really get it now.

sonarus3764d ago

agreed. There are tons of servers, but there don't seem to be that many people playing in them anymore. With the new price cut, hopefully it convinces people to take that plunge

callahan093764d ago

Ageed. Warhawk is an amazing game, and I hope the lower price gets some folks to buy it.

LSDARBY3764d ago

Agreed, Warhawk is one of the best online games ive ever played. And in some ways a huge technical achievment. If you dont have it already now is the time.

Rick Astley3764d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with EZCheez. Bubbles up.

kewlkat0073764d ago

the "sonarus's" comment just killed it.

Thanks buddy..

TheMART3764d ago

@ Sonarus

So this is one of the better games on the PS3 and no one is playing it online???

That's what you get with a free online service? I find that pretty strange. What are PS3 users doing then on their hardware? Playing BluRay movies?

ATLRoAcH3764d ago

Just like the 360 everyone is playing CoD:4...still.

sonarus3764d ago

well there are people there you can usually find at least 2 FULL games running by full i mean 30 ppl and up. I only play CTF so i am referring to CTF servers. But like i said there are a lot of servers but majority of them are empty. Ever since COD4 its essentially been so. It isn't scarce or anything where you can't find a game to get into but it used to be A LOT fuller. This sort of thing happens all the time when a new game gets released. You know sort of the way halo was most played game on live and COD4 came and took that crown

ngg123453764d ago

I mean half the stuff people are doing on this section are against the rules...

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AlterEgo3764d ago

Wow, a price drop?

And they didn't announce it?

Sev3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Well its not a price drop per say. It says limited time only.

But with Warhawk being $29.99 anyone who hasnt bought it yet definitely should, and pick up the Omega Dawn expansion at the same time...
All for less than the original price of Warhawk.

I paid $59.99 for it because I wanted the disc version and at the time, it was only sold with a Jabra headset. I already had a headset then but I figured it was worth it.

I always like to have physical discs, rather than downloads. I am sure that will change some day.

AlterEgo3764d ago

Yep, I see now it says the lower price will be in effect until April 15th.

But yea...I actually downloaded Warhawk, but now I wish I would've gotten the blu ray version.

No biggie though. Same game, cheaper for me because I already had a headset.

wow4u3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Why was this story approved? It is a duplicate of a Duplicate (see the reports) - and it is blogspam.

Sev3764d ago

Alert... N4G police...

Sev3764d ago

The story was approved because Warhawk being at a lowered price is news.

Nowhere on the net has anyone posted Warhawk's new price... That makes it new, and news.

Yes part of the post has some duplicate on it but it doesn't warrant any reports.

Blogspam? Maybe if I was posting an opinion... But I am posting a fact. I would call that info not blogspam.

I looked through your recent comments, and its quite obvious your a fanboy of a particular console, hence you are trying to only report stories that have to do with the console you dislike... The PS3

pwnsause3764d ago

i just downloaded the flow bundle, i guess i got a good deal out of that.

Delive3764d ago

On the note of the other DLC. I wish UT3 had caught on stronger than it has. Free maps and mods is a dream come true for a Console guy (Standard for PC guys). Oh well.

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