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Hideo Kojima Talks about “Quiet”, Metal Gear Solid V’s Strong Female Character That Never Speaks

Hideo Kojima Shares details on Metal Gear Solid V's heroine Quiet and on her motion capture actress Stephanie Joonsten. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Kanzes  +   306d ago
Sniper Wolf?
Abriael  +   306d ago
That's what I thought when I first saw her. I do hope she's a bit like Sniper Wolf, because she's my favorite character in all MGS games.
MizTv  +   306d ago
I am a vamp guy my self
sobekflakmonkey  +   306d ago
Honestly...I don't like this "Quiet" person, and I hate the fact that Kojima called her "strong"...yeah, right...girl running through a battlefield with a bikini on... I'll definitely be able to take her seriously...hopefully you guys get the sarcasm there, I just cant take sexualized female characters seriously at all, if you really want her to be bad ass, make her wear the same military stuff that snake and everyone else where's, and I don't mean tight skimpy bullshit, I mean legit gear.
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Thatlalala  +   305d ago | Well said
@ Sobe. It's Metal Gear bro. Nothing new, stfu.
CDbiggen  +   305d ago
What are you 10 years old?
Blacktric  +   306d ago
She's born around early 80's. It's not her considering Quiet looks like she's in her early/mid 20s in 1984.

Could be related to the End.
Razmossis  +   306d ago
She has a sniper rifle, therefor she must be related to a sniper in another Metal Gear game... this mentality annoys me so much
Blacktric  +   306d ago
I'll be sure to keep that in mind and try not to annoy you the next time I'm "speculating" about something...

Unicron  +   306d ago
Raz -

"She has a sniper rifle, therefor she must be related to a sniper in another Metal Gear game... this mentality annoys me so much"

I can't blame people. That one black guy (Sigint) turned out to be that other black guy (Anderson, despite age/height differences in the canon. Dr. Clark turned out to be Paramedic.

Like Lucas did with Star Wars, Kojima has a habit of shrinking his universe by making everyone related to everyone. If Eli turns out to be Liquid, I wouldn't be surprised if Quiet was at least Sniper Wolf's momma.
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Pillsbury1  +   305d ago
Maybe, sniper wolfs mother?!
coolmast3r  +   306d ago
She has nice boobs btw :)
NihonjinChick  +   306d ago
It seems she has a grudge against clothing. She barely has any.
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Foxgod  +   306d ago
Yeah, she rolled straight out of a torture room in the middle of nowhere, she didnt have time to reach her drawers and switch outfits :P
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PFFT  +   305d ago
I highly agree.
FamilyGuy  +   305d ago
Wtf @ the disagrees

They're the nicest thing? I saw in Microsofts whole E3 conference. In fact, I only came here hoping the story image would show them puppies off again :P lol
Foxgod  +   306d ago
She was tortured in one of the trailers, i suppose her tongue was cut out.
wishingW3L  +   306d ago
you so smart! ;)
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Foxgod  +   306d ago
Tnx :)

I like Metal Gear, even bought an Msx so i can replay my ol childhood crush Metal Gear, as well as play the never officially in the west released Metal Gear 2.
As well as Kojima's other creation Snatcher SD.

I think hes a great story teller, and the series just keeps getting better.
MGS4 was my favorite one so far!
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cleft5  +   306d ago
So a hot woman, who is strong, but never speaks. Oh man I don't think that's going to go over well for him.

In all seriousness, I would love a MGS game or spinoff that was specifically about The Boss. She was so badass, you want to talk about strong female characters, you need look no further than her.
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Abriael  +   306d ago
You can be sure that some pundits will shake their angry fist at it. I can already see a few head at Kotaku explode at the thought.

And I'm quite sure Kojima (rightfully) won't give a single fu*k.
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@Cleft5. Lets give Quiet a chance shall we?
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Abriael  +   306d ago
I'm quite sure most gamers will. Some of the press on the other hand...
cleft5  +   306d ago
I am sure the character is interesting and well thought out, most mgs characters are well done. I am more referring to how reactionary and quick to judge the media is over these issues.
MizTv  +   306d ago
It could take place during ww2 with the cobra unit!
It would be awesome
Snakefist30  +   306d ago
Nope not Sniper Wolf!
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Mr_Nuts  +   306d ago
Probably because he blew the budget on getting Keither Sutherland... :)

"Mr Kojima, we don't have enough for another voice actor"

"...Meh...make her a mute, it will add "depth" to her character"
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ANIALATOR136  +   306d ago
I still don't understand the Sutherland decision. I mean even Russell Crowe would have been a better choice
GamePeace  +   306d ago
What you don't want, is good to have in this case. Imagine you as voice actor for Snake, there wouldn't come a fart from your mouth.
Mr_Nuts  +   306d ago
I watched that trailer and was amazed but as soon as Snake spoke it sounded horrible.

All I heard was Jack Bauer from 24
j-blaze  +   306d ago
it has a deeper meaning than, a closed minded like you won't understand..keep crying over a voice actor lol
and btw, Kiefer is doing a great job, better than that forced, not showing any emotions and always one-toned voice actor your crying over
Mr_Nuts  +   306d ago
Oh did I get your upset, enough for you to be immature and spew out insults anyway.

David Hayter has been with the series for 15 years, if your calling the voice actor who has been a massive part of MGS then your obviously not a big enough fan as most of us.

Basicaly you never liked Hayter so you couldn't give a crap.

Plus with the amount of crap that you come out with on here..."closed minded" your only projecting your own flaws onto someone else mate.
j-blaze  +   305d ago
"then your obviously not a big enough fan as most of us"

i'm a fan and i play for story, characters, gameplay etc...not for Hayter lol
Kojima is MGS and he's the one who created and defined the characters of the series
and btw, i think Hayter need to retire MGS because his voice isn't as good as when he was younger
fsfsxii  +   305d ago
"Metal Gear?"
That sentence will never be the same
FoxHound_  +   306d ago
Definitely seems like she'll be one of the more interesting characters in MGSV.
SpideySpeakz  +   306d ago
Could be Sniper Wolf.
Thats just a picture of Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5 with Foxhound gear on.
SpideySpeakz  +   306d ago
lol.. Got me ;)
Number-Nine  +   306d ago
sniper wolf would be about 4 years old during this time.
Foxgod  +   306d ago
With all the war kids around in this game, maybe Quiet will have a link to Sniper Wolf.
George Sears  +   306d ago
I just hope Huey doesn't go ape sh!t for her. That'll just be too cliche for MGS standards.
GamePeace  +   306d ago
Annoying character, Skullface, Ocelot, Snake, old Prophet seems more interesting to me. This character should die in game.
Abriael  +   306d ago
"annoying" character for what exactly?
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GamePeace  +   306d ago
In every aspect, child. I hope for better characters...
Abriael  +   306d ago
@GamePeace: so basically you don't know what you're talking about, so you're just mouthing off. OK :D
PFFT  +   305d ago
He thinks girls are yucky thats why.
Here is hoping she survives cause she looks mighty fine to me.
WorldGamer  +   306d ago
Here is some images of the motion capture, and of the actual young lady. Looks like good stuff.

mirroredge  +   305d ago
She look very hot
mediate-this  +   305d ago
im sorry I just don't think video game characters can be hot, I like the real thing. I mean a video game chick is a guys imagining. you should go out and experience the real thing lol
WorldGamer  +   305d ago
Wish granted sir......
Hadoukameha  +   305d ago
Her full name should be Quiet BJ Kitchen.
mediate-this  +   305d ago
I personally can not take female characters seriously, I never buy games with them as strong leading roles, just they make me fel like im gon get nagged, my g.f nags to much at me lol
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mediate-this  +   305d ago
hideo kojima is just so tacky, Is this all the guy can do is mgs? and I say this as a gamer who wants more then another snake mission, patriots this and metal ray this, quiet girl get in the kitchen.

I literally was like, alright another mgs, I was watching the trailers and at first I was like sweet, but the more I was thinking about it, im reading kojimas interview. I came to the conclusion that mgs is all this guy can do.

not down with it anymore. so I wont be messging in the mgs section. sorry if I sounded rude. just had to get it off my back
fsfsxii  +   305d ago
You're kinda right, i want to see him creative with another game. I hope he remakes Snatcher
H3ADWOUND81  +   305d ago
Oooh Sexy chic with a sniper rifle.. It'll be a winner surely... Nothing better than a chic with a big gun.. (excluding bankok chicboys) lol
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