Xbox One's DRM Explained

The Xbox One has online DRM. But what does this mean, and why isn’t it as big as deal as you might think? Shaxster explains.

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Yo Mama1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Boy, these no name, generic, pro-microsoft sites are coming out of the woodwork today. Microsoft must have contracted out some positive PR spin . Damage control.

WorldGamer1521d ago

My thoughts exactly. Phantom "experts" emerging from the ether to defend MS.

Does make sense however, I don't think MS really anticipated the negative reaction they got. At this point, it seems like they might be trying to stop the bleeding, if I may use that analogy.

JokesOnYou1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yeah of course all the negative news threads were legit but how dare any site examine the pro and cons without forming a negative opinion.

If you actually read it, hes not waving pom-poms, no its just a well thought analysis of micros drm plans.

I cant believe of all people you guys complain about a few balanced/positive news stories amongst a parade of negative ones...hmmm probably because these sound alot more accurate, informative and balanced than a 1000 "why you shouldn't buy a Xbone" blogs. lol

Biggest1521d ago

"Yeah of course all the negative news threads were legit but how dare any site examine the pro and cons without forming a negative opinion."

You are absolutely correct, JokesOnYou. How dare anyone form a positive opinion. There are no positives to this from a consumer's perspective. Isn't that what we are?

YNWA961521d ago

Yeah, phantom experts... Oh wait, this site is full of them.... All well paid experts..... Fantastic...

JokesOnYou1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"There are no positives to this from a consumer's perspective."

See thats the problem you believe your perception to be a fact.

You are unwilling to see there are 2 sides to every coin, where you see drm some see usage conveniences or even a way to pay less for brand new retail games on day 1 vs used game fee/price.

Now if you just flat out say YOU personally prefer the traditional way used games are handled vs drm restriction regardless of the convenience/financial incentive then fine but assuming thats the case for everyone just means you like to dictate whats best for everyone and likely wont read or sensibly discuss the validity of the writers points.

greenlantern28141521d ago

cheaper games, ms announced as did sony that next gen games will be 60$ so the same price there goes that point. the positives are only for ms and devs if they want to take advantage of this but not to you the consumer, for now anyways. and you continue to miss the fact that not every one that is totally pro xbox cant get online so they cant get xbox 1. right. even ms has said that 40 million xbox live accounts but that is a little over 50% of xbox360 sold, ms potentially cutting about half their market

justastranger101521d ago

Everything in that article was true. It's also true that Sony is going bankrupt but everytime I mention it, people get so upset and angry. Why? I didn't lie or anything. It's the truth.



Some games will be cheaper, Killer instinct is the prime example of one.

i.e. you can either buy killer instinct at full retail price $60 or you can get the game for free with one character, and choose which characters you want to download. If I will generally only play with 5 or 6 characters, I will have made out like a bandit (depending on the price of the characters).

Sono4211521d ago

@ JokesOnYou

"some see usage conveniences or even a way to pay less for brand new retail games on day 1 vs used game fee/price."

What? Care to go into detail at all? Stop being so vague. Explain one convenience that requires DRM, and as for paying less for a used game... What? How do you figure that? Seriously not hating or being a fanboy I legit want an explanation because both of these are new to me.

NewMonday1520d ago

"If you think this 24 hour requirement is a problem…get over it"

gamers don't have to, the XBone is not the only game in town.


can explain to me why Steam and iOS games can be played off line on multiple devices without check-in?

can you explain to me why an Xbone game is still $60 but I cant use it indefinitely?

can you explain to me why I don't have a choice to NOT sync my games to the digital library and thus don't need a 24h check in?

this "article" is just another shill piece that tries to cover up the MS anti-consumer assault, tell your masters it's not working.

Freedomland1520d ago

It's not about DRM or anything else but about over all approach towards gaming, consumer rights and freedom to play, sell, borrow and gift your games. They made everything so complicated that I would surely prefer even not to do it.
Ps4 all the way for me.

Death1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Consumer rights...
Read your User Agreement. Ask someone to explain it if you can't comprehend it.

The article is a very good read. It explains the features and benefits of having a digital library. It explains the DRM needed to prevent dishonest people from stealing all their games. When I sign into Steam from my laptop, it signs me out of my PC. You need to authenticate the system you play on. This is DRM. You also can't trade these games, sell them or gift them to a friend.

If you want to give up the ability to play all your games without the disc in the drive locally or have access to all your games remotely, buy the PS4. XboxOne games can still be traded. You just can't give them away. You can still loan them out, but you are being forced to do it digitally without actually handing them a physical copy.

XboxOne games have more flexibility than PSN or Live Marketplace games since you still retain a physical copy and enjoy the convenience of the digital too. If this scares you, once again buy the PS4 and pray that Sony doesn't decide to evolve like everyone else.

Nobody thought Sony would trample the "rights" to play online for free. How is that working out?

gaffyh1520d ago

@JOY - I agree with the usage convenience, but personally I thin the cons outweigh the pros, and feel like people shouldn't buy an XBone, especially at launch, just out of principle, because accepting some of the measures MS has put in place now, will lead to a world of hurt in the following generations.

@sono - He means the fact that you can install and run games, without having to swap discs. It is a good thing that, but you can do the same with digital downloads, if only they were price accordingly.

Freedomland1520d ago


And you think hackers will leave X1 alone.
Don't compare Steam because Steam is for pc not for consoles because pc is always online.
If I wanted Steam, I could have bought a gaming pc and it can do a lot more things than X1.
I need a console which can play games in a simplest way anywhere, anytime, just pop in the disc and play.
You've been paying for Live for years and now you complain about Psn, you know that Gaikai services are really expensive.
Sony provided psn free for nearly 7 years and still it's free for ps3.

SilentNegotiator1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

It's a no name site using the old "it's not so bad" line.
You can't be so dense as to fall for that.

It's sad and telling that only the most intense of fanatics are even trying to convince people that it isn't "bad"...just "not so bad"

dantesparda1520d ago

So now MS and all their lackeys and fanboys (the Microsoft Defense Force) are insulting my intelligence and trying to tell me that im an idiot for not understanding why this sh!t they are trying to impose on us, is not only good, but actually better. F-you MS, you're the [email protected], not me/us for not falling for this crap! and Jokes is just becoming more and more of a joke all the time with every new comment he makes and Death is just another diehard MS fanboy, who is actually worst than Jokes in my opinion.


mananimal1520d ago


You might want to check the track record of MS giving your data over to the NSA.

Especially in light of all the spying that's been uncovered (and anyone with a dinosaur brain has known about).

Because Microsoft DOES give your data away, it does sell or trade it with other corporations (thousands of them).

If the NSA requests your data....Microsoft will hand it doesn't even need a real court order. It doesn't even need an unconstitutional FISA kanagaroo court order, or a letter of national security.

Because they also let the gov't jack into their stuff and you know then no one has to ask Microsoft jack.

Also in other operations they jack into the backbone of the internet and record everything.

Here's a clue people...if it's electronically's being recorded.

Didn't anyone read how members of congress were finally briefed on what was going on. You know what they said?

"In a C-SPAN Journal Video interview yesterday, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) said about the secret NSA briefing Congress received Tuesday, that the federal surveillance programs revealed in media reports are just "the tip of the iceberg."

"What we learned in there," Sanchez said, "is significantly more than what is out in the media today."

Sanchez said lawmakers were "astounded" by what they heard. "I think it's just broader than most people even realize, and I think that's, in one way, what astounded most of us, too," Sanchez said of the briefing. "

Oh yes they are watching you. Your data from what your heart rate to how you react to something (since they can tell your mood) to all sorts of data including audio and video.

Then they come out with a bill entitled...."We are watching you" to curb some of this crap.

Why do you think that is???? Think the title is a bit of a hint? A way to get around national security bs? You bet your sweet ass.

When it comes to spying, especially when the gov't tells them to keep it hush, don't refer back to MS to 'prove' Kinect doesn't watch you.

Are people really that fucking stupid????? That fucking naive???? Don't be morons.

4Sh0w1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Its clear to me some like what X1 is doing some don't some will buy it some won't.

It just bothers me that the was who wont care so much about what others buy. If it really sucks X1 will fail like you wanted it to anuway and you can still play your ps4, win win for the ones who don't like it.

Fortunately no individual group dictates the direction of a free market, thus the mass market will decide, hell they've already decided every piece of entertainment media has a digital download format with drm restrictions and this method continues yo grow in popularity, soon games will go the way of CDs in that the method of sales and usage will be almost entirely dd.

LonDonE1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Microsoft have reversed xbox 1 online and used game policies, bravo this is a good day for gamers and consumers, and has shown the greedy corporations we wont take it laying down!!

Dee_911520d ago

DRM is there for the digital library
now the question is, who wants to give up their rights for a digital gaming library?

Gaming1011520d ago

lol here's the sad part: this is just a fanboy site, they're not being paid by Microsoft. Msoft executives have no clue they even exist, they write this garbage solely out of their fanboy allegiance to all things X-bone.

Here's what I still don't know - if I haven't authenticated in 24 hours, what do they really mean that I won't be able to play games? Does it mean that I just need to re-authenticate by connecting to the internet again? Or is there some other process whereby all your games are accessible again? How do I get my games back without an internet connection if my internet goes down temporarily? Oh that's right, I can't. Not even single player.

And who are these "gamers" who desperately want DRM and a digital based future? They're a minority, if the outcry over used games is any indication. If the audience of people buying everything digitally was so big, there would be no qualms over this DRM. This is what the writer of this fanboy website has failed to recognize. Time to get out of the bubble, we do not live in an all digital age of games, retail will always exist as long as people enjoy borrowing games, trading them in, and buying used.

End of discussion.

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Mikelarry1521d ago

today??? try since last week bro.

its funny tho if microsoft truly believed they had the right approach wouldn't they let the amazing games and the value of kinect speak for itself makes you wonder hey

HammadTheBeast1521d ago

All week, I've been seeing "news" of MS heads spewing BS about "cloud", "digital era", always connected, kinect, and just so much damage control garbage its like a joke.

Meanwhile, people are making news about Sony one-liners.

Narutone661521d ago

They might be in trouble now. See this news:

MizTv1521d ago

Yeah it's called bullshit

RedHawkX1520d ago

yep basically this. xbox 360 owenrs i dont know why you are trying to get an xbox one because no ones gonna buy it. xbox one is the new myspace buddy. its dead finished people are moving over to the ps4 its cheaper and more powerful and it makes since to get it. ps4 top of the preorder charts everywhere. that xbox live experience is no more. that experience times 10 is coming to the ps4 and thats where all the people will be. stop fighting it and use your brains if you still got one.

Death1520d ago

Cheaper and more powerful.

You get less in the box and the power will be determined with the software. Anyone that trully feels one is better than the other isn't very bright. Both have Jaguar 8 core CPUs, 8 gigs of ram and a 7000 series derived AMD GPU. The only difference is the type of ram being used. Search for the difference between DDR3 and GDDR5 ram online. Then make an informed opinion about which is the better way to go. I'll give you a hint, neither is ideal.

The Real Peter Moore1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


STFU with that bullsh!t, you know damn well that the GDDR5 gives PS4 way more bandwidth than Xbone's GDDR3. PS4's GDDR5 RAM gives it a 176GB of bandwidth throughout its entire 8GB RAM pool, whereas Xbone's GDDR3 only has ~66GB to its RAM. But yeah, that's not alot faster, right? And dont talk to me about some tiny 32MB cache that runs at a ~102GB bandwidth, cuz you'll only get that bandwidth to a minuscule amount of RAM. You thats why MS put those "Move Engine" chips in the Xbone right? each one has 25GB of bandwidth to try and compensate for the differEnce between the GDDR3 RAM's bandwidth and the ESRAM's bandwidth. But you realize, that, this make the Xbone a far more complicated architecture when compared to the PS4, right?

They may both have the same CPU but we dont know what modifications (if any) were made to each one and i know Sony has talked about a few of them, i havent heard of any from MS. And even the AMD guy said that he was really impressed with the PS4's APU but has said no such thing of MS'.

But when it comes to the GPU side of things, its a whole different story. And here the PS4 is clearly superior, with over 50% higher CU performance than Xbone. Now if the programmers are going to develop to the lowest common denominator (clearly being the Xbone here) then yes, you wont see a difference. But otherwise, you would see a difference where the PS4 version, could run at a higher res and with higher frames rates and more effects like AA or AF. And this nonsense about Xbone giving you more for the money? Are you crazy? i aint paying no extra $100 for no fvcking Kinect! Im straight with that sh!t, you can keep that, little kid! And Sony sells the PS4's PS Eye for $59, still cheaper than Xbone. Man, you're one dumb fanboy! Now you go read up and learn a little something.

HammadTheBeast1521d ago

I honestly don't know how you'd explain it, it's DRM lol. What's there not to get?

trancefreak1520d ago

I just hope that Microsoft's DRM POLICIES doesn't enforce unintended unnecessary charges onto other gaming consoles' used value and resell.
I would not want Gamestops and other trade in stores to try and compensate for losses with Microsoft's trade in/ re sell/ policies.

That will piss me off

TheHybrid1521d ago

What facts in this article were false? Sounds like a cut and dry examination of how it's going to work. Tired of hearing ppl speak out against something they don't understand