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The Last of Us’ Clickers – the most frightening sound in gaming?

The right sound effects can make or break a game. They set the mood and feeling for it.
For the Last of Us they needed to give you that feeling of distress and I think they achieved it.

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Community1584d ago
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Kanzes1584d ago

It sounds like the ghost from movie The Grudge

Black-Helghast1584d ago ShowReplies(1)
MastaMold1584d ago

The Clickers sound more like the Aliens from District 9 and that movie got released by Sony Pictures.

ZodTheRipper1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

I love this sound :D
Fits the game perfectly.

GribbleGrunger1584d ago

Perhaps 'love' is the wrong word lol. It scares the hell out of me. This game is MGSEvil.

Septic1584d ago

Yeah I despised the clickers. Give me runners any time of the day!

nick3091584d ago

Probably the scariest kind of enemies in years, zombies shouldnt exist, long live the clickers :P

CaptainYesterday1584d ago

Playing with headphones at night I freak out each time I hear them made me jump a few times and the way they move is just creepy!

Lovable1584d ago

Those runners are pretty damn scary too...

inmusicutrust1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Watching them stumble around as i map out their paths and hearing them mumble and occasionally scream to themselves so intense I feellike they could come charging at me at any moment.

HarryMasonHerpderp1584d ago

I find them more scary than the clickers.
The clickers can't see you but the runners just leg it after you whaling and sobbing! I had a pretty rough time in the boiler room at the bottom of the hotel.
That place is damn scary!

brodychet1584d ago

I don't think those guys were runners or clickers. They were different, like in the middle of both. They could somehow find you without needing to do anything. Running around frantically.

It tells me what they're called in the challenges section in-game. I just can't remember.

Nevertheless, that part was ridiculous.

Ailodierap1580d ago

@brodychet, those were actually Stalkers, which are, basically, in between Runners and Clickers. You see, the infection develops through five stages: Runners, then Stalkers, then Clickers, then Bloaters, then Spore Cadavers (basically just near-death Bloaters that hide in a corner and release spores before dying). So yes, you're right, they WERE right in the middle of Runners and Clickers.

Ailodierap1580d ago

I think the scariest thing is when you encounter Runners and Clickers at the same time, knowing that you'll have to be quiet to avoid the Clickers, and also stay out of sight of the Runners to avoid a big confrontation is extremely tense. The instant one of the Runners see you, not only does every other Runner catch on, but the Clickers begin pursuing you as well. It was terrifying at times.

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The story is too old to be commented.