The 30 Dumbest Videogame Titles Ever

Without videogames, many would have lives, children and permanent jobs. They're terrific ways to forget that in real-life, like gardens, commitments require regular attention. They can't all be glorious, action-packed tours de force, however -- many videogames are nothing more than half-baked rejects, the 'D' students of the electronic world.

But these particular 30 dunces weren't merely bad -- they were never given a chance at success because they suffered epic fails from the moment their titles were conceived. A truly abysmal name might strangle a game's chances, but it's prime chuckle material.

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kapedkrusader3648d ago

I wish when making theses "Most(fill in the blank)Games Ever" articles, that they would limit themselves to games that everyone knows.

Gorgon3648d ago

"Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender"

Actually its a pretty nice game, full of humor. Playing it right now for the old days sake.

JasonXE3648d ago

lol that one crack me up.

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