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Chad Awkerman from DualShockers writes: "Time and Eternity retains the awesome hand-drawn anime style that the company is known for, but gives us a more updated take on the RPG genre, with a unique main character, decent story progression, hilarious dialog and an intriguing battle system..."

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Godmars2901734d ago



About what you expect from JRPGs nowadays.

Grlpants1734d ago

"About what you expect from JRPGs nowadays."

That sentence made me really sad.

Godmars2901734d ago

With any luck next gen may actually allow JP devs to uncurl from the shock the PS3/360 caused. Be inventive.

Chadness1734d ago

This one was "average", there are many that are above average to great, including a lot that NISA has also brought to the West in the last couple years (the last two Neptunia titles, the Atelier games, Ar Tonelico III, Disgaea 4, et. al.).

dark-kyon1734d ago

the sad is what average games how skyrim have score betwen 9-10 when his combat system is awful and the game is boring to hell.but to the occidental reviever these averages westerns rpgs are the cool games,niche jrpg are uncool.

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