WWE 2K14 Rumor: The Shield & Curtis Axel Highly Possible For WWE 2K14

ADG discusses a rumor and high possiblity of The Shield and Curtis Axel in the game.

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joe_thomas251582d ago

WWE would be stupid not to have The Shield in the WWE 2K14. They've been three of the hottest members of the roster this year, and they'd really be missing a trick if they didn't feature them in 2K14.

Curtis Axel I'm a lot less bothered about - he's not really made a big enough impact quite yet, but he may well be included in the game, and I'd definitely expect him to be part of some early DLC if he doesn't ship with the game.

sephiroth4201582d ago

a rumor? of course they're in the game, i think this was a pointless video post.

I-Hate-usernames1582d ago

Who cares? Only stupid people buy this. It's the same every year. Waste money only