Warner Bros. President Believes in Wii U; PS4 and Xbox One are Amazing, but PS4 Price is “Spot-On”

While other publishers seem to have a clear case of cold feet towards the Wii U, President of Warner Bros. Interactive President Martin Tremblay is believes that the platform will do well. He also thinks that PS4 and Xbox One are amazing, but the price of the PS4 entices him.

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nosferatuzodd1797d ago

Yes indeed I can see some stealth haters giving you disagrees the same ppl that was crying about ps3 price last gen hypocrites lol

Hydrolex1797d ago

Wii u is amazing ? lol it's a joke compared to PS4

Abriael1797d ago

Seriously, how the hell do you disagree with that price? Do some people like to pay more?

RiPPn1797d ago

They like giving Microsoft money, that's why they support them so much and want the Xbox One to succeed. At least that's the only reasoning I can find for there still to be Xbox fanboys.


Warner brothers boss?

Mortal Kombat 10 PS4 exclusive confirmed.

Abriael1797d ago

I'm not exactly sure what did you get that from...


the studio that makes mortal kombat is nether realm studios, which is a part of warner brothers games. i was making a joke.

hay1797d ago

No need to. Both XbO and PS4 will make it relevant.

geekspodcast1797d ago

The PS4 seemed to come in at just the right price so I have to agree. I'm glad to hear some support for the Wii U given how much flack it's taken lately from developers, publishers, and those of us thirsting for more games.

Abriael1797d ago

yeah, In an ideal world, all three platforms would be successful and on par. That'd spark more competition = more quality, lower prices and so forth.

RiPPn1797d ago

PS4 is priced the same the 360 premium model was introduced 7 years ago. But unlike the 360, the PS4 is the highest spec'd machine. Can't wait til game reviews start coming in and comparing PS4 and bone versions.

DigitalRaptor1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Digital Foundry will scrutinize.

The Lens of Truth community will explode.

Hilarious consequences will ensue.

t3gamenews1797d ago

glad there's a few devs out there like this that aren't bias agains certain consoles.
we don't need more EA that look over nintendo gamers.

SilentNegotiator1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

It isn't "bias", it's business.

You can't blame publishers for cutting support to a system that will probably only end up pushing 5-6 million in its first year. It isn't up to third parties to make sure Wii U succeeds. If Nintendo doesn't put confidence in third parties, third parties simply won't work with them.

Ubisoft announced that it's cutting support and they've been giving Nintendo love for years.

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The story is too old to be commented.