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Nintendo: PS4/Xbox One would 'go up in price' by $100+ with Game Pad type controller

Nintendo countered questions about the PS4/Xbox One putting pressure on the Wii U's price tag by emphasizing that the Game Pad is expensive to produce and that those consoles would be more expensive if they shipped with a controller like it too. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Yeezus  +   591d ago
Well then good thing it doesn't come with one
Abash  +   591d ago
It honestly sounds like Nintendo regrets giving the Wii U a gamepad rather than a more traditional, less costly controller
Dj7FairyTail  +   591d ago
Wii U Gamepad
Wii U Pro Controller
Wii Classic Controller/Prp
Wiimote + Nunchuk
Wii Balance Board
Wii Wheel
Wii Zapper

Tons of Controls and Two Traditional
Wii U Pro Controller
Wii Classic Controller/Prp

Half Traditional
Wii U Gamepad since it just Wii U Pro Controller with a Screen.
jmc8888  +   591d ago
The gamepad is pretty cool. Though the pro controller is much better.

The good news though is you can on BLOPS2 use the pro controller to move and shoot and stuff, and use the gamepad screen to direct the killstreaks and such.

But I don't know why this is news. Everyone knows that if they wanted to add in a controller like the Wii U had it would raise the price by $100 or so.
SilentNegotiator  +   591d ago

Do you have a point or just a list of controllers?

They still packed in a controller with a screen regardless, and it's costing them.
dedicatedtogamers  +   591d ago
If Nintendo would've made the Gamepad OPTIONAL and continued with Wiimotion Plus/Pro Controller, they could've sold the Wii-U for $200 to $250, which would have been a MASSIVE advantage. Let people buy the tablet as an optional add-on and see if the market likes it. They did that with the Balance Board. They did that with Motion Plus (which was originally a clip-on attachment and later became integrated into all Wiimotes).

Instead, every system MUST come with the tablet with increases price and makes price cuts far less frequent.
clouds5  +   591d ago
Clearly you have no idea what nintendo is about. They want to innovate the gameplay with every new console they release.
And in case of the wiiU they could only do that when EVERY console sold will have the tablet controller. That way the games can really be built with the controller in mind. If the tablet is just optional you will have a situation like Xbox360 with the kinect or sony will have with Vita/PS4.
Some people will have it and 10% of games will have some gimmick feature to "support" it. But are you as a dev going to invest time and money to make features only 10% of your customer base will be able to use? Nooo.
IMHO it was the right decision. The gamepad is the most versatile controller ever. And the wiimote is very close to that. The only thing missing are analog triggers. I guess i will play racing games on my PC then..
insertnamehurr  +   591d ago
Though nintendo didnt innovate anything with this gamepad, when sony first launched the first psp they thought about using it with ps3 games years before nintendo thought of theirs, not that im calling nintendo a copycat, but, this could have been done with the psp and sony had mentioned it at the time. A while ps vita will do a better job cause its oled screen > wiiU gamepad screen anytime.
quantae06  +   591d ago
@GivesItToUharder I doubt that! A lot of companies claim they came out with the idea after their competitors released it. But they show no proof of identity, just claims of what happened. Too much he say she say crap, when the simple fact is that company didnt actually release the product first, and that's point blank.
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Utalkin2me  +   591d ago
The Wiiu would be 200+ hundered dollars more if it had 8 gigs of ram, 500 gig HDD, better gpu and bluray. See how that works!!
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liorishot  +   591d ago
I can buy your console nintendo no problem but it would sit collecting dust as there are no intereseting games for an 18 year old. (me)
Dark11  +   591d ago
Well there is Bayonetta 2 , but i agree my wii u will be collecting dust after i play Bayonetta 2.
_QQ_  +   591d ago
for an 18 year old? or for a closed minded Individual?
EDIT:So you just proved my point, "Shooters,racers, and shooters" I'll say almost every game created by Nintendo can be Enjoyed by anyone,Just like Pixar movies are for everyone.It's true i can't name a good first person shooter on or coming to the wiiu right now, but if all you play are FPS/Third person shooter's then you are by definition,closed minded.When a Retro Studios Metroid title eventually comes out, then you will not only have your first person shooter, but most likely one of the best to hit the generation.
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liorishot  +   591d ago
please tell me what good shooters, racing games and third person shooters there are for this console other than mario or something childish, I like battlefield, GT6, Grid, Fifa, NBA 2K and other games like that but are these on the wii? @yugovega people grow up you know.
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yugovega  +   591d ago
you didn't know? it's not cool for an 18 year old to play mario. /s

ah and here i thought games were about having fun and not having an age limit. must be old fashioned.
_QQ_  +   591d ago
Funny you mention "growing up" , I always considerd shooters to be for kids because they are so overly simple.I grew up playing SC1 so i love strategy and i believe that enjoying games that incorporate using your brain,critical thinking, and solving puzzles is more a sign of maturity than playing games with gore, guns, and blood. Allot of Nintendo games can offer such experience, for example i can't wait to play Pikmin 3, ive never played a pikmin game but after learning more it sounds like somthing right up my ally.For the same reason i love RPG'S like Xenoblade.I also believe having varying tastes is a sign of maturity which is why i can pretty much enjoy any type of game that comes out.
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quantae06  +   591d ago
@liorishot Actually Project Cars, Bayonetta 2, Zombi U, Need For Speed Most Wanted U are all on the Wii U. So theirs your shooter n racing games.
Firan  +   591d ago
How old you are doesn't really matter. Unless you are one of those people who believe a game has to be rated M or it's just a game for kids.
Triforce079  +   591d ago
Mine gets used every day and i use the gamepad for browsing and watching netflix super HD love it.
mydyingparadiselost  +   591d ago
It's the same here, I'm using the gamepad right now. The N has a great product on their hands for people who don't already have a tablet, I just need the games to make more use out of it.
TongkatAli  +   591d ago
Need For Speed on the Wii U is awesome.
leemass24  +   591d ago
well im 25 and i plan on getting a wii u, its not all about fps games and 3rd person shooters, there are 15 games i want at the moment and they will all be out or are out before december, and there is plenty to play, need for speed, zombie u, assassins creed, blops 2, dragon quest, abes oddosey will be out within next few months on eshop, darksiders2, injustice, ninja gaiden, resident evil revelations, there are actually alot more games i dunno where people get this theres no games to play from, and most i added there were games for adults. and there are the games that are cumming out soon, zelda wwhd, splinter cell blacklist, ac4, watchdogs how arnt there any games for you to play ????
clouds5  +   591d ago
Hehe soon will be thirty here. I'm glad that i have my "cool" video gaming years behind me where i could just play the most bloody and mainstream shooters (mainly quake and counterstrike^^ :) ). Now i just wanna have fun when i play. The wii U is perfect for that while still offering some good "grownup" titles like Assasssins Creed, CoD and soon Monoliths X and Bayonetta2.
But Donkey Kong? Mario Kart? Smash bros? You simply cant have more fun with any other console.
I've been saying this since the beginning of 2013. And nothing has changed:
PC+WiiU = win.
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TongkatAli  +   591d ago
"But Donkey Kong? Mario Kart? Smash bros? You simply cant have more fun with any other console"

N64, Gamecube and Wii. Just named three consoles with those games, just saying.
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clouds5  +   591d ago
@TongkatAli, couldnt reply to you, strange comment system here....

So by your logic you dont need the ps4 because you can play Final Fantasy on the NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 or PS3? And you dont need the Xbox1 because you can play halo on the original xbox or the 360?

All those games on WiiU in beautiful HD i can't wait dude!
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TongkatAli  +   591d ago
It's easy to say that bro. Okay, let's do this. Compare FF XIII to FF XV

Compare Super Smash on the Wii to Super Smash on the Wii U

Which pair is more identical then the other ?
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Gr81  +   591d ago
Maybe make your console Gamepad-less for $100 less.
HammadTheBeast  +   591d ago
Hm... I dunno, are they proud of this?
shaenoide  +   591d ago
the thing which have no use in Pikmin 3 a Nintendo first party game?
Dj7FairyTail  +   591d ago
It does.
Strategy Map
Overhead Map
See where each individual Pikmin and Players are
At the end of the day it record you progress and you can return to that day and improve.
PirateThom  +   591d ago
I am glad we got good specs instead of a pointless, expensive gimmick controller.
yugovega  +   591d ago
far from a gimmick, though if you want to call it one lets just call the touchpad on the ps4 controller a gimmick and kinect 2.0 a gimmick, and touchscreen on ps vita a gimmick, and 3d on 3ds a gimmick. might as well go ahead and call xbox live on orignal xbox a gimmick too. oh how about the dpad on the nes that was a gimmick if i've ever seen one.

perhaps, just maybe, much like the wii made everyone jump on board the motion craze wiiu could do the same with 2nd screen gaming. wait they did with smartglass. if it's so pointless then why does pc games like battlefield have the option of using a tablet to be a commander? because it's fun and a new way to play? nah couldn' be.
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jcnba28  +   591d ago
I take it you haven't seen the PS4 controller?
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PirateThom  +   591d ago
PS4 controller doesn't cost $100.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   591d ago
yeah, well, i guess sony and MS dont have to worry about that because their console doesnt come with one. but hey, thanks for the input.
wynams  +   591d ago
Dear Sony/MS:

Most gamers DO NOT WANT THIS.

MasterCornholio  +   591d ago
You dont buy a Wii U to enjoy games on a powerful console you buy it for the unique controller and the experiences that it provides.
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Erudito87  +   591d ago
well after i bought my ps4 and i want one of those ludicrous pads i could buy a vita(which is more advanced than a wii u)
AKR  +   591d ago
Because the Vita is an entire system while the Wii U Gamepad is just a controller? Ever thought of that?
Triforce079  +   591d ago
To be fair they all have about the same moneys worth of hardware dx11 gpu's and custom cpu's yes wiiu's edram cache is immensely expensive,and all the other edram on the gpgpu ect so it all evens out just like ps4 has more on system ram same as xbox1,then wiiu doesnt have HDD saving $50 so if ps4 and xbox1 only shipped with same 32 gig as wiiu they could be cheaper by 50$ ? and that's not graphics related just like gamepad's extra cost so in the end.

ps4 is worth $350 to $400
WiiU is worth $350 to $375

without HDD and GAMEPAD

Ps4 $300 to $350
Wiiu $300 to $325

So both wiiu and ps4 could be cheaper without these 2 things but the GAMEPAD is amazing and needed and it's a real everyday asset aswell as a superior fps controller in my eyes unlike HDD which u can get a toshiba 2TB for £80 ?
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rintobii   591d ago | Spam
mydyingparadiselost  +   591d ago
So actually MS has done the same thing to itself by packing in a kinect with the One and driving up the price point of their console as well. I'm all for companies trying new things and putting tying innovations with their systems (espacially the gamepad, I LOVE that menu stuff/inventory management can be relegated to the gamepad) and it's interesting, not to mention smart, that only Sony has gone the more traditional route here and just added some small perks to their controller. I wish one of these companies would make a vastly different way of controlling games altogether but I guess that's for next next gen.
Tong  +   591d ago
Sony already has a $250 vita screen. And microsoft has Smartglass, which you need a smartphone or tablet no cheaper than 100
Allowen  +   591d ago
Then I vote Nintendo could sell the WiiU with the pro controller and drop the price of the console for around $50 bucks.

Make the gamepad optional as Sony did with the PScamera for the PS4 as a non requirement item to work with the system.

A $199 or even a $149,99 WiiU would sell a lot )
That would help Nintendo to "fight" XboxOne and PlayStation4 by the end of the year.
We really dont need it anyways to play new Super mario 3D or Mario Kart anyways.
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AKR  +   591d ago
The Gamepad may only be just a controller - but with all the capabilities it includes - I'm not surprised.

Still cheaper than a PS4+Vita combo - though. That would run you into an instant $600+ dollars - while the Wii U includes the Gamepad at $350.

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